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“A mother came to me because she didn’t have any groceries or money for lunches for her second grader, and she was not going to get paid until the next.

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1 “A mother came to me because she didn’t have any groceries or money for lunches for her second grader, and she was not going to get paid until the next week. Their living situation was ‘only temporary’ until her husband could find a job (he had been laid off months before and their house had been recently foreclosed on). They moved in with her father-in-law and the relationship had become strained. She sobbed with relief when I told her that we could help both of her kids until the family could get back into a home of their own and back on their feet. When I arrived at work a couple days later, there was a cake on my desk from her with a note attached saying, ‘there are angels everywhere.’” - A BVSD Elementary School


3 The McKinney-Vento Act Students who are eligible for McKinney-Vento rights and services are those who lack a “fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence.”  A fixed residence is one that is stationary, permanent, and not subject to change.  A regular residence is one that is used on a nightly basis.  An adequate residence is one that is sufficient for meeting both the physical and psychological needs typically met in home environments.

4 McKinney-Vento: BVSD By the end of the 2009-2010 school year, 689 students in the Boulder Valley School District were determined eligible for rights and services under this law. These students were identified in 53 schools in the district. McKinney-Vento students’ CSAP scores are the lowest in the District–lower than ESL, SPED, and Free and Reduced Lunch groups. Research has shown that each school move sets a student back 4 to 6 months academically.

5 McKinney-Vento Rights & Services Immediate enrollment, even without required documents Free lunch and breakfast without a separate application Transportation Right to remain in your “school of origin” Waiver of all school fees Referrals for any needed services Access to programs and services to ensure academic success Confidentiality

6 “Julian is one of our students who receives a bus pass through McKinney-Vento. His attendance was very spotty before this. He often could not make it to school because he could not afford transportation. Since he has been receiving his bus pass every month, his attendance has been awesome! Thanks to McKinney-Vento, Julian’s grades, attendance, and attitude have improved.” - A BVSD High School

7 Who qualifies for McKinney-Vento? Students and families who are experiencing unstable living situations, such as:  Living in a shelter  Unsheltered (cars, campgrounds, parks, etc.)  Living “doubled-up” with family or friends due to economic hardship  Unaccompanied youth (youth not in the custody of a guardian)  Living in hotels or motels  Other inadequate situations that may include: utilities are off, space is too small, lack of food, etc.

8 Warning Signs Lack of Continuity in Education Poor Health/Nutrition Transportation and Attendance Problems Poor Hygiene Lack of Privacy/Personal Space After School Social and Behavioral Concerns Reactions/Statements by Parent, Guardian, or Child

9 I think a student qualifies. What do I do? Fill out a McKinney-Vento referral form – fax or email it to Wendy Gaylord or Catalina Mendez, BVSD’s District McKinney-Vento team.  You can access the referral form online (type in “McKinney-Vento” in the search box of the BVSD website).  Wendy or Catalina will contact the family to determine eligibility – determinations are made on a case-by-case basis. Talk to your McKinney-Vento School Liaison. Please do not hesitate when making a referral – we’d rather have four referrals on the same student than none at all!

10 BOULDER VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT McKinney-Vento Referral Form. This form is intended to address the McKinney-Vento Act which provides additional services to students if their RESIDENCE IS NOT FIXED, REGULAR AND ADEQUATE. Presently, where is the student living? (Check one box) ______ Sheltered (EFAA, Safehouse, youth shelter, emergency/temporary foster care, etc.) ______ Doubled Up due to Economic Hardship with Family or Friends ______ Unsheltered (Cars, Parks, Campgrounds, etc) ______ Hotels/Motels ______ Other _____________________________________________________________ The student/students: (Check one box) ______ is/are in the physical custody of a parent or guardian ______ is/are NOT in the physical custody of a parent or guardian (ex.: living alone, with a relative who is not your legal guardian, living with other people) StudentsID #sDOBAgeGenderSchoolGrade Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s): Address: City, State, Zip: Home Phone: Cell Phone: Add’l Phone: Is transportation needed? yes no Comments: Important: School or Agency Contact Person who may know of the family’s situation: School or Agency:___________________ Name:___________________________ Phone:____________ Date:___ Please fax this Referral Form to Catalina Mendez, Homeless Liaison, at (303) 447-5173 For additional Information contact: Wendy Gaylord, LCSW at (720) 561-5932 Catalina Mendez, Homeless Liaison at (720) 561-5925

11 Flow of Referrals & Information Schools (any staff member) Individuals (parents, friends, etc.) District McKinney-Vento Team District Departments and Programs: Enrollment, Nutrition Services, Transportation, K-Care, SAC, etc. Referrals for Needed Services McKinney-Vento School Liaison Removal of Barriers SEO Application Academic Supports Referrals for Needed Services Fees Waived Community Resources

12 McKinney-Vento School Liaison The Principal of each school has appointed a person to serve as the McKinney-Vento School Liaison. The McKinney-Vento School Liaison in (school name) is (liaison name). The role of the McKinney-Vento School Liaison includes being an informational resource and requires specific actions.

13 McKinney-Vento School Liaison Informational Resource  Knows the McKinney-Vento law and serves as a “go to” person for staff, students, and families.  Receives information regarding students’ eligibility and identified needs.  Keeps the list of McKinney-Vento students.  Communicates with the District McKinney-Vento team, especially regarding family changes.

14 McKinney-Vento School Liaison Specific Actions  Maintains records.  Disseminates information and makes judgment calls regarding confidentiality (who “needs to know”?)  Ensures that fees are waived in a sensitive fashion.  Makes appropriate referrals to both internal and external supports.  Periodically checks-in with families.  Distributes bus passes.

15 “One of our McKinney students is in the Concert Choir. After talking with the student, our school counselor realized that the student was unable to purchase the required clothing. Within a week, a special “field trip” was planned and the student made her first-ever outing to Kohl’s with the counselor. By the end of the trip, she was completely outfitted for future performances. One would’ve thought they were shopping for prom; the student was so in awe of the whole experience. The student told a teacher that she really didn’t know what to do to express her thanks. A simple thank you note and parading through the office each time she wore the outfit was sufficient. That and the fact that she was able to continue singing and performing with confidence alongside her peers in the choir. She felt special, not awkward, proud, not ashamed, and connected with her school and the people in it.” - A BVSD Middle School

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