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BAPTIST HISTORY LESSON 18 Baptist Beginnings in America.

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1 BAPTIST HISTORY LESSON 18 Baptist Beginnings in America

2 Four essential elements to the Coherent Truth view I. Baptist are Orthodox God is a revealing God God is a Triune God Jesus is the God/man II. Baptist are Evangelical Justification by faith Immediacy and necessity of the Spirit’s work for salvation Necessity and completeness of the Work of Christ Conversion above nurture

3 III. Baptist are confessional and catechetical Confessions and catechisms have always been essential parts of Baptist church life Baptists have seen the necessity of the church being formed on a confession That is personal That is corporate IV. Baptist are Separate “Baptist have a ‘theologically integrated ecclesiology’ vs. our paedobaptist friends who have an inconsistent ecclesiology” Dr. Nettles The Church is the body of Christ from all nations, a new identity for the people of God Visible saints/Believers church Baptism of believers only by immersion Discipline in the local congregation Absence of interference or special favors from magistrates

4 “Baptists have traditionally argued for religious liberty for all people by advocating a free church in a free state” Nathan Finn Puritans SeparatistsWhen Separatists become Baptists the idea that pure worship could be propagated by the magistrate’s power fell to the ground BACKGROUND OF NEW ENGLAND

5 ROGER WILLIAMS Chronology b. 1603-1606 Education: Pembroke College, Cambridge 1625: period of religious turmoil Move to America, 1630-31 a. Boston 1631 b. Salem c. Plymouth Developed interest in Native Americans

6 d. Salem again 1636 Providence Plantation Oath of Loyalty 1639 Established Baptist Church “Seekers” 1644 Obtained charter from Parliament for Rhode Island 1651 Returns to England to obtain new charter from Oliver Cromwell's government

7 1645 A Key to the Language of America 1645 The Bloody Tenant of Persecution for Cause of Conscience Cotton The Bloody Tenant Washed White by the Blood of the Lamb The Bloody Tenant Yet More Bloody by Mister Cotton’s attempts to Wash it White! 1652 Christenings Does Not Christians Make The doctrine of persecution for cause of conscience, is proved guilty of all the blood of the souls crying for vengeance under the altar.... All civil states, with their officers of justice, in their respective constitutions and administrations, are proved essentially civil, and therefore not judges, governors, or defenders of the spiritual, or Christian, state and worship.... It is the will and command of God that, since the coming of his Son the Lord Jesus, a permission of the most Paganish, Jewish, Turkish, or anti-christian consciences and worships be granted to all men in all nations and countries: and they are only to be fought against with that sword which is only, in soul matters, able to conquer: to wit, the sword of God’s Spirit, the word of God.

8 William’s method of argument Biblical Interpretation Exposition of Scripture Correct Hermeneutic Historical Record Theological Integrity Three fold error from forcing conscience Debate with Quakers 1672 George Fox Digged out of his Burrows

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