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Designing an Earthquake Resistant Structure

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1 Designing an Earthquake Resistant Structure
Earthquake Webquest Designing an Earthquake Resistant Structure

2 Strengthening Buildings Earthquake Resistant Structure Research
Directions: Use this non-linear PowerPoint to complete your research on Earthquake Resistant structures. Each of the four topics are hyperlinked to the material that you will need to study and understand!! REMEMBER….. You will be working as a team to construct a structure that can withstand a simulated 7.5 earthquake, so your independent research is critical for your team’s structure! Vibrating Buildings Strengthening Buildings Adding Dampers Earthquake Resistant Structure Research Isolating Building

3 Overview Click on overview to view sample projects
Introduction Task Project Process Project Materials Rules for Materials Resources Special Information Champion Rubrics

4 Back to Overview

5 Introduction Earthquakes and other natural disasters can damage or destroy man-made structures. Imagine that you work for a company that specializes in building disaster-proof structures. For this project you have been asked to design a skyscraper that will be built in a city where earthquakes sometimes occur. The city planners would like to see your design along with the designs of other companies. They will select the best design for the construction of the skyscraper. Back to Overview

6 Task Every team will design, build, and test a model structure made out of balsa wood, cardboard, string, and pieces of material of your choice (must be teacher approved). Your model will be tested on a specially built earthquake machine. This machine simulates the stresses that occur during earthquakes. Your model should be able to withstand a 10 second earthquake without collapsing. You will be competing against other companies by attempting to build the best structure. You will give a brief presentation prior to the final test. In this report you will discuss your internet research and how it helped you design your structure. Each team is required to keep a monetary log, for your team’s budget proposal is factored into the selection process Back to Overview

7 Project Process Your team will need to fulfill each of the following roles: Architect -- Treasurer Technology Director -- Project Manager Special Note: taking on any of the roles above does not mean that you do all of the work. It means that you are in charge of that responsibility. Other members of the team can help you with your responsibilities and do part of the work. Back to Overview

8 Back to Project Process
Architect Using “Google: Sketch-up” to create an architectural drawing of your structure. (BONUS PTS. ARE EARNED FOR ANY TEAM THAT CHOOSES TO USE THIS PROGRAM) Design carefully! Your structure must withstand a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. Your actual structure must closely match your drawing. Only minor changes will be allowed. Use your Internet research in your design. Use must cite “3” sources Back to Project Process

9 Back to Project Process
Treasurer Purchase materials needed for your structure. You may purchase the materials from the Construction Supply Company (teacher). You must complete a purchase order and record all of your expenditures ….this is all part of the final contract You will have to type up a final expenditures report for contract/lab report….forms will handout out Back to Project Process

10 Back to Project Process
Technology Director Search the Internet for information that could assist you in your project. You may use the websites listed in the Resources section of this webquest or you can conduct your own search. You should try to find websites that provide information on building structures that are able to withstand earthquakes or other natural disasters. Search for ideas that will help engineer and design your structure. Special Note: You must provide the name(s) or URL’s of the websites that you visited in your final presentation (2 to 3 minutes). During your presentation you must explain how the information provided helped you throughout your project and to design your structure. You should explain why you think your design will out perform all the other competitors!!!!!! Back to Project Process

11 Back to Project Process
Project Manager All team members will participate in the construction process. You are responsible for storage of your structure and materials. Be careful not to waste or unnecessarily damage your materials. Clean up your area when finished. Back to Project Process

12 Project Materials Insurance Restrictions
Product Cost (per item) Item Number Balsa Wood (measure in cm) $10.00 per cm SPA-1234 String $50.00 per cm MAR-5678 Item of Your choice $ per item Cardboard $ per square cm SST-1972 Special Note: The materials you will be using are delicate and can be easily damaged during construction or while being stored. You may purchase an insurance policy to protect you from this loss. This policy will allow you to purchase an additional $1, of materials buy you have to abide by the restrictions. The cost of the policy is $ This initial cost will be taken out of your budget. You may purchase a policy from the Insurance Agent (teacher). Insurance Restrictions Back to Overview

13 Insurance Restrictions
Insurance must be purchased prior to beginning of the construction of your structure. Insurance purchases will not be allowed after construction begins. You may use the policy only in the event of a catastrophic loss (major damage). You may not use the policy for minor breaks or loss of material. The Insurance Agent will make the determination regarding the severity of the damage. Decisions made by the Agent are final! Back to Project Materials

14 Rules for Use of Materials
How you decide to construct your building is very critical You must use only the materials your team purchases in class. You may bring in one item to add to structure; however, it must be approved the teacher. Your structure must be able to be strapped to the “Earthquake Board” Your structure must be 45 cm tall….15 cm per floor. All floors must be 22 cm x 22 cm tall!!! No pyramids!!!! -Load requirements…. Every floor of your model must be able to carry 10 grams for each square centimeter of its area. -Your model must be able to carry the required load on all floors at the same time. -On the day of the challenge, you can use the weights provided to check that your model can carry the vertical load. To purchase materials, your treasurer must complete the purchase order form. The treasurer is responsible for keeping track of how much money is spent. Purchase order forms will be provided by the teacher Back to Overview

15 Resources Below you will find a few websites that you may wish to visit. These sites may provide information that is useful to you in your structure design. You may also wish to conduct your own Internet search. If you use the information in a website be sure to include it in your final report by giving the name, URL (address). Also write a short description of what you learned in the website and how you used it in your project. - My Big Campus: I have provided many helpful videos Building Safer Structures Quake: Hazards and Preparedness Building Earthquake Safe Structures The Right Technology for Retrofit and Construction Exploratorium: Life Along the Faultline: Building for the Big One Back to Overview

16 Special Information Individuals may lose points on their score for the following: Horseplay (-3) Not staying in area with team/running around (-3) Too loud (-3) Not participating appropriately (-5) Disturbing other groups (-5) After 2 incidents an individual will be removed from the activity and given a zero (0) on the project. The Building Inspector (teacher) will conduct final testing. Each structure will be measured and inspected for project requirement violations. Violations will disqualify a structure from competition. The Building Inspector’s decisions are final. Back to Overview

17 Champion The winning structure from each block will be determined by the top overall score in the class. Score sheet will be provided Back to Overview

18 Rubrics Your final grade for the project will be recorded on the Earthquake Team Score sheet. (Attached to the back of this packet) Be sure to look at both the rubric and the team score sheet carefully. (Attached to the back of this packet) This will help you to understand the scoring process. Back to Overview

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