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YOUR LOGO HERE TRANSPORT OF RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS BY ROAD CDG 2009 – Practical Application Trevor Moseley University of Sheffield RSC –Radioactivity and.

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1 YOUR LOGO HERE TRANSPORT OF RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS BY ROAD CDG 2009 – Practical Application Trevor Moseley University of Sheffield RSC –Radioactivity and the Law October 2009

2 YOUR LOGO HERE Where our Regs come from l IAEA Basic Safety Standards – Equivalent to EU BSS l IAEA TS-R-1, 2009 – Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials l ADR 2009 – European Agreement for International Carriage of Dangerous Goods l CDG 2009 (SI 2009 No.1348) – Carriage of Dangerous Goods and use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations

3 YOUR LOGO HERE Scope – what is excluded l The regulations do not apply to the transport of radioactive materials - – within the perimeter of an enclosed area – in the body of a person or animal – in instruments of war – in luminous watches and devices in the vehicle – in natural materials and ores – covered by a derogation

4 YOUR LOGO HERE Derogations - radioactives l Approved Derogations and Transitional Provisions – l Derogation for commercial products (domestic use) – Excludes up to 500 smoke detectors and 5 GTLDs l Derogation re carriage of FXs – For up to 10 packages with sum of TI <3 l Alternative to orange plates – Use of cab notice in vehicles <3.5 tonnes carrying up to 10 packages with sum of TI <3 l Derogation re crossing of public roads – Permits transport between private premises separated by a public road with partial exemption from ADR requirements – i.e. DGSA, placarding, documentation, some driver training.

5 YOUR LOGO HERE EXEMPTION LIMITS NuclideActivity conc Bq/g Activity Limit Bq H-31x10 6 1 GBq C-141x10 4 10 MBq P-321x10 3 100 kBq P-331x10 5 100 MBq S-351x10 5 100 MBq I-1251x10 3 1 MBq Co-601x10 1 100 kBq Cs-1371x10 1 10 kBq

6 YOUR LOGO HERE CLASSIFICATION OF EXCEPTED PACKAGES See ADR l UN 2910- limited quantity of material l UN 2908- empty packaging l UN 2909- articles made from nat U or dep U, or nat Th. l UN 2911- instruments and articles

7 YOUR LOGO HERE Excepted Package – limited quantity of materials NuclideOrdinary SolidLiquids H-340 GBq4 GBq C-143 GBq300 MBq P-320.5 GBq50 MBq P-331 GBq100 MBq S-353 GBq300 MBq I-1253 GBq300 MBq Co-600.4 GBq40 MBq Cs-1370.6 GBq60 MBq See Table of ADR NB surface dose-rate < 5uSv/h.

8 YOUR LOGO HERE Excepted Package Requirements l Exempt from: security provisions, vehicle placarding, radioactive warning labels, instructions in writing, need for a DGSA. l No restriction on loading/unloading in a public place. l Provisions re training, radiation protection programme & QA programme should be proportionate to the risk.

9 YOUR LOGO HERE Main Provisions for Excepted Packages l Detailed in ADR and covered in Ch 5 on consignment procedures l Mixed packing allowed see ADR 5.1.4 l Markings should be visible, legible and permanent – resistant to the elements l Mark on UN number and consignor or consignee details l Mark weight if > 50kg l Mark orientation arrows for liquids – n/a if <120ml and packed with absorbent material l Mark as radioactive on internal surface l Has to withstand routine transport conditions

10 YOUR LOGO HERE Basic Design Requirements for Routine Transport l Full details can be found in 6.4.2 of ADR – Easily and safely transported and securely stowed – External surfaces can be easily decontaminated – Prevent collection and retention of water – Withstand reasonable amount of movement in back of a van (routine transport) – Contents should be compatible with packaging – Withstand normal range of temps and pressures » NB additional requirements for air transport – Take note of any other dangerous properties » Other dangerous properties take precedence

11 YOUR LOGO HERE Transport Documents for Excepted Packages l Only require provisions of ADR – a) UN Number – g) name and address of consignor – h) name and address of consignee l However would recommend a signed ‘shipper’s declaration’ e.g. – ‘I hereby declare that the contents of this consignment are fully and accurately described by proper shipping name, and are classified, packed, marked and labelled, and are in all respects in proper condition for transport by road according to the applicable international governmental regulations’

12 YOUR LOGO HERE Example excepted package Screw top or tight fitting lid giving a good seal Absorbent material at least twice the volume in the tubes Screw-topped tubes taped with radioactive tape Packing of polystyrene or tissues etc Sample tubes containing excepted amounts of radioactivity Strong plastic or metal tub

