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1 楞伽阿跋多羅寶經楞伽阿跋多羅寶經 宋天竺三藏求那跋陀羅譯宋天竺三藏求那跋陀羅譯 लंकावतारसूत्र Lankāvatāra-sūtra.

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1 1 楞伽阿跋多羅寶經楞伽阿跋多羅寶經 宋天竺三藏求那跋陀羅譯宋天竺三藏求那跋陀羅譯 लंकावतारसूत्र Lankāvatāra-sūtra

2 P. 24

3 P.25 – P. 31 =7 pages of questions

4 P. 32

5 Dimensions Units of numbers lengths and weights

6 Lankavatara Sutra Chapter 1 On behalf of all sentient beings, the Bodhisattva “Great Wisdom” asked the Buddha 108 profound questions that spans all subject matters. All beings wants to know the answers to these big questions. But the Buddha did not answer each of these questions. Instead, asked the Bodhisattva “Great Wisdom” why did he not ask even more pressing and relevant questions?

7 The 108 questions How can one be cleansed of false intellection? Whence does it arise? How can one perceive errors of perceptions? Whence do they arise? Whence come lands, transformation, appearance, and philosophers? see 楞伽阿跋多羅寶經卷第一 match with English

8 楞伽經翻譯 Questions for Buddha 云何淨其念 云何念增長 How can one be cleansed of false intellection? Whence does it arise? 云何見癡惑 云何惑增長 How can one perceive errors? Whence do they arise? 何故剎土化 相及諸外道 Whence come lands, transformation, appearance, and philosophers? 云何無受欲 何故名無受 Wherefore is the state of imagelessness, the gradations, and whence are the sons of the Victorious?

9 何故名佛子 解脫至何所 Where is the way of emancipation? By what is he redeemed?Who is in bondage? 誰縛誰解脫 何等禪境界 What is the mental state of those who practise the Dhyanas? 云何有三乘 唯願為解說 Whence is the triple vehicle? Please Explain all these to me 楞伽經翻譯 Questions for Buddha

10 云何為想滅 何因從定覺 Wherefore the extinction of thoughts? And how is one awakened from it? 云何所作生 進去及持身 How does action rise? Whence is the behaviour of those who hold the body? 云何現分別 云何生諸地 Whence [this] visible [world]? Whence the conditions? Whence the entrance upon the stages? 破三有者誰 何處身云何 Who is it that breaks through this triple existence? What is the abode? What is the body? 往生何所至 云何最勝子 Where does that which is abiding arise? Whence comes the son of the Buddha? 楞伽經翻譯 Questions for Buddha

11 楞伽經翻譯 Buddha answer 心量不現有. 諸地不相至. 百變百無受. 醫方工巧論. 伎術諸 明處. 諸山須彌地. 巨海日月量. 下中上眾生. 身各幾微塵. If you do not open up your mind, you just confine yourself in a small thinking box, and then you will not comprehend the realities of things. Nor will you attain the various grounds (levels). And you will fail to comprehend the multitude of the phenomenon and evolution of everything. This kind of consciousness will apply to the theories in medical field, industrial field, logics and craftsmanship. What are the measurements of all mountains and the land, the vast oceans, the sun and the moon? For the different sizes of all beings, can you tell how many minute particles are there in the body of living beings of different sizes and types?

12 楞伽經翻譯 Buddha answer 一一剎幾塵. 弓弓數有幾. 肘步拘樓舍. 半由延由 延. Can you tell how many particles are there in the planets? And in terms of distance how many dhanus, yojana and half yojana there ? Note: (In the Tang dynasty the measurement was 2 feet made up one arm length, 4 arm lengths made 1 bow length, 500 bow lengths made 1 dhanu ( 拘樓 舍 ), 10 dhanus made 1 yojana ( 由延 ).

13 楞伽經翻譯 Buddha answer 兔毫窗塵蟣. 羊毛麥 ( 廣麥 ) 塵. 缽他幾 ( 麥廣 ) 麥. 阿羅 ( 麥廣 ) 麥幾. 獨籠那佉梨. 勒叉及舉利. 乃至頻婆羅. 是各有幾數. 7 atoms make 1 window particle. 7 window dusts make 1 hare's hair particle. 7 hare's particle make 1 ram's hair particle. 7 ram's hair particle make 1 cow's hair particle. 7 cow's hair dust make 1 nit ( 蟣 ).7 nits make 1 louse ( 一虱 ). 7 lice make 1 mustard seed. 7 mustard seeds make 1 barley grain. How many barley grains are there in 1 prasha ( 阿羅 - 一斗 )? How many barley are there in 1/2 prasha ( 缽他 - 半斗 ). 10 prashas make 1 drona ( 獨籠 ), 10 dronas make 1 kharya ( 那佉梨 ). Laksha ( 勒叉 ) is 100 thousand, koti ( 舉 利 ) is 100 millions, vimvana is 1000 millions. If we count the different things mention above, can you give the numbers in different categories?

14 楞伽經翻譯 Buddha answer 為有幾阿 ( 少兔 ). 名舍梨沙婆. 幾舍梨沙婆. 名為一賴提. 幾賴 提摩沙. 幾摩沙陀那. 復幾陀那羅. 為迦梨沙那. 幾迦梨沙那. 為成一波羅. 此等積聚相. 幾波羅彌樓. 是等所應請. 何須問餘 事. In a mustard seed ( 舍利沙婆 ), how many atoms ( 阿少兔 ) are there? How many mustard seeds make up one weed seed ( 賴提 )? How many weed seeds make up one bean ( 摩沙 )? How many beans are there in one dharana ( 陀那羅 - 一銖 )? One dharana ( 陀 那羅 ) is 10 karshas ( 迦梨沙那 - 兩 ), and 16 karshas make one pala ( 一斤 ). With all these accumulative numbers, how many palas are there in the Mount Sumeru ( 彌樓 - 須彌山 )? You should ask me thus, why do you ask me otherwise?

