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Mobile DVR VSS-8 Mobile DVR VSS-8 Vehicle Surveillance Systems (Pty) Ltd Presented by: Vehicle Surveillance Systems (Pty) Ltd (20 year patent holder of.

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1 Mobile DVR VSS-8 Mobile DVR VSS-8 Vehicle Surveillance Systems (Pty) Ltd Presented by: Vehicle Surveillance Systems (Pty) Ltd (20 year patent holder of ‘Vehicle Surveillance System’ RSA) Special Presentation by:-

2 Introduction Rugged and ultra compact mobile DVR VSS-8 is a very affordable industrial grade Digital Video Recorder. It is specially designed to withstand harsh environment and ultra-high impact, making it ideal for diversified application of mobile security. JM-L Series

3 * Cost-effective Who says owning a Digital Video Recorder with cutting edge design has to be expensive. Other systems sell for twice as much and offer half the features, VSS-8 is a most affordable industrial grade DVR for your mobile security. * User-friendly operation and configuration, required no special training before using VSS-8 supports menu driven operation, is easy to operate and saved files to Hard drive can be over written again and again, no tape to replace or store, saves you time and money. * Reliable performance VSS-8 is non-PC based DVR, highly stable in performance, saves you time and money on maintenance. Its fairly rugged design makes it exceptionally superior under harsh environment. Why VSS-8

4 * High quality in video and Audio vss-8 provides sharp pictures and clear audio quality for evidence or action. Video quality is selectable in accordance with your needs. * Diversified application Its compact size and multifunctional features make it suitable for various types of vehicles, such us school bus, ambulance, tow truck, police patrol car, public transportation, taxi, fire engine, cash in transit vehicle, airplane, van, ship, etc… Why VSS-8

5 * Multiple function, supports GPS, GPRS/GSM, GIS, G-Sensor and Wi-Fi interface VSS-8 provides plug-and-play GPS, GPRS, GIS, G-Sensor & Wi-Fi interface. GPS gives vehicle location and speed data to be mapped with GIS (option) with actual video for enhanced fleet tracking and event response. GPRS/GSM wireless modem for streaming live video to a central monitoring or storage location as well as 20 second video Panic button send for emergencies. GIS helps to precisely locate your location with e-map. (option) G-Sensor, an 3 axis inertia sensor with supporting software, to analyze driver habits and provide evidence for accident reconstruction and prevention. Wi-Fi for access to wireless network for downloads of recorded video data. Why VSS-8

6 Features * Suitable for all kinds of vehicle, rugged and will withstand industrial temperature range * Two-to-eight-channel system & 2 audio inputs * Menu driven, easy to operate * Alert for full hard drive or default for over-writing. * Compact flash memory backup. (option) * Video can be played back in VSS-8 directly or on PC * GPS, GPRS/GSM, GIS, G-Sensor & Wi-Fi interface, plug-and-play functions * Date, time, GPS data ( coordination, speed ) and GIS (E-Map) on-screen while playing back * Quick video retrieval by time, date and event. * Programmable recording speed, video quality and recording schedule * External device activation ( DI/O connectors ) * IR controller * Back to recording mode automatically (auto-resume) after a power failure during recording. * AV/VGA Monitor Support

7 Viewing View an incident in-vehicle with AV/VGA monitor, no special viewers required. Archiving Saving video & audio clips in IDE hard drive. Playback Playing video directly in VSS-8 or play in PC. Configuration Use menu-driven programming screens to customize the features based on user preferences. Backup Video can be manually backed up to compact flash card (option) or retrieved to PC. Features

8 Special, time synchronised 4-way- view software is also available.

9 Specification- 1 Specification - 1 Format MPEG4, M-JPG Recording medium Removable 2.5 ” IDE Capacity 2.5 ” HDD, 40G ~ 100G Audio 2 inputs and 1 output Synchronized Recording time Up to 24 hours average with 5G at 30f/s Display Time, Date, Vehicle speed, latitude, longitude, 24 hours clock format USB Port USB 2.0 x2 Resolution 320x240, 640x480(NTSC); 384x288, 768x576(PAL) selectable Video input 1/2/4/8 input(s), 1 V p-p / 75 ohm Video output 1 output (A/V ), 1 output(VGA) Alarm input 4 alarm inputs Alarm output 4 alarm outputs Display rate Up to 30FPS Recording Rate Up to 60FPS Recording mode Continuous, motion detection, scheduled or event recording

