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ANTARCTICA- Arctic Pod Latitude:55 degrees SouthRegion: Antarctica.

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1 ANTARCTICA- Arctic Pod Latitude:55 degrees SouthRegion: Antarctica

2 ANTARCTICA- Arctic Pod 1 The effects of Global warming on Antarctica -Ice caps melting causing rising sea levels measuring metres, flooding some coastal cities. -The decline of penguins who rely on ice for their nesting habitats -Ice shelves to break up

3 ANTARCTICA- Arctic Pod 1 Antarctica- Climate -The ‘frozen Continent’- 90 % of the world’s ice is in Antarctica -Almost all land is covered in ice sheets - Very short cold summer -Very long cold winter -Windiest place- severe winds -Driest place with less than 4cm of rainfall -Only one period of daylight that lasts for 6 months -90% of the sun’s reflection bounces off the ice- so only 5-10% is available for warming

4 ANTARCTICA- Arctic Pod Concept Statement Looking at an environment in Antarctica that is five degrees warmer, the system that I have created is called a Arctic Pod. This is a form of housing that is designed to withstand the harsh elements in an everchanging environment with little inconvenience to people’s quality of life. It is a robust yet flexible system that enables people to adapt to shifting ice flows. At the same time it provides large living, and socialising spaces as well as adequate areas for work and everyday life. Arctic pods stacked and connected

5 ANTARCTICA- Arctic Pod Social Effect -Tourism would be affected globally by rising temperatures. -Antarctica would become more habitable. -This in turn would place a heavy demand on resources, resulting in poverty, disease and famine. -The standard of living would plummet. - A higher level of serious diseases.

6 ANTARCTICA- Arctic Pod Personal affect -Health systems would not be able to cope with increased demands on services resulting in a decline in health generally. -The gap between rich and poor would widen. -Responsible waste and recycling is important.

7 ANTARCTICA- Arctic Pod Arctic Pod - Arctic Pod provides living, working, socializing and storage spaces. - The lower floor plus the legs form a rigid structure with the outer shell. - It can adapt and change locations with the weather. -Tough outer shell of extremely lightweight carbon fibre reinforced plastic, used in space craft solar arrays. - Despite its appearance, the structure is designed to withstand earthquakes and extreme winds. -The Arctic pod can be created into different modules ie various lengths up to five floors. - Aerodynamic-shaped exterior prevents snow forming and accumulating around the structure.

8 ANTARCTICA- Arctic Pod The Arctic Pod -The outer shell, legs and floor are enough to support the Arctic pod allowing internal wall configurations to be moved around as needed to allow for changing lifestyles. -Environmental systems of the Arctic pod –water recycling, highly engineered, eco friendly, requirement of non-polluting and entirely removable after use, solar panels to make a self supporting lightweight structure. -It is designed to be autonomous, using solar power energy efficient systems for recycling and cleaning water.

9 ANTARCTICA- Arctic Pod Top view of Artic Pods Cluster of Pods All Pods connected by Bridges

10 ANTARCTICA- Arctic Pod Conclusion Living in Antarctica at a temperature that is five degrees warmer, requires a carefully designed system for the harsh and changing weather with little inconvenience to people’s everyday lives. Its light, flexible and organic shape is strengthened by the inclusion of durable materials. Its design is highly engineered and eco friendly so that people’s personal, social and working requirements are catered for with a minimum of adaptability.

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