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(Star Title Page) Charlottes Web

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1 (Star Title Page) Charlottes Web
The author wrote Charlotte’s Web after observing a working farm near her home. Many of the things that happened in the book really happened on a farm, but this story is fictional. By E.B. White Power Point Presentation by Ms. Coleman Forward

2 (Star Summary) Summary
This story takes place not long ago on a farm in the country. It is a story about a little girl who brings up a pig but has to get rid of it. The pig makes friends with a spider who ends up saving his life.

3 (Star Hardship) Hardships
There were many hardships that the people and farm animals had to put up with. The animals had to sleep in the barn and could only get fed when they were brought food. The people did not have any television. Click on the buttons below to see other examples from the book.

4 It was really hot at the fair. They used a blanket to give them shade.
(Plus Hardship) Heat It was really hot at the fair. They used a blanket to give them shade. Return to Main Hardship Page

5 (Plus Hardship) Food Many of the animals, especially Wilbur, lived in fear of becoming dinner. Return to Main Hardship Page

6 (Plus Hardship) Templeton
Templeton saved nasty things like the rotten goose egg. When it broke, it stunk up the whole barn. Return to Main Hardship Page

7 (Star Character) Characters and Traits
Smart Kind There were so many interesting characters in this book. We thought Templeton was really nasty and rude. We liked Wilbur a lot because he was so kind. Our favorite was Charlotte. Click on the character trait buttons to see examples of her character traits. Thoughtful

8 (Plus Character) Smart
Charlotte showed how smart she was when she thought of weaving words about Wilbur into her web.

9 (Plus Character) Kind Charlotte was really kind when she announced the birth of the geese and complimented the goose on her hard work.

10 Charlotte was always hanging upside down from her web thinking.
(Plus Character) Thoughtful Charlotte was always hanging upside down from her web thinking.

11 (Star Vocabulary) VOCABULARY WORDS
There were many words in this book that we were not familiar with. We learned that exertions means great efforts. We also learned something is ordinary if it is average or not special. Click on the three vocabulary words to learn their meanings. supreme ax glistened idiosyncrasy destiny delicate

12 (Plus Vocabulary) delicate
adjective Charlottes web was very delicate. fine in structure or design

13 (Plus Vocabulary) destiny
noun It was Wilbur’s destiny to become Christmas dinner. the fate that is certain to come

14 (Plus Vocabulary) glistened
verb Charlottes web glistened with the morning dew. Shone or sparkled with reflected light

15 (Plus Vocabulary) Idiosyncrasy
noun The goose’s idiosyncrasy was to repeat words and parts of words. a way of behaving that is characteristic of a person

16 Fern’s father took the ax to the henhouse.
(Plus Vocabulary) ax noun Fern’s father took the ax to the henhouse. a cutting tool that consists of a heavy edged head attached to a handle and that is used for chopping and splitting wood

17 (Plus Vocabulary) supreme
adjective Charlottes thought Wilbur was supreme, but it sounded too much like a dessert to write in her web. highest in degree or quality

18 (Star Closing Page) Closing
We really enjoyed this book. Wilbur was able to live a long life and not become Christmas dinner, but I was so sad when Charlotte died that I cried. The next spring Charlotte’s children were born and three stayed at the barn with Wilbur. I was glad Wilbur would have more friends.

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