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 What is this thing called Science?  How does it work?

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3  What is this thing called Science?  How does it work?

4  Problem  Claim: I believe…  Evidence: Why…  Reasoning: Because….Claim and Evidence


6  Watch the following video clip and identify what you believe to be the problem:

7 Before After Godzilla started out as a Godzillasaur, on the island of Lagos in the pacific. During World War II, the island was used as a battleground. Godzilla wiped out the soldiers, but he was also shot, and left to die. But the when the first atomic bomb was tested on nearby Bikini Island, it mutated the dinosaur into Godzilla.



10  Abilities : finest armor ever built by the USNC (titanium suit), superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman agility, excellent hand-to-hand combat, and excellent marksman ship.  Personal info: Master Chief is the main character of Halo comic series by Marvel Comics. Master Chief is a genetically augmented super soldier for the USNC and is one of the few survivors of the SPARTAN II project. He is one of the greatest if not the greatest soldier in UNSC history.


12  Abilities : Super sayian transformation (for improved power), energy blast, solar flares, super human strength, superhuman speed, master of martial arts and fighting, and can use instant teleportation.  Personal info : An uncultured, simple-minded guy who loves getting stronger and being challenged above all else, but will always use his power to protect his home and loved ones.


14  Abilities : Super cuteness (allows her to be loved by all), ability to talk, ability to win people’s hearts, can bake and cook anything.  Personal info : Hello Kitty is a very energetic juvenile female; she “loves to play outdoors, in the park or forest. But you can also find her happily practicing on the piano or baking a cake, too.”


16  Abilities : Enormously strong strength, body is superhumanly durable and nearly impervious to force, pain, and disease, her skin can withstand extremes of temperature, as well as tremendous stresses and impacts without puncture wounds or lacerations, remains highly intelligent when she changes.  Personal inf o: As the cousin of Bruce Banner, Jen Walters received her abilities when she had a transfusion of blood from her gamma- powered cousin. She usually has the ability to change into her She-Hulk form on demand, and usually retains her intellect after the change as well


18  Abilities : Genius level intellect, indomitable will (unstoppable determination), intimidation, interrogation, peak human conditioning, and human acrobat. (No super powers)  Personal info: A man dressed like a bat that fights against evil and strikes terror into the hearts of criminals everywhere. In his secret identity he is Bruce Wayne, billionaire industrialist and notorious playboy. Although he has no superhuman powers, he is one of the world's smartest men and greatest fighters. His physical prowess and technical ingenuity make him an incredibly dangerous opponent.

19  Complete you Superhero Savior outline in order to help solve the people of Lagos Island problem.  Afterwards write a cover letter to the people of Lagos explaining which superhero you believe can solve their problem.

20 SAVE THE TRAPS! Jennifer Spivey South Columbus High School MAT Secondary Science 2013-2014 Kenan Fellow

21 Darwin’s Theory Of Natural Selection interactives/charles-darwin-game.htm

22 Why did the species survive? Claim: Evidence : Justification:

23 Venus Fly Trap Dionaea muscipula Ellis

24 The Evolution of the “Trap”

25 Shrinking Territory



28 Southeastern Community College Whiteville, NC Agriculture Biotechnology 2 –year program Micropropagation of Venus Fly Trap

29 Micropropagation


31 ?

32 What is your argument? Would the use of micropropagated Venus Fly Trap clones be beneficial in conservation efforts?

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