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TEAM BUILDING PROGRAMME 团队建设培训. With the knowledge and skills acquired by the end of the Teambuilding Overview training programme, the participants will.

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2 With the knowledge and skills acquired by the end of the Teambuilding Overview training programme, the participants will be able to: 从团队建设培训,参与者将可以: 1.Enhance their determination and inspiration to be dedicated and loyal to their team and the organisation by providing the right tools and formula of a winning team. 提高他们对他们团队组织的决心和忠诚。 2. Revitalize their physical (energy), mental (attitude) and spiritual (values) well being to adapt to changes and perform well as a team member. 恢复参与者的身体(能量),心理(态度)和精神(价值 观 ); 适应环境的改变并且履行一个很好团队成员。 3. Understanding their own social and communicative behaviour and others as well as how to interact effectively with different people / social behaviours for both internal and external customers. 了解他们自己的社会和社团行为以及如何有效地相互影响 ,和不同的人 / 交际内部和外部顾客的行为。 4. Understand who is responsible for their level of motivation and take control of their emotions and energy and channel it to achieve higher productivity and self satisfaction. 明白谁是负责他们自己的推动力程度来接管的他们的情绪和 能量并 且引导它达到更高的生产率。 COURSE OBJECTIVE

3 COURSE OUTLINE 1.Arrival, Registration & Breakfast 到达培训地点,注册和早餐。 2. Program Introduction, Objectives & Rules and Team Formation 前言, 目标, 规则 & 成组。 3.Ice Breaker Activity 破冰活动。 4.TEAM FORMING (“ 团队成组 ”) :(Long Rope) Description ( 描述 ): 5.In this activity, people from various background come together to be in a team to carry out their individual responsibilities. 在此项活动, 自各式各样背景的人会联合在一组, 执行他们的个人责任 。 6.Debrief on performance and corrective action 纠正措施。 7.Key Learning ( 学习关键 ): Be comfortable with the environment. Take part in Team Activities and feel at ease with the presence of the other participants.Work Together towards Common Goal, Leadership, Delegation& Control of a large group. Understand that planning, coordination and communication are key elements in teambuilding. Comprehend that working as a group requires tangible efforts and this is made clear by the unseen difficulties until the activity is carried out. 参与团队活动并且对于环境与其他参与者的出席觉得自在。合作朝向 团队目标,领袖精神,分工合作和人群控制。明白关于计划,协调和 通讯的关键因素在是在于团队精神。 8. Accepting & Being Accepted Into A Team 接受和被纳入一个团队。 9.Formation of work team through effective communication process 通过有效沟通过程组成团队。

4 COURSE OUTLINE 10. TEAM STORMING1(“ 团队震荡 ” 步骤 1)Guard Your Eggs) Description ( 描述 ) : Each team member will be given a string to inter-weave among themselves to form a spider web. There will beitems in the middle of the web and the team willmake sure theitems are still intact throughout the obstacles representing the challenges in the working environment. 每个团队成员将会给于一条绳子用于在他们自己之间组织一个蜘蛛 网。蜘蛛网中将会有两个东西。遍及的障碍代表在工作环境之间的 挑战。队员必须确保那两个东西完好无损。 Debrief on performance and corrective action 纠正措施。 Key Learning ( 学习关键 ): To ensure that trust and empowerment given to your team is upheld and treasured with commitment. 给于你的团队彻底信任, 支持, 保证, 承诺和赋权。 The team has to learn how to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses to get the tasks/assignments done. 团队必须学习如何补充彼此的实力和弱点来保证任务的完成。 Leadership qualities will emerge from individuals who are not aware of their own capabilities and potential. 个人潜在的领导素质和能力会出现。 A lot of communication process will take place during the activity. This emphasized on the importance of communication among team members during implementation of work processes. 很多沟通过程会在活动时进行。这强调沟通在团队成员操作过程的 实行期间的重要性。

