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Overmolded Interconnect Cable Assemblies for Aerospace Applications

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1 Overmolded Interconnect Cable Assemblies for Aerospace Applications
Flawless Performance: Over 50,000 Glenair Overmolded Cable Assemblies Have Been Installed in F-16s without a Single Failure Overmolded Interconnect Cable Assemblies for Aerospace Applications

2 Environmental/Mechanical Stress Factors in Aerospace Interconnect Cables
High Performance Cable Assemblies Must Be Able to Withstand Damage From: Shock Vibration Fluid Immersion Abrasion Clamping Combustion Corrosion Temperature Cycling in Jet Fuel Altitude Fungus Pressure Extremes Pull Forces Outgassing Aging

3 The Advantages of Overmolding
Outstanding environmental protection for harsh and caustic environments compared to braided or booted solutions Viton, EPDM, Butyl and Glenair proprietary materials provide robust protection for connectors and cables in harsh/caustic environments Mechanical performance is also enhanced Injection molding/transfer molding is a simple, reasonably priced solution to physical protection Design flexibility: from simple point to point, to complex multiple branch assemblies—even fiber-optic and hybrid electrical/optical designs

4 Typical Cable Construction

5 Connector Overmold Cross-Section

6 Turnkey Solution to FAA SFAR-88 Requirements
Overmolding as a Solution to Managing Single-Point Ignition Sources in Aircraft Fuel Cells Turnkey Solution to FAA SFAR-88 Requirements Overmolding effectively eliminates all cable and wire ignition sources, including arcing and ESD Also improves longevity of service Reduced installation and maintenance cost Controls corrosion/conductivity problems Improves reliability and safety

7 Overmolding as Solution to Cable Routing and/or Weight Reduction
Efficiently Designed Multi-Branch Harnesses Reduce Overall Weight and Package Space of Interconnect Cables Turnkey solutions with Glenair Connectors, Backshells, and Assembly may be optimized for reduced weight Routing performance enhanced with range of standard Glenair tooling for all angles and junctions

8 History of Glenair Overmolded Cables for Fuel-Cell Applications
F-16 Fighting Falcon Modular conduit designs failed repeatedly in F-16 and other front-line fighters. Glenair introduced unique design to solve leakage, reliability and installation requirements Design incorporated new overmolding materials and integral bulkhead fittings

9 Additional Military Reference Applications
Proven Performance for Bell, Lockheed, Boeing and ETC F-18 Fuel-Cell Assembly Advanced F-18 E/F Fuel Cell Assembly with integral fiber optic media F-22 Overmolded Fuel Cell Assembly and Wheel Well Assemblies V-22 Fuel Cell Assembly Bombardier Bulkhead Fuel-Tank Connector Assembly C-17 Overmolded Conduit Fuel Cell Assembly

10 Spotlight On Glenair’s C-17 Overmolded Conduit Solution
New Glenair Design Met all Requirements and Significantly Reduced Installation and Maintenance Costs Sealed conduit system with integral clamp mountings Replaced rigid metal tubing system with significant installation cost savings Achieved all safety, reliability, and weight objectives

11 C-17 Overmolded Conduit Solution: Detailed View
New Glenair Design Met all Requirements and Significantly Reduced Installation and Maintenance Costs

12 Cable Routing and Packaging Capabilities
An almost unlimited range of breakouts and layouts Straight, 90 and 45 degree angular specifications. Existing tooling for all common molding adapters and connectors. Breakout, bulkhead and transition tooling for all common configurations Standard molding materials as well as new proprietary formulas and new mass-produced injection processes. Molded Cable and Connector Identifiers

13 Overmolding as a standard catalog offering
Production Packaging Overmolding as a standard catalog offering Point-to-Point cordsets available for all Series 80, Series 22 and D38999 fiber optic connectors Standardized part number development Accelerated lead times

14 Additional Cable Shop Capabilities: Custom Multi-Conductor Cables
For exacting operational and environmental conditions Custom electrical, fiber optic and hybrid configurations Bulk cable supplied in short one-time runs as well as unlimited quantities and lengths One of the industry’s broadest selection of braided shielding, coverings and extruded jacketing, including NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) materials Cable design and engineering support covering every EMI/EMP, mechanical and environmental design consideration

15 Additional Cable Shop Capabilities: Metal and Fabric Overbraiding
Durable lightweight cable assemblies Flexible, and elastic overbraiding provides physical protection and EMI Shielding Extreme temperature protection: from -100oF to +500oF Smoothes irregular shapes and reduces snagging in lacing- tape bound harnesses Adds flexibility and repairability to harness designs Available in bulk or integrated into the harness assembly service

16 Ultra-Lightweight Composite RFI/EMI Braided Shielding
Nickel Plated Composite Shielding Offers Unique Solution to Electromagnetic Compatibility Expandable, flexible, high-strength, conductive, elastic composite material Provides abrasion resistance and EMI shielding at a fraction of the weight of metal braid

17 Application Development
The Bid Process Assessment of overmolding work is essentially a bid process and costing exercise as most jobs are submitted with complete BOMS and assembly schematics. New applications are nevertheless evaluated for mechanical, EMI and environmental requirements. Glenair will often add value with superior knowledge of wire and cable layout and assembly, especially in prototypes.

18 Not Just Another Pretty Cable
The Ultimate Harsh Application Environment Halliburton’s Oil Well Recovery and Restoration Division employs specialized trucks equipped with seismic recorders to generate accurate oil well status data. The field generators which power the system use interconnect cabling which must withstand severe weather, abusive handling and caustic chemicals. Glenair overmolded cable assemblies provide flawless, durable service in this extreme environmental application


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