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1 Bright Ideas in Communications - Experts in Telecommunication Software.

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1 1 Bright Ideas in Communications - Experts in Telecommunication Software

2 2 The MINcom Group Prague, Czech Republic Cotonou, Bénin Munich, Germany West Africa Samerberg, Germany

3 3 MINcom Global

4 4 Protocols: CMIP, SNMP ASIC Design Protocols: SS7: ISUP, INAP, SIP Hardware Simulation and Test Protocols: SDH/SONET, ATM, IP Billing Payment Intelligent Network Network Management Multiplexing, Switching, Routing Intelligent Call Center Process Management Applications Network Intelligence and Control Networks Interfaces Hardware Vertical Experience

5 5 Intelligent Network Experience All aspects of IN development, deployment and operations covered platform and protocol handler development (e.g. low layer IN) service development and customization development tooling development and test of IN based payment and charging services project management (overall, site, development, service)

6 6 Network Management Experience Specification and development for network management for all network layers in mobile and fixed networks Particular strengths: application automation for service and operations testability performance Example projects: Inventory and service management platform for an international operator Development of a complete element manager with innovative functionality for automation and regression testing

7 7 Billing Experience Customization of billing mediation and billing systems Specialized billing applications, e.g. service number payoff Billing consulting from service definition to network and billing implementation Experts for number portability, intercarrier billing and regulation

8 8 Partnership “We make your light shine”: Portfolio extension: Complete solutions for payment, reselling and service revenue generation Independent consulting company, not a vendor: Allowed to work on carrier’s billing Affordable customization to integrate your solution into the carrier’s billing Affordable options to integrate a billing solution into your product offering We have never lost a customer. As a partner, we will keep your customers happy.

9 9 Realized Projects : Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, Arcor, Viag T-Mobile International Vodafone Vodacom, South Africa BT (Europe and UK) PTT, Swisscom mmO2 Bell Atlantic Hutchison