15 Dharma Wheel Progression ~2100 years ago, the Lankavatara Sutra provide the initial drive using numbers quantities, weights and length measurements, to: 1.force open the mind 2.Visualize microscopic & macroscopic realities But was not very systematic and did not elucidate how the visualization helps to answer the big questions.

16 Avatamsaka Sūtra 大方廣佛華嚴經

17 Avatamsaka SūtraNumber of Digits 1 10,000,000 = 10 million = 1 koti8 2 koti x koti = ayuta15 3 ayuta x ayuta= niyuta29 4 niyuta x niyuta = bimbara57 5 bimbara x bimbara = kinkara113 6 kinkara x kinkara = agara225 7 agara x agara = pravara449 8 pravara x pravara = mapara897 Expansion of two-dimensional Mind Set

18 Avatamsaka SūtraNumber of Digits 113 unequalled x unequalled = unequalled 2 363460780097437933997134743 04540673 114 unequalled 2 x unequalled 2 = unequalled 4 726921560194875867994269486 09081345 115 unequalled 4 x unequalled 4 = inconceivable 145384312038975173598853897 218162689 116 inconceivable x inconceivable = inconceivable 2 290768624077950347197707794 436325377 117 inconceivable 2 x inconceivable 2 = inconceivable 4 581537248155900694395415588 872650753 118 inconceivable 4 x inconceivable 4 = immeasurable 116307449631180138879083117 7745301505 119 immeasurable x immeasurable = immeasurable 2 232614899262360277758166235 5490603009 120 immeasurable 2 x immeasurable 2 = immeasurable 4 465229798524720555516332471 0981206017 Expansion of one-dimensional Mind Set

19 Avatamsaka SūtraNumber of Digits 121 immeasurable 4 = unspeakable9304595970494411110326 649421962412033 122 unspeakable x unspeakable = unspeakable 2 1860919194098882222065 3298843924824065 123 unspeakable 2 x unspeakable 2 = unspeakable 4 3721838388197764444130 6597687849648129 124 unspeakable 4 = unspeakably unspeakable 7443676776395528888261 3195375699296257 125 unspeakably unspeakable x unspeakably unspeakable = untold ? Expansion of two-dimensional Mind Set

20 Thinking Boxes

21 Dharma Wheel Progression ~2,400 years ago the Avatamsaka Sūtra opens our mind by: 1.systematically expanded the units of measurement 2.elucidated the thinking boxes 3.transcended infinity But did not elucidate how to transcend duality and attain equanimity after our mind is opened & think boxes obliterate

22 Dharma Wheel Progression ~today, AWE elucidates: to transcend duality (finite & infinite) 2.Resolved opposites/conflicts 3.from qualify to quantify 4.attain equanimity by going from relative to absolute

23 Finite – having bounds or limits; measurable; capable of being completely counted; not infinite or infinitesimal; not zero Infinite – unlimited or unmeasurable; indefinitely or exceedingly great Expansion of one-dimensional Mind Set

24 Finite vs. Infinite (measurement) Male vs. Female (sexually reproductive species) Black vs. White (abstractions) Living vs. Death (life) North vs. South (polarity) Positive vs. Negative pole (polarity) Good vs. Evil (survival advantages) Heaven vs. Hell (spirituality) Yes vs. No (Choice) Duality (relativity, opposites) – Yin versus Yang

25 Mathematic Logic Finite = Measurable = unit Infinite = immeasurable = no unit Introduce additional units to measure large numbers, the immeasurable becomes measurable break through duality (finite and infinite are opposites by definition) Opposites are product of small mindset X is inside the box, Y is outside the box, therefore they are opposites. No box, no opposites (think outside box) The usefulness of very big and very small numbers are illustrated by the Macro-micro view power point.

26 Take Home Messages Infinity is a concept founded on within- the-box thinking (limited thinking mode). “Finite” and “infinite” are not opposite and not mutually exclusive terms; they are arbitrary concepts that depends on how far the mind is opened; they are relative. Abstract concepts such as infinity (a qualifier) can be quantified by introducing new units of measurement.

27 The power of Quantification QualityQuantity DescriptiveDefinitive RelativeAbsolute DualitySingularity

28 Dharma Wheel Progression ~today, AWE elucidates: to transcend duality (finite & infinite) 2.Resolved opposites/conflicts 3.from qualify to quantify 4.attain equanimity by going from relative to absolute

29 AWE Method 1.Demonstrated the scientific relevance of macroscopic and microscopic visualization 2.Linked the continuum of dimensions (a metaphysical concept) to physical realities 3.Resolve the ultimate contradiction 4.Use counting units to measure one’s: a)Focus/concentration/attention span b)Emotional reaction to task accomplishment c)I/Ego/Self resistance to a new approach d)Life force (Zen stability power)

30 Transfer of merit By this effort, may all sentient beings be free of suffering. May their minds be filled with the nectar of virtue. In this way may all causes resulting in suffering be extinguished, And only the light of compassion shine throughout all realms. Feb 23, 2013L3.3 Macro & Micro Concepts


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