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Intermedium Trends in Information Management From Famine to Feast to Glut? Judy Hurditch Intermedium.

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1 Intermedium Trends in Information Management From Famine to Feast to Glut? Judy Hurditch Intermedium

2  Research reports  Market newsletter ‘The Medium’  Government ICT sales effectiveness training programs  Agency and competitor analysis  Consulting support to sales planning, tenders, white papers etc.

3 Intermedium Overview  What is “Information”?  Managing the Information Feast  Trends in the federal government market

4 Intermedium Information - Some Definitions  “a term with many meanings depending on context, but is as a rule closely related to such concepts as meaning, knowledge, instruction, communication, representation, and mental stimulus”  “is stimuli that has meaning in some context for its receiver”  “is the result of processing, manipulating and organising data in a way that adds to the knowledge of the person receiving it”  “is often used very broadly to encompass all ideas, facts, and imaginative works; can also be used to mean a single data element. Whole volumes have been written in the effort to define it satisfactorily”

5 Intermedium Information – Data with Context 21, 45, 6, 19, 23, 9These are 6 numbersData 21, 45, 6, 19, 23, 9These are 6 Lotto numbers Information 21, 45, 6, 19, 23, 9These are yesterday’s winning Lotto numbers Knowledge 21, 45, 6, 19, 23, 9Winning Lotto changes your life – and not always for the better Insight, learning and appropriate action

6 Intermedium How much information?  1-2 exabytes (billion gigabytes) of unique information estimated to be created on earth each year (2003)  550 billion documents (7,500 terabytes) estimated to exist on web for public access in 2001  11.5 billion pages estimated to exist in indexable web (Google, Yahoo etc) in Jan 2005  22 terabytes in Telstra data warehouse 2005  20 terabytes of text held by US Library of Congress  15 million images on NAA website

7 Intermedium Information Famine – pre computerisation  Paper-based  Ephemeral  Need for physical access to records (same place)  Laborious to compile reports  Slower rate of creation eg typing  Slower pace of delivery (post or courier)

8 Intermedium Sustenance – early computerisation  Electronic records  Much more detailed and comprehensive  Long, cheap retention  24/7 access from anywhere  Massively accelerated creation and exchange eg self-authoring, email  Based on assumption that more information must be better

9 Intermedium Feast – post internet  Putting the tucker on the table  Holistic view of information across information types and platforms (enterprise information management)  Getting to the feast  Portals  Intranets  Search and discovery tools  Hyperlinks

10 Intermedium Feast – post internet  Extending the menu  Content management for unstructured information types  Selecting dinner  Single search across all information holdings  Search engines embedded in applications / desktop  Gourmet Traveller  Data warehousing  Business Intelligence

11 Intermedium Snacking  Multiplicity of access and display devices to use  Desktop  Laptop  PDA  Mobile phone  Multiplicity of information channels and interfaces to navigate  Web  Windows  Proprietary  Many choices about how to share / exchange / respond to information

12 Intermedium Impact on the Diners - please sir, can I have some more?  More information available than ever before  Self-service - take what you want, when you want  More must be better, right?

13 Intermedium Impact on the Diners - Super Size Me!  Choice  Sheer volume  Determining quality and relevance  No excuse not to know / onus shifts  McDonaldisation of information  Standardises and disciplines workflows, information capture, lexicon  More exacting records management  Loss of discretion?

14 Intermedium Impact on the Diners - Super Size Me! In the information age, there can be too much exposure and too much information and too much sort of quasi-information…. There’s a danger that too much stuff cramming people’s minds is just as bad for them as too little, in terms of the ability to understand, to comprehend. Bill Clinton

15 Intermedium Impact on the Diners - Super Size Me!  Information overload  Human limitations in assimilating and acting upon information  At the fingertips  Too many options  The search for meaning  Quantity is not quality

16 Intermedium Impact on the Diners - Super Size Me!  Cognitive and processing limitations  Still got Stone-Age hardwiring  Easily overwhelmed  Recognised as stressful  Analysis Paralysis  Always more information to be had  Credibility of information  Deciding who or what to believe  Conflicting information readily available!

17 Intermedium Too many carbohydrates  A million hits is not a successful search  Low relevance  Sheer volume of garbage  Keywords and taxonomies are good for computers  Unnatural way for humans to think about information

18 Intermedium Dieting Disciplines  Tools  Authoritative sourcing  Filtering  Decision support  At the fingertips  Convergent computing and communications technologies  Digital dashboards / continuous monitoring tools  Event-triggered alerts / work items  The search for meaning  Relevance  Taxonomies  Concept association

19 Intermedium Choice of Diets  Developing a holistic view of information often the primary focus  DIMA Systems for People  Major organisational and cultural changes  Embed in business processes  Not a job for the technologists or records managers  Varying levels of technology capability and change

20 Intermedium Choice of Diets  Knowledge Management and decision support initiatives  acting on information  Sharper reporting and BI  distinguish wood from trees  Delivering complete work “packages” for information workers  no need to search

21 Intermedium Choice of Diets  Dealing with unstructured information, particularly documents, now a major focus  Approaches to the management of unstructured information span the continuum from conventional records management through to unstructured content management

22 Intermedium 2005-06 Diet options – Open Approach Tenders

23 Intermedium Content Management Software – Number of contracts by value range

24 Intermedium Content Management Software - Value of contracts by value range

25 Intermedium Knowledge Management Software – Number of contracts by value range

26 Intermedium Knowledge Management Software – Value of contracts by value range

27 Intermedium Value of Content Management Software Contracts  2004-0532 contracts $2,282,785  2003-0428 contracts $13,164,202  2002-0347 contracts $3,687,089

28 Intermedium Content Management Software Contracts - 2005-06  Numbers not finalised  Year to date number of contracts = 23  Value of contracts = $3.8m  Only one stand-out big deal  $1.68m contract by Defence for “Web Publisher” with Telelogic

29 Intermedium Franchises yet to come?  Top 10 suppliers primarily specialists in this market  High proportion of low value contracts  Except in 2002-03, none of the top 25 suppliers to government had any content management contracts  IBM won $9,542,118  Others won $3,562,085

30 Intermedium Franchises yet to come?  Growing interest/takeovers by big companies suggests mainstreaming?  IBM presence  Vignette takeover of Tower Technology  OpenText takeover of Hummingbird  IBM takeover of FileNET  Who is next?

31 Intermedium Choice of Restaurant  Choice must be with the diners –ie the business users  Not the cooks, waiters, dishwashers or restaurant owners

32 Intermedium Thank you!

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