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RAPC Technologies Corporation Performance Computers for Challenging Marine Environments.

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1 RAPC Technologies Corporation Performance Computers for Challenging Marine Environments

2 The Future Is Now Company Background RAPC Mariner Advantages Cost Advantages Simplicity of an Integrated System Reliable Performance Summary Confidential

3 Founded in 2001 to provide durable, mobile computing solutions in hostile environments Company Background Origin Confidential Vessel operators require reliable system monitoring, communication and integration of the computer with vessel functions. The multiple functions of the RAPC computer are a low cost and effective solution to the requirements of owners and operators. RAPC’s concern for personnel and vessel safety is paramount. The RAPC Mariner enables more effective and efficient operation. Fulfilling the requirements of the marine industry and homeland security

4 RAPC Mariner Advantages Confidential Performs better Costs less Dependable Performance The RAPC Mariner System offers safer boating by combining vessel monitoring and navigation into one system. The RAPC Mariner performs better than multiple stand alone systems at a lower total cost. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RAPC uses MIL-spec components to better withstand moisture, vibration, and corrosion Isolated grounding helps to protect against lightening strikes Optional redundant configuration eliminates single point system failure Mariner interfaces with all NMEA peripheral devices. This system is the operational hub for vessel operations. Coast Guard SARS Compliant Conserves Energy & Space UPS battery package powers all NMEA 2000 peripherals for a period of time when the vessel’s primary and auxiliary power fails. AIS – Automatic Identification System compliant as required by Coast Guard and Homeland Security for all vessels 50 feet or larger Provides navigation and GPS Replaces several standalone units saving costs and space Low power consumption – about 25 watts

5 Cost comparison of individual systems vs. the RAPC Mariner Hardware OnlyIndividual Components RAPC Integrated Solution Notes Marine Computer$1,500 - 4,000Included Radar$3,500 - 10,000Included Entertainment$ 300 - 5,000Included AIS$ 500 - 1,500Included Charts & Plotting$3,500 - 7,000Included Navigation$1,500 - 5,000Included Weather Station$1,500 - 7,000Included Marine Monitors*$2,500 - 6,000Included* Up to 4 req’d vs 1 w/ RAPC UPS$ 200 - 3,000Included Total$15,000 - 48,500 $18,000

6 Simplicity of an integrated system Rack system RAPC Mariner 68 inches 12 inches 6 inches 22 inches RAPC Mariner RM (5U)

7 Reliable Performance MIL-spec components withstand moisture, salt, vibration and corrosion. UPS battery package can operate all NMEA 2000 peripherals and AIS communications when the vessel’s primary and auxiliary power fails. This feature increases crew and vessel safety. Mariner features full system monitoring and is designed to save lives. AVTAR Compliant – Made in the USA

8 Summary of Benefits Mariner provides cost advantage over separate dedicated systems. MIL-spec components built to withstand the marine environment. RAPC designed the Mariner to interface with all NMEA 2000 peripherals. Mariner ‘s UPS offers life-saving safety features. AIS communications and NMEA 2000 devices operate in the event of a total power failure. AVTAR Compliant – Made in the USA

9 RAPC Systems, Inc. 425 Delaware Ave. Fort Washington, PA 19034 (215) 628-9391 Mariner Mariner RM “When failure is not an option”

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