13 YOUR LOGO HERE GE Healthcare –excepted package

14 YOUR LOGO HERE Air Transport – excepted package Radioactive Material, Excepted Package This package contains radioactive material,excepted package and is in all respects in compliance with the applicable international and national governmental regulations. UN _______ The information for this package need not appear on the Notification to Captain (NOTOC)

15 YOUR LOGO HERE PerkinElmer – excepted package

16 YOUR LOGO HERE Type A, IP, LSA & SCO (see ADR Table l UN 2915 RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL, TYPE A PACKAGE, non special form, non fissile or fissile excepted l UN 3332RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL, TYPE A PACKAGE, SPECIAL FORM, non fissile or fissile excepted l UN 2912RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL, LOW SPECIFIC ACTIVITY, (LSA-I), non fissile or fissile excepted l UN 2913RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL, SURFACE CONTAMINATED OBJECTS, (SCO-I or SCO-II), non fissile or fissile excepted

17 YOUR LOGO HERE Type A Package Limits NuclideSpecial Form –A1Other Form – A2 H-340 TBq C-1440 TBq3 TBq P-320.5 TBq P-3340 TBq1 TBq S-3540 TBq3 TBq I-12520 TBq3 TBq Co-600.4 TBq Cs-1372 TBq0.6 TBq Am-24110 TBq1 GBq See: ADR & Table

18 YOUR LOGO HERE LSA – low specific activity l LSA-I-iv – Other radioactive material, activity distributed throughout, av up to 30x exempt conc values. LSA-1 ADR NuclideActivity in 10kg of waste H-3300GBq C-143 GBq S-3530GBq P-32300MBq I-125300MBq

19 YOUR LOGO HERE SCO – surface contaminated objects (ADR l SCO-I – Non-fixed contamination » <4 Bq/cm 2 (b, g & low toxicity alphas) » <0.4 Bq/cm 2 (other alphas) – Fixed contamination » <4 x 10 4 Bq/cm 2 (b, g & low toxicity alphas) » <4 x 10 3 Bq/cm 2 (other alphas) l SCO-II – Non-fixed contamination » <400Bq/cm 2 (b, g & low toxicity alphas) » <40 Bq/cm 2 (other alphas) – Fixed contamination » <8 x 10 5 Bq/cm 2 (b, g & low toxicity alphas) » <8 x 10 4 Bq/cm 2 (other alphas)

20 YOUR LOGO HERE IP packaging of waste (ADR 6.4.5) l Type IP-1 – Should be designed to contain radioactive contents under routine transport conditions l Type IP-2 & IP-3 – Protect against loss or dispersal and loss of shielding under normal conditions of transport l Shipping waste under exclusive use – LSA-I or SCO-I use IP-1 container – LSA-II or SCO-II use IP-2 container l NB can ship waste in excepted packages

21 YOUR LOGO HERE Waste transported as excepted packages Lockable lid Bagged labelled waste 240L wheelie bin Bin identifier Transport label

22 YOUR LOGO HERE IP and Type A (ADR 6.4.5 – 6.4.7) l IP-1 – Minimum external dimension of 10cm l IP-2 – As above + withstand dropping tests and stacking tests l IP-3 & Type A (no liquids) – As above + security seal, securely closed containment system, temperature and pressure resistance, design in accordance with approved standards etc. l Type A (liquids) – As above + more stringent drop test and penetration test + minimum 2 levels of containment – Absorbent material, 2 x volume of liquid contents

23 YOUR LOGO HERE Testing of Packages TYPE BComp authority approval. Performance tests Withstand accidents during transport HAZARD HIGH TYPE A IP-2, IP-3 Self certificated + performance tests Normal transport EXCEPTED IP-1 Self certificated (no tests) Routine EXEMPTNot applicable (no tests) RoutineHAZARD LOW

24 YOUR LOGO HERE Tests for Normal Transport l Water spray test – 5cm rain in an hour l Free drop test – Height dependent on mass, testing possible weak points l Stacking test – over 24 hours l Penetration test – metal rod 3.2cm diameter weighing 6kg See ADR 6.4.15 & 6.4.16 for full details

