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Is Our Human Nature Against Us? If we get sex drives in our teens when we’re most selfish and not mature enough to handle the responsibility of children…

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2 Is Our Human Nature Against Us? If we get sex drives in our teens when we’re most selfish and not mature enough to handle the responsibility of children… If humans have had such a bloody history… If childhood hurts still affect us in adulthood destroying our relationships causing depression/anxiety… If we always try to succeed at something, but obstacles always suddenly appear preventing our success.. Then don’t we need a goal setting plan to help us prevent, the instinct to fail, be violent, get depressed, self-destructive tendencies, manage the obstacles so that we can achieve goals and lead happy lives?

3 Success occurs with a….. Healthy Body, Mind, and Spirit Healthy Morals Healthy Values Healthy Goals Goals that are suited to our individual purpose

4 Healthy Goals Think BIG Think POSITIVE Plan Accordingly

5 Think BIG Donald Trump attributes much of his success to thinking BIG. Even though you may have self- doubt, think big and aim high. Give the mind something big to chew on and it will work to achieve it. Though I doubted myself, I - Earned two Master’s Degrees - Wrote a book that sells…. - Hosted a TV Program on my own material. - Wrote, played, and produced my 2 nd Music CD that I hope to hear on the radio soon.

6 Think Positive Our mind is a palace with many rooms. The words on the wall are our positive and negative beliefs and attitudes. Some are true, many are laughable, and others are written by others. We consult them every minute; they contain can and cannot’s like: “You are, too old, too young, not smart enough, a woman, a man, a minority.”

7 Think Positive Quote: “As a man thinketh, so he becomes.” R.W.E. Yesterday’s thoughts created the present, today’s thoughts create your future. You choose your attitude. Was the movie “Rocky,” about two bums beating each other up or how the power of the human spirit could fight the champion boxer of the world against all the odds? Use the law of attraction and align your goals with positive emotions which move events in your direction. Go with the least resistance.

8 What Goals Should I Choose? It’s astounding we can go through 12 years of education and not get one hour of education on goal setting. A billionaire was asked, how to achieve a challenging goal……he said, “desire it bad enough to make the sacrifices it takes while striving to double your failure rate.” Most people resist sacrifice and failure. Strive to achieve goals in the following 10 areas: physical goals, career goals, educational goals, financial goals, relationship goals, leisure goals, self-improvement goals, material goals, charity goals, and spiritual goals. What is lacking in your life? Make that your next goal.

9 How To Achieve Goals/Plan Accordingly Goals have 7 characteristics (BE SMART) Believable – Bruce Jenner, Roger Bannister, Jim Carrey, Napolean Hill, SAT Story….see page 100. Etchable – Visualize yourself enjoying having already achieved the goal. Specific – “I will lose 15 pounds” not “I want to lose weight.” Muhammed Ali predicted his fights. Measurable – Write your goals down and measure your progress. If not, you might quit. Failures are only postponements. Examples include scales, ed plans, a budget, etc. The Yale University Study of 3%.

10 How To Achieve Goals Achievable – Is it doable? Or are you trying to be something you are not. Do you have enough desire? Realistic – Will it fit your schedule, financial situation, values, and other goals? Is it challenging enough? Time-Related - It must have a specific date of completion like July1st, not the summer. Pick a day/time that will challenge you where you come out of your comfort zone. Coming out of our comfort zone prepares the body for something new.

11 How To Achieve Goals 1. Choose a specific goal and the outcomes you will get if you achieve the goal. Example: “I will feel great and more energy when I lose 20 pounds. 2. List personal qualities you need to achieve the goal. For example: I need to manage time well so I watch less TV and complete my list of things to do or make good food choices instead of sugar foods. 3. Write down consequences of not achieving the goal. For example, if I don’t lose weight, “I will continue to feel lethargic and bad about myself.”

12 How To Achieve Goals 4. Identify the tools, people, and organizations you can use to help you achieve the goal. Tools: books, computer, planner People: close friend, expert in the field Organizations: Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, etc. 5. Write down times in your life when you were successful and relate it to your goal. For example: I sacrificed leisure time so I could get my high school diploma. I can sacrifice sugary, fatty foods so I can lose weight.

13 How To Achieve Goals 6. List obstacles that are likely to distract you from achieving your goal and how you will manage it. Example: To prevent eating bad foods, I will bring my lunch to work and adjust the grocery list. 7. Write down people who have achieved this goal and the advice they might give you. Example: Oprah, Rush Limbaugh, Richard Simmons. 8. Design your perfect environment that would bring out the best in you. Example: motivational reminders throughout the house, a house with vegetables in a cupcake holder with dressing and no bad foods. 9. Write the sacrifices you will need to make to achieve your goal. How will it affect your family, time, finances…

14 Implement your Action Plan Schedule these ideas in a Daily Planner/Calendar. Review it everyday to stay focused and motivated. Use Affirmations (keep it positive and present – I weight 130lbs, not, I hope to lose weight). Use EFT. Do your inner ritual and when you get to the zone, visualize your goal as if it’s already achieved. Let go of your attachment and any fears of not achieving your goal by allowing them to surface and say yes to releasing it through your chest area.

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