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Company Overview.

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1 Company Overview

2 Fleck Sales Company Culture
Beer Deserves Better “Beer” = The Value Chain Service to the 3 other tiers Constructive Discontent Core Purpose Why we Exist Vision What we Want to Be Fleck Sales: The Beer Experts Brand Development Innovation Education F.L.E.C.K Core Values What we Believe How we will Act Focus on The Customer Loyalty, Integrity, and Trust Encourage Teamwork Commit to Excellence Keep Work Fun

3 Strategy Statement Become a 5 Million Case Beer Wholesaler by 2020, growing faster than our Peers. Deliver Profitable Beverage Solutions through Channel Focused Beer Experts concentrating on Brand Development, Innovation, Education.

4 Company History Falstaff Distributor Fleck Sales founded by Keith Fleck 1954 1968 New warehouse built at 1825 Edgewood Rd. 1970: Hach Brothers acquired: Miller Brands in Cedar Rapids Mid 1970’s: Miller Lite sales explode driving several facility expansions Coors Brewing Company and Pabst Brands added in 1986 with the purchase of Bell Distributing November of 1993: Doe Distributing acquired expanding Miller and Coors sales into Iowa City and Burlington, Iowa. 1996: New West Burlington facility completed 1997: Genners acquired: (Coors and Stroh brands in Ottumwa) 1999: Graf Beverage and LTD Distributing acquired (G.Heileman Brands in Iowa City and Burlington) July of 2001: Paul Jerabek Wholesaler acquired (G. Heileman and Stroh brands in Cedar Rapids) November of 2008, Schwartz Distributing acquired (Miller Legacy brands in Ottumwa) March 2012 Founders Introduction October 2012 Stone Introduction

5 Territory Description
21 counties Eastern and Southeast Iowa (1 non- consolidated MillerCoors county) 2.8million case equivalents 2 facilities (118 employees 90 full 28 part-time) Cedar Rapids (83,000 sq. feet) 1,961,023 c/e’s (388 off 644 on) West Burlington (22,000 sq. feet) 752,000 c/e’s (218 off 358 on) Land Mass: 55, 869 square miles (20% of Iowa) Population: 718, % of state of Iowa Demographics ; 90.7% Caucasian 2.6% African American 3.5% Hispanic 86% with HS degree 25+ (80% nationally) 21% Bachelors Degree or higher (24% nationally) Poverty line: 11% (13% nationally)

6 IOWA STATE Doll 7 G Vanguard Golden Eagle

7 Suppliers 22 Beer Suppliers 5 Non-Alc. Suppliers Beer NA Brands
MillerCoors Pabst Diageo Guinness New Belgium Heineken USA Boston Beer Mike’s Boulevard Phusion Projects Gambrinus Vermont Cider Big Sky Great River North American Breweries Peace Tree Empyrean Sapporo Stone Potosi Founders Glunz Moosehead NA Brands Roaring Lion Energy Drink 1919 Root Beer Liquid Ice Energy Drink RBI Dist. Hair of the Dawg Bloody Mary 22 Beer Suppliers 5 Non-Alc. Suppliers

8 Sales Dept. Organization Chart
Mike Schulte VP of Sales Dudley Fleck President Mark Banke Metro North Off Team Leader 3 Hy Vee / Fareway AM’s 2 Chain Convenience AM 2 National Account AM Donnie Stockman Category Manager Adam Walsh Metro On Premise 3 Account Managers 1 Tell Sell Account Manager 1 Draft Manager 5 Draft Techs Bill Riffey Rural Team Leader 4 Cross Channel Account Managers Tim Manderscheid Branch Manager West Burlington Steve Brucker Sales Supervisor 5 Cross Channel Account Managers 2 Draft Techs Chad Atherton Craft Manager Mindye Pickerell Marketing Manager

9 Capabilities and Recognition
4 Time MillerCoors President’s Award Winner (2005, 2010, 2011, 2012) Dedicated Craft Manager Chad Atherton Iowa’s First Dedicated Cicerone 100% Cicerone Beer Server Certified Sales Staff Draft Lines Cleaned Every 2 weeks at 94% attainment Staff of 6 Micro Matic Certified Draft Technicians Channel and Chain Specific Sales Force Full Time Marketing Manager Social Media Klout Score of 60 (Facebook, Twitter, Company Website) Sign Shop upgraded in 2012 with the latest technology

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