25 YOUR LOGO HERE Transport Documents for Type A packages etc See ADR 5.4.1 & for full details Consignment Cert for CLASS 7 Radioactive Material The Carriage of Dangerous Goods etc Regulations SI 2009 No.1348 From Consignor Name & Address + contact & tel no. To Consignee Name & Address Description of Consignment: UN No. & Shipping Name + any subsidiary risks Maximum dose-rate at surface of container in uSv/h Radionuclide Physical & Chemical Form Activity in MBq (or GBq etc) Package Type: Excepted / Type A / IP-I etc Category: n/a (excepted) I-WHITE, II-YELLOW, III-YELLOW Transport Index: n/a (excepted and I-WHITE) Contamination Checks: <4Bq/cm2 (b, g, U & Th); <0.4Bq/cm2 (other alphas) Shippers DeclarationSign, Print Name, Date

26 YOUR LOGO HERE Transport Index TIMax dose-rate at surfaceCategory 05uSv/hI-WHITE 0-1500uSv/hII-YELLOW 1-102mSv/hIII-YELLOW >10 *10mSv/hIII-YELLOW * Transported under exclusive use. Determination of TI:- dose-rate at 1m in uSv/h ÷ 10 (mrem/h)

27 YOUR LOGO HERE Example Type A package Push fit lids should be taped and screw fit lids should be taped and the seal initialled when despatching a package to another establishment Packing Snap-top plastic tub or taped lead pot as appropriate (marked radioactive) Absorbent material 2 x volume in vial Vial containing stock solution Foam pad Strong plastic or metal tub Minimum outer dimension of 10cm

28 YOUR LOGO HERE Training For All - ADR 1.3 l General awareness training l Function specific training l Radiation hazard awareness l Safe handling and emergency response l Training to be documented and details kept by employer and employee

29 YOUR LOGO HERE Level of Training for Drivers l Transport of excepted packages – ADR 1.3 + basic need to know training with record kept by employer and employee l Transport of excepted packages and up to 10 Type A (sum of TI<3) – Certificated training by employer covering duties under HASAW Act, CDG2009 and hazard awareness etc l Transport of higher activities and quantities – 2 day City & Guilds course for VTC valid for 5 years

30 YOUR LOGO HERE Need to Know – ADR (8.1) ADR RequirementExceptedType A Transport documentsbasicConsignment cert Emergency instructionsn/aAs in 5.4.3 Photo ID cards for crewn/aApplies Drivers training certificate in cabn/aApplies (but see Ch8.5 S12) Placarding of vehiclen/aapplies FXs – dry powder minimum requirement (ignoring derogation) 2 kg4 kg Wheel chock, 2 warning signs, eye-washn/aApplies For crew – hi-vis vest, torch, gloves, gogglesn/aApplies

31 YOUR LOGO HERE Need to Know – ADR (8.3 & 8.4) ADR RequirementExceptedType A Carriage of passengers prohibitedn/aApplies (except for White-I) Training in use of FXsn/aapplies Prohibition on opening packagesapplies Portable lighting apparatus prohibited n/aApplies only if there are subsidiary risks Prohibition on smokingapplies Engine shutdown during loading etcn/aapplies Compulsory use of parking braken/aapplies Supervision of vehiclesn/a if lockedapplies

32 YOUR LOGO HERE QUALITY ASSURANCE ADR 1.7.3 l QA Programme to a standard acceptable to competent authority (DfT) l Certification that design specification has been fully implemented – See European Package Design Safety Reports Guide Issue 1 (June 2008) l Packaging designed for repeat use is inspected, repaired and maintained in good condition

33 YOUR LOGO HERE QUALITY ASSURANCE l IAEA SAFETY SERIES No.113 (1994) – Quality Assurance for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material l IAEA SAFETY GUIDE TS-G-1.4 (2008) – The Management System for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material. » Management system includes: quality control of products, quality assurance and quality management.

34 YOUR LOGO HERE QUALITY ASSURANCE l Policy Statement l Nature and Scope of Activities l Organisational Structure l Document Control/Records l Instrument and Test Control l Procedure Control l Staffing and Training l Audits

35 YOUR LOGO HERE ENFORCEMENT by HSE AUDITS by DfT l DfT or their agents will – – Monitor design, manufacture & testing of packages – Audit QA programmes of consignors & carriers – Witness transport operations – Starting to look at some small user operations l HSE now responsible for enforcement – Provide useful information in online guidance to ADR and the Carriage Regulations – see »

36 YOUR LOGO HERE RAM TRANSPORT in the future. l DFT trying to make things simpler l ADR and IAEA recommendations getting closer together l More collaboration within EU l Less frequent issuing of regulations Trevor Moseley:

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