5 COURSE OUTLINE TEAM STORMING 2(“ 团队震荡 ” 步骤 2)hted& Unsighted) Description ( 描述 ): Very often people take things for granted, such as our sense of sight, smell and hearing. In the working environment the “sighted” is like a person who has access to information, knows what is expected to be done and so on. The “unsighted” is one who is in the dark. He/she needs the trust, help and support of the “sighted” to guide him in the right path so that he/she too may accomplish the task required. This activity fulfils the need for us to empathize with others as they seek support and guidance in carrying out tasks. 往往我们对于自己的视觉,味觉和听觉不敏感。在工作环境『看到 』的好像是一个有获取信息的人。『没有看到的』是一个在黑暗环 境的人。他 / 她需要信任,帮助和支持。此项活动实现我们需要了 解其他的人, 在执行任务期间需给于他人支持和指导。 Debrief on performance and corrective action 纠正措施。 Key Learning ( 学习关键 ): 1.Characteristics Of Effective Team Leaders & Team Members 2. 有效的队长和团队成员的特性 3.Empathy 人情味 4.Leadership 领袖精神 5.Practice Clear and Simple Communication 清楚和简单的通讯 6.Adapting to Change 适应改变 7.Seek to understand by Asking the right Questions 问正确的问 题

6 COURSE OUTLINE TEAM NORMING ( 团队标准化 ) :Toxic Waste) Description( 描述 ): The team members’ challengeis to move the toxic waste contents to the neutralization container using minimal equipment and maintaining a safe distance within a time limit.This activity works best towards the end of a program and/or after the group has come together and dealt with basic teamwork issues.Involves thinking, imagination, action, fantasy, risk and an attractive solution. 队员的挑战是移动有毒的废物于反应容器。在一个期限内用最有限 的设备并且维持一个安全距离完成任务。此项活动最好用在培训将 要结束的时侯, 随着该团队已经联合并且已经解决基本的合作问题 。此项活动涉及思维,想像力,行动,幻想,风险和一个有效的解 决办法。 Debrief on performance and corrective action 纠正措施。 Key Learning ( 学习关键 ): Effective communications and decision making 有效的沟通和决策。 Exposureto processes and issues related to aspects of teamwork, including cooperation, trust, empowerment, risk-taking, support, problem-solving and leadership. 接触过程和合作问题关系的方面,包括合作,信任,赋权,冒险, 支 持,解决问题和领袖精神。

7 COURSE OUTLINE TEAM PERFORMING( 团队表现阶段 ) :(Power Station) Description ( 描述 ) : There will be “power substations”and the team members will have to power up the substations to make them functional. This activity revolves around the following factors : 团队成员将必须启动所有激励动变电站。此项活动围绕下列的因素 Succeed with limited resources 以有限的资源寻求成功。 Willingnessof individual to pool own resources for the team’s success 愿意集中个人的资源,给于团队的成功。 Willingness to sacrifice individuality for a common goal 愿意自我牺牲来达到一个共同的团队目标。 Debrief on performance and corrective action 纠正措施。 Key Learning ( 学习关键 ) : 1.Achieve excellence through continuous improvement 通过不断改善来达到最高优点。 2. Create positive work habits 创造正确的工作习惯。 3.Improve productivity through creative thinking process 通过创造性思维过程, 改善生产力。 4.Individual sacrifice determines the success of a team 个别的牺牲, 决定团队的成功。

8 METHODOLOGY The programme will be conducted in an experiential method and FUN is guaranteed! 节目将会由有经验的教练指挥 ; 保证有学习及充满乐趣。 1.Debriefing sessions will be carried out after each activity to relate key learning to the organization scenario or actual work place environment. 2. 随着每个活动联系关键的问题, 进行纠正措施。 3.Our facilitators use lively and interactive training methodology, fast-paced and actively involving the participants. 4. 教练将使用生动和互动的训练方法,快节奏并且积极涉 及参与者。 5.All sessions will involve activities designed to reinforce the key learning. 6. 所有活动会涉及设计加强关键的学问。 7.This programme can be conducted in English Language, Bahasa Malaysia or Mandarin. 8. 教练将使用普通话, 英语或马来西亚语来培训这节目。

