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The American Dream Real? Or just an imaginative “perfect life”

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2 The American Dream Real? Or just an imaginative “perfect life”

3 America’s perception of the Traditional “American Dream” The traditional American dream begins with: The perfect home The perfect Family All topped off with a steady income

4 Americas perception of the American dream may not be as much of a utopia as you thought…… Marriages ended in: Poverty and Affairs And… increasingly the divorce rate rose

5 Known as “Happy Days” The “perfect” Family

6 The 1950’s was a family oriented decade. Family was first. The American dream this decade was: The superior life with a beautiful home A beautiful family and a steady income.

7 Decade of rebellion Family values came last

8 Family was last after the drugs began to become popular. Unlike the 1950s where family Was everything the 1960s was a time of rebellion towards the Government. Because of this rebellion towards the Government the American dream was Thrown away.

9 American dream becoming available to all races, American dream is becoming available to all races The 1970’s concentrated on becoming successful and offering opportunity’s to every American giving everyone a chance at success. The “me” generation

10 Time of hardship: -Widespread divorce -Single parenthood -Declines in education -Rise of STD’s -Drug abuse The American dream was becoming more negligible by each passing decade

11 AIDS was a huge concern during the 1990's. AIDS and HIV were a huge concern for the American people because it was ignored during the 80's and unfortunately many people were even ashamed that it existed. It was labeled as a Gay Disease and not many people even knew how it could be transmitted. New Media and technology was also introduced during the 90's. Television was greatly popularized by the youth of the 90's and television shows like MTV brought rare music into the homes of most Americans. Hip-hop also took a major popular course during this decade. Microsoft brought to the public the new interfaces known as Windows which was amazingly popular among people with computers. The World Wide Web was also invented. 3-D graphics in video games were introduced as well.

12 America is now in the 20 th century. We are no longer afraid of change. Every being is an equal. We are free to have our own dreams and lives. Each and everyday America is undergoing the revitalization of the new American dream, which is being recreated by our new president. The same dream as in the 1950’s of this so called perfect life is now a possibility. Each and every day the American dream is becoming more realistic.

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