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1. Alt-high Altitude: state of high altar: high, elevated table exalt: lift on high _____________________________________ Because of the altitude in Denver,

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1 1. Alt-high Altitude: state of high altar: high, elevated table exalt: lift on high _____________________________________ Because of the altitude in Denver, Sam could not run as far.

2 2. Cred - believe, trust Incredible: not believeable Incredulous: full of nonbelief credulity-giving belief to Discredit: to turn away from belief _____________________________________ To think that Arnold may be the governor of California is incredible!

3 3. Cumul - heap, pile Accumulate: to pile up Cumulative: formed by “heaping up” Cumulus: cloud piled up like a mountain _____________________________________ Tim had to study longer for the vocabulary test since it was cumulative.

4 4. Dactyl - finger, toe, digit Pterodactyl: flying reptiles with featherless wings of skin Dactylography: study of fingerprints for identification Pentadactyl: having five digits on each hand or foot ______________________________ The FBI agent specialized in dactylography.

5 5. Dyn(dynam)-power, force, strength Dynamic: relating to physical force aerodynamics: study of forces exerted by the motion of air and other gases dynameter: instrument for measuring power of telescopes _____________________________________ The Dynamic Duo are able to conquer any opposing force.

6 6. Enter - intestine Enterine: related to intestine dysentery: result of a bad intestine gastroenteritis: inflammation of the intestine _____________________________________ Because of an outbreak of dysentery the cruise ship, had to return to port.

7 7. Et (ette) - small diminutive floret: small flower statuette: small statue lunette: object shaped like a half- moon or crescent _____________________________________ The broccoli casserole is better if you use florets rather than the entire stalk.

8 8. Fa (fab) - speak, say, tell infant: one who does not speak fable: a told story affable: able to speak easily _____________________________________ After I heard the fable of the tortoise and the hare, I stopped rushing around.

9 9. Flor - flower floral: related to a flower Floriferous: flower bearing or producing Florida: Spanish for “land of flowers” _____________________________________ My husband sent me a floral arrangement for my birthday.

10 10. Her(hes) - stick adhesive: able to stick inherent: part of something by nature or habit incoherent: that which does not stick (fit) together _____________________________________ I needed an adhesive to hold my book together when it began to lose pages.

11 11. Ichthy - fish ichthyology: study of fish ichthyophagous: full of fish eating ichthyosis: scaly skin _____________________________________ Because my son loves to fish, he is thinking of becoming an ichthyologist.

12 12. Lingu - tongue, language lingo: language Bilingual: having two languages Linguistics: the science of language _____________________________________ In today’s world, it is helpful to be bilingual.

13 13. Merg(mers)-dip, plunge submerge: to dip under immersion: the act of dipping emerge: to rise from _____________________________________ The submarine began to submerge as the enemy approached.

14 14. Mon(monit)- warn monitor: one who warns monitory: cautionary premontion: previous warning _____________________________________ Colin had a premonition that Auburn would win the SEC championship.

15 15. Or(orat)-mouth, pray, speak oral: pertaining to the mouth oracle: an infallible authority inexorable: unmoved by prayer; unyielding _____________________________________ Oedipus consulted the oracle for help with the plague that had infested Thebes.

16 16. Phyto-plant phytogeography: study of the geographical distribution of plants phytopathogen: causing plant disease phytophagous: feeding on plants _____________________________________ He went to college to study phytogeography so that he could one day own a nursery.

17 17. Prehend(prehens)- seize, grasp prehensile: adapted to grasp like a monkey’s tail comprehend: to grasp mentally reprehensible: deserving blame; holding back _____________________________________ Once the teacher explained the problem, I was able to comprehend it.

18 18. Rhizo-root rhizoid: resembling a root rhizophagous: root eating rhizomorphous: in the shape of a root ____________________________________ The tree began to die because of the rhizophagous infection.

19 19. Sangui-blood consanguinity: related by blood sangfroid: composure under stress exsanguinate: to remove the blood _____________________________________ Before embalming, it is necessary to exsanguinate the body of the deceased.

20 20. Saur-lizard dinosaur: terrible lizard pterosaur: winged lizard tyrannosaurus rex: king of the dinosaurs _____________________________________ Jurassic Park displayed the power of the tyrannosaurus rex.

21 21. Topo-place topical: related to place topography: showing features of a region on a map ectopic:occurring in an abnormal place _____________________________________ Because the pregnancy was ectopic, the woman lost the baby.

22 22. Trud(trus)-thrust intruder: one who “thrusts” in uninvited abstruse: difficult to understand protrusion: the act of thrusting out _____________________________________ The intruder broke into the store in the middle of the night.

23 23. Vac(vacu)-empty vacant: empty vacuity: condition of being empty evacuate: to empty out _____________________________________ During the hurricane, many inhabitants of the coast had to evacuate.

24 24. Ward-in the direction of backward: in the back direction toward: in the direction to homeward: in the direction of home _____________________________________ After school, I will be homeward bound!!!

25 25. Xero-dry xeroderma: dry skin xerophilous: thriving in an environment having only minimum amount of water xerophyte: plant that grows only in dry climate _____________________________________ During the winter season, many people suffer from xeroderma.

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