9 TRAINER PROFILE NameKK Khor NationalityMalaysian QualificationEdision University of Technology, United Kingdom Master in Business Administration Human Resource Development Council of Malaysia (PSMB)Train-The-Trainer Workshop (Certified Trainer / Coach) Malaysia Institute Of Management Diploma In Supervisory Management Intelligence Business Networks Total Productive Maintenance Intelligence Business Networks Why-Why & P-M Analysis The Association For Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS), Japan Kaizen In Manufacturing Industries C.D. Cook & Associates Inc., Canada. ISO/TS 16949:02 Internal Auditor Marsden International (IEMA), U.K. Advanced EMS Internal Auditor Sanno Institute of Management/Japan Association Of Mfg Analysis Manufacturing Management Consultant

10 TRAINER PROFILE PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP MALAYSIA PRODUCTIVITY CORPORATION (MPC) Registered Trainer / Resource Person & System Developer (50L-PLPS) Programme Code 01 – Leadership / Motivation / Training The Trainers 02 – Teambuilding 11 – 5S Implementation 12 – 5S Implementation & System Audit 13 – Lean Manufacturing Through Kaizen Practices 14 – Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

11 TRAINER PROFILE WORK EXPERIENCE PRESENT DYNAMIC RESOURCE TRAINING & CONSULTANCY Managing Consultant System and Programme Developer Design, develop and conduct in-house and public training programmes Customize, document, implement and improve Productivity, Quality and Management programmes for various types of manufacturing industries, which include: 1.Total Productive Maintenance 2.Office Total Productive Maintenance 3.Train-The-Trainer for Total Productive Maintenance 4.Kaizen Implementation 5.5S Implementation & Audit System 6.6S Implementation & Audit System 7.Root Cause Analysis Through Why-Why / 5-Whys Approach 8.P-M Analysis 9.Effective Management Of Training Function 10.Develop Efficient Maintenance Technician/Technical Assistant 11.Teambuilding PREVIOUS US-BASED, NASDAQ LISTED COMPANY S r. Training Executive Assisted the company to establish and manage the whole training department Assisted company to establish TPM System and the facilitation of 6 TPM teams and carried out TPM Audits throughout the factory Designed and developed all training materials, training methodologies, qualification systems and continuous improvement plan for all the operations in the company Conduct in-house training on skills upgrade courses Maintain plant-wide training-related quality records as required by ISO14001 EMS and ISO/TS16949 QMS standards.

12 TRAINER PROFILE CONSULTANCY EXPERIENCE 1.Develop and implementation of manufacturing system including Total Productive Maintenance, Capacity Planning, Cycletime Improvement and 5S System. 2.Total Productive Maintenance 3.Semiconductor Industries 4.Palm Oil Industries 5.Capacity Planning &Cycletime Improvement 6.Metal Sheet Industries 7.5S System 8.Aluminium Casting 9.Utility Board

13 TRAINER PROFILE TRAINING EXPERIENCE Facilitate training programmes (English, Bahasa Malaysia & Mandarin) for public and in-house courses such as : Total Productive Maintenance 1.Total Productive Maintenance Concept & Culture 2.Practical Approach Towards TPM Implementation 3.Develop Efficient Maintenance Technician/Technical Assistant 4.Train-The-Trainer For TPM 5.Office TPM Process & Operational Improvement 1.Why-Why Analysis 2.P-M Analysis 3.5S Implementation & Audit Systems 4.6S Management Systems & Standards 5.Kaizen Implementation 6.Developing Effective KPI Operation Management & Training 1.Assertive Supervision / Supervisory Skills 2.Positive Work Attitude 3.KepimpinanPenyelia Yang Berkesan 4.Managing Training Function Effectively 5.Train-The-Trainer / Train-The-Trainer For Effective TPM Facilitation Teambuilding 1.Teambuilding Towards High Efficiency Workforce 2.Train-The-Trainer For Teambuilding Facilitator


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