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Remember… BLOIS. The town of Blois along the Loire river.

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1 Remember… BLOIS

2 The town of Blois along the Loire river

3 The château of Blois

4 The House of the Magic

5 ‘Jacques Gabriel’ bridge

6 On the Loire on board of a traditional boat, the Futreau

7 ‘La Providence’ institution

8 The Chapel

9 The Sisters’residence

10 At the Reception

11 Social students… cooking

12 And Sewing

13 Child caring

14 The engineering students in their lab…

15 Another lab…

16 A computer room

17 A Language laboratory

18 The school restaurant

19 Meetings of the TNT Project

20 ST NIKLAAS December 2004

21 Prisca and Diane


23 Songs and dances illustrate the friendly and warm atmosphere

24 VIENNA December 2005

25 The students welcome us with lovely songs

26 BLOIS Mai 2006

27 It is so nice having you all at our place!

28 Cadca December 2006

29 For us now preparing Christmas will have a taste of Slovakia for ever!!

30 From Cadca …… To Bratislava Christmas…Peace..... match so well with Comenius!

31 The TNT Project ‘E-Commerce’

32 Orders and bills of delivery…

33 Some goods to be sold or bought

34 Tokaj Mai 2007 One day in Budapest

35 First day in Tokaj



38 A so good and divine drink !

39 Europe of friendship is wonderful

40 The French comenius teams Prisca Diane Charlotte Romain Mete Alan Alexandre Jeremy Justine Cédric Victor Jordan Aurore Aurélie Caroline Aurélia Vanessa M. Vanessa R. Helene Virgine Sandra And other students …. Catherine Aurélie Fabienne Pascal Christophe Gisèle Fréderic Bertrand Sylvie Laurence And others teachers Judith Cathy Cosmina Peter

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