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Founders Day 2008 Values, Vision, Mission, A Strategic Plan for Our Future David L. Eisler, president Ferris State University.

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1 Founders Day 2008 Values, Vision, Mission, A Strategic Plan for Our Future David L. Eisler, president Ferris State University

2 Our Founders Ferris State University is unique among Michigan public universities by being named for our founders, Woodbridge and Helen Gillespie Ferris.

3 September 1, 1884 Woodbridge Ferris taught the first class of 15 students at what was originally called the Big Rapids Industrial School

4 Core Values  Collaboration  Diversity  Ethical Community  Excellence  Learning  Opportunity Using the Governing ideas Task Force as both a writing and sense-making group, multiple stake holder sessions developed a statement of core values for the University. A complete statement of the core values is accessible In mission statements from our past, we can see how many of these values reflect the work of our founders.

5 Mission The primary task of the school has been that of developing character; inspiring young people with a desire to do something, and to be something. 1894 Woodbridge Ferris, center right, with 1894 debating club

6 Mission The Ferris Institute itself represents as a community of interests, a small city working out the problems of business life. Its graduates are broad and liberal minded. They are something more than bookkeepers—they are magnificent men and women equipped for living. 1910 Panel one of the cartoon “The Evolution of a Shorthander” from the 1911 Crimson & Gold.

7 In panel two, the sun frowns as the farmer works his field. In panel three, the farmer works on a lesson. In panel four, the farmer is crowned with success at the Ferris Institute.

8 Mission The Ferris Institute has a mission. It has opened its doors to the people; it has appealed to them from the standpoint of the twentieth-century education. »1922

9 Mission Who is wanted at Ferris Institute? Men and women of all races, men and women from all walks of life, are wanted. »1924 This mission statement is likely drafted by Gerrit Masselink, who would become the 2 nd president of the Ferris Institute in 1928. In this picture Mr. Masselink is in the front row to the immediate left of the woman with the white coat.

10 Mission Ferris Institute is different from other colleges in that it teaches its students the art of accomplishment…In this, it inspires individual success and useful life.” 1927 Serving as a United States Senator, Mr. Ferris, would pass away in March 1928.

11 Mission The purpose of the Ferris Institute is to offer to ambitious young men and women the opportunity to ‘find themselves.’ …the opportunity to realize their desires and to find their fulfillment in greater service and a richer and fuller life.1933 This mission statement was written during the first year of E.E. Brown’s presidency, a time of financial hardship at Ferris Institute. That school year ended with an $8,000 deficit.

12 Mission The chief purpose of Ferris Institute is to provide [an education], in a wholesome college environment, at a moderate cost, in the shortest possible time consistent with thorough scholarship, for men and women, regardless of race, creed, or age, and character that will make of them self-supporting citizens in a democracy. 1937 From the 1930s: the business practice room in the school’s Main Building had practice executive desks and bank teller cages.

13 Mission Ferris State University prepares students for successful careers, responsible citizenship, and lifelong learning. Through its many partnerships and its career-oriented, broad-based education, Ferris serves our rapidly changing global economy and society. Our new mission statement, approved bythe Board of Trustees on March 21, 2008, embraces the concept of career preparation as a focus of Ferris State University.

14 Vision Ferris State University will be:  The recognized leader in integrative education  The preferred choice for students  The premier educational partner  A stimulating, student-centered academic environment  A university that aligns practices and resources in support of core values After the development of core values and mission, strategic planning next focused on vision. A complete copy of the vision statement is available

15 Goals and Initiatives Goal 1 Become a demonstrable center of excellence in educational quality and student learning.  Assessment  Scholarships  Learning Environment  Quality Performance that improves learning  Curriculum for global society & leadership A complete copy of the current strategic plan goals and initiatives is available

16 Goals and Initiatives Goal 2 Develop a university community where all are valued, welcomed, and informed.  Implement & Sustain the Diversity Plan  Enhance external & internal responsiveness  Improve conflict resolution  Create shared gathering places  Enhance sense of community for everyone  Enhance sharing of information

17 Goals and Initiatives Goal 3 Enhance the financial position of the institution  Launch comprehensive capital campaign  Expand marketing campaign  Establish energy conservation effort  Increase budget transparency

18 Goals and Initiatives Goal 4 Provide a state-of-the-art, sustainable and safe learning, living and working environment.  Renovate\replace student living space  Renovate the Rankin Center  Upgrade labs and classrooms  Enhance parking and parking information  Emergency preparedness  Environmental sustainability  Wellness

19 Goals and Initiatives Goal 5 Foster collaborative internal and external working relationships  Working relations between unions & administration  Strategies for increased collaboration  Plan volunteer, service & outreach  Enhance relations with business, industry, education & government  Inform, support, educate students about higher education, careers, & Ferris

20 Goals and Initiatives Goal 6 Foster innovation and improve processes to move the University forward.  Develop leadership programs  Designate “blue sky” committee  Review committees, reports, procedures  Enhance personnel evaluation & performance improvement  Identify budget responsibility & change the budgeting process

21 What’s next? SPARC Committee The Strategic Planning and Resource Committee includes a wide cross section of the University and is chaired by Professor Robert von der Osten. SPARC meets monthly and guides the continued development and implementation of the Strategic Plan. SPARC meetings are open to all. Minutes, membership and materials are accessible from the SPARC website, which is The Plan is dynamic and evolving As our university faces both the challenges and opportunities ahead this plan and the initiatives it includes will evolve to embrace them. For example, during fall semester 2008 Dr. von der Osten will be leading stakeholder sessions seeking input on planning for our growing on-line and multi-site presence.

22 What’s next? Annual Planning The continued implementation of this strategic plan will be a focus of annual planning, beginning this year with alignment in the colleges and divisions. Annual Report Beginning this year an annual report on the plan and our progress in adopting these initiatives will be sent to all university stakeholders and supporters. Through this we will both track and share our progress and success in implementing the strategic plan.

23 What’s next? Campus Master Plan Building on the success of stakeholder involvement and engagement in the development of the strategic plan, this fall we will begin revision of the Big Rapids campus master plan. All stakeholders are encouraged to participate in this process. The following slides trace some of the development of our campus during the past 124 years of our existence. You are invited and encouraged to imagine what our future efforts can create working together.

24 1900’s In 1894, our school dedicated its Main Building and in 1901 constructed the Pharmacy Annex. In 1908, the Music Hall adjoining the Physical Cultural Hall was expanded.

25 1930’s After the Alumni Building was constructed in 1929, the campus remained virtually unchanged until 1950.

26 1950’s Rebuilding after fire in the 1950, Ferris completed the East Building (now Prakken) in 1951 and the West Building in 1952, which for a time housed the library.

27 1960’s A major expansion in the late 1950’s and early 1960s included construction of Helen Ferris Hall, Hallisy Hall, Masselink Commons, the Student Center and Carlisle Hall.

28 1970’s During the 1970’s Ferris completed all of its present day Residence Halls and added the Ewigleben Sports Complex.

29 1990’s By the 1990s, Ferris had expanded to include the Elastomer Center and the Heavy Equipment Technology Building, among others.

30 Ferris State University Today Some of our most recent and important facilities include the FLITE Library, the Granger Center of Construction Technology and HVACR, and the renovated Timme Center for Student Services.

31 My sincerest thanks To Robert von der Osten To everyone who participated in the development of this strategic plan and to you… It is an honor to serve as your President. Thank you so very much… David L. Eisler, president

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