10 Playback search By alarm or time segment Video loss detection Yes Event log Yes User interface Menu driven Timer Build-in real time clock Title Alphanumeric Characters Archive Compact flash memory (opt), USB RS232 GPS, G-Sensor, GPRS/GSM/WIFI interface G Shock/Vibration 200g/2g Power source 9V-36V DC input Power consumption 40W Dimension 270mm x 205mm x 100mm Weight 3.5kgs Specification- 2 Specification - 2 FRONT PANEL BACK PANEL

11 Application Law enforcement Capture videos while handling a case to provide video for both police officers and the persons involved. Our Mobile DVR has been field tested in multiple police departments and is currently being used throughout the country. (overseas) Tow truck Car owners may need tow truck company to provide records of towing away while there’s suspicious collisions, damage…etc. Several tow truck companies have applied our Mobile DVR as their standard device.

12 Fire engine VSS-8 offers complete networking features. Optional GPRS/CDMA can send streaming live video to a central monitoring centre for event evaluation, response and rescue. National Fire Agency has adopted VSS-8 as standard equipment. (overseas) Application Ambulance VSS-8 can help to send live video to the hospital for first aid advice, medical arrangement…etc. Moreover it provides valuable surveillance recordings to protect against litigation.

13 Cash in transit vehicle Cash in transit vehicles are more likely than others to suffer assault. VSS-8 is a means of protecting personal safety, cash security and deterring criminal activity. Application Mass rapid transit system VSS-8 helps authorities, observe and monitor passengers as they travel and to protect passengers and have evidence of passengers damaging the trains.

14 Taxi Taxi and delivery drivers are more likely than other workers to suffer a fatality while on the job. They also suffer the highest rates of nonfatal assault, next only to police and private security guards. VSS- 8 is a means of protecting personal safety and deterring criminal activity. Application Public transportation VSS-8 was tested in an Algoa Bus Co bus for 10 months, with great results and much interest from other companies. It may soon be introduced to protect drivers, protect against collusion and to identify bad driving behavior as well as to ensure passenger safety as part of the country’s ITS system.

15 Application Precise location Time/Speed Curve Stream film Telematics/ Fleet Management Integrated with GIS, fleet management can now pinpoint the exact location of their en-route vehicles. The VSS-8 enables monitoring and recording of the vehicle location and route progress. (OPTION)

16 Application Court Evidence The G-Sensor detects the G values of X, Y and Z axes simultaneously. To monitor driver ’ s driving habits as well as for accident reconstruction evidence. This data could also be presented as evidence if an accident occurs. G Value of 3 AxesCurve of 3 Axes Coordination Date/time data

17 Moreapplications More applications Train Airplane Ship Loading cargo 5

18 Optional Peripherals Waterproof CCD : This mini CCD cameras specially designed for mobile conditions. Not only is it tiny and waterproof, its features make it specially suitable for outdoor vehicle use. GPS receiver : GPS RS232 receiver provides data of latitude, longitude, GMT and speed of vehicle. GPRS/GSM transmitter : For live (GPRS) on-the-move views from the cameras (depending on GSM coverage) and Panic button GPRS video send to the RMS servers (can be re-routed to a PDA or compatible mobile phone. ) G-Sensor : G-Sensor detects G values of X, Y and Z axes simultaneously, and you can monitor driver ’ s habits via this device. The recorded data can be presented as evidence if an accident happens.

19 Peripherals for option GIS Software : Geographic Information System, this software provides you precise location and direction of a vehicle movement. (E-MAPS)

20 Fleet Options Auto download of video to servers Wireless links between depots/branches Fleet (video) management software Back-Office management equipment Re-view software and equipment Bureau service (as required) Video vehicle tracking service (as required) Armed response & Recovery service (as required) Integration with fare-management equipment possible (depending on compatibility)

21 VSS-8 Mobile DVR - conclusion Presented by: Vehicle Surveillance Systems Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape – 082 931 4953 (Sub-office and Agent in KZN) email:

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