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DIG for Disease Informatics Group RP Deolankar Smoking is injurious to health.

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1 DIG for Disease Informatics Group RP Deolankar Smoking is injurious to health

2 Honorable Mr. Bill Gates revolutionized IT industry

3 Dr. Vijay Bhatkar proved to be supercomputer superman

4 Prof. Kolaskar popularized bioinformatics

5 Now, We are waiting for somebody To develop Disease Informatics. What it is?

6 Wealth Lot of health can be acquired Because health is wealth         

7 Measure If Health is wealth Then Fitness is money

8 Health Currencies Say Fitness dollars Measures health F$

9 Health Account Scene-1 Expenditure of F$ > Bank Balance in F$ Hardship!!! = Disease = Dis + Ease

10 Health Account Scene-2 Expenditure = Bank Balance No hardship No disease but Predisposed to the disease or Not really healthy TIME BOMB

11 Health Account Scene-3 Requirement 1 fitness dollar, Balance 10 fitness dollars Comfortable, but Poor than the one having 100 fitness dollars Disease and health are quantitative concepts Not quantal Expressed in relative terms 100 F$ >10 F$ >1 F$

12 Health Account Scene-4 Fakir without a dollar is much happier than Millionaire It is human to make error in defining the disease We seek, but never find, absolute truth

13 Definition of elephant by consensus panel

14 Last scene Man laid 50% in oven and 50% in freezer Not comfortable, on an average… Both the gadgets must be tuned for the man Disease and health are holistic concepts 200 -200 20

15 Health means whole Old. English word. hælþ indicates wholeness Whole is not finite and difficult to measure Measurement of fitness is common We can ask the question “Fit for what?”

16 General Holistic definition of health Health is a state of Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional and Spiritual wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease

17 Relevance of Health definition Doctors, Social Workers, Educationists and Spiritual Leaders contribute to the health of society and treat diseases

18 Limitation of the definition of health Health is a STATE of … absence of disease State indicates static Health is dynamic, it flows, and it is a process

19 Adding dynamism Let us say, Gaining health is a progression towards wellbeing and Loosing health is a progression towards disease

20 Modern definition of health Hence, health is a process of gaining of Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional or Spiritual wellbeing

21 Let us hope that we have defined health successfully

22 Health happens to an individual Individual = % Wellbeing + % Disease Loosing the proportion of wellbeing is loosing the health and proportionally gaining the disease

23 Health examination of an individual It is revealing certain events in the health history of an individual

24 Three aspects of health examination Attempts to hunt priors (Backend events) Understand present (Current event) Predict posteriors (Front-end events)

25 Point on the curve Events are sections of chains in between ‘Wellbeing’ of an individual and ‘Disease’

26 Ends of the chains are infinite Complete ‘wellbeing’ and complete ‘disease’ are difficult to define

27 Events Movement of process from wellbeing to disease can thus be judged by events

28 Events have depth too Mild Disease is different than Severe Disease

29 Disease causal chains Events linked together form the Disease Causal Chain or Web This chain can be reversed sometimes

30 S. No. Outco me Back event -1 Back enent -2 Back event -3 Back event -4 Back event -5 4aDhVD a VDaDaNC- EIdILUM In: Ro UM 4bDhVD a VDaDaNC- EIdILUM In: NRo UM Disease Causal Chains can be presented in tabular format

31 The software should be derived to set aside the combination terms (anatomical + physiopathological) from MeSH database of NCBI. This will provide the database for events occurring in the DiCC. Database for events

32 Meta-analysis (Systematic Reviews) Source of priors It is practice of combining the results of a number of studies that address a set of related research hypotheses Professor Archibald Leman Cochrane

33 Disease causal chains (DiCC) and Bayes DiCC has priors and posteriors It is cake of Bayesian rather than frequentists Synthesize evidence from multiple sources Pilot studies Trials of similar interventions Subjective judgments about the generalisability of the study's results

34 Factors Certain factors are associated with movement of process from wellbeing to disease, which are known as risk factors or protective factors depending on the direction of movement

35 Factors are variables Most of the time, same factor could be risk or protective depending on its magnitude and deviation from homeostasis

36 Helena Chmura Kraemer

37 Human individual Disease happens to an individual We need to understand What the human individual appears like? Baba Ramdev

38 Model Human = Somatic body + Vitality + Mind + Intellect + Bliss

39 Human body computer = Intellect (Central processing unit) + Self / Ego (Software) + Memory (Free space, Floppy/ Hard disk) + Mind/ senses (Program) + Life history (Data)

40 Human microbial organs Gut associated microbiota organ Vagina associated microbiota organ Skin associated microbiota organ Prof. Stig Bengmark

41 Study on human (Clinical Research) To understand the disease of an individual One has to understand the human and His body computer His associated organs

42 Let us summarise, What we have discussed about disease till now

43 Point no. 1 Absence of perceptible disease may not be equated to health but lacunae in health is disease

44 Point no. 2 Disease may not be apparent when predisposing events occur

45 Point no. 3 In short, we all are walking on the path today that may result in disease of tomorrow

46 Point no. 4 However, bypassing the disease is possible sometimes So as to avoid the diseases of tomorrow we must act today

47 Point no. 5 Disease predisposing events may not be perceptible easily and may not get attention, however, are real stem of disease causal chain

48 Point no.6 Disease is a relative phenomenon, could mean different to different thinkers, and errors could be rampant in defining the diseases

49 Point number 7 Disease Informatics Group has to develop health-scoring system

50 Point no. 8 If disease is present then Gravity of the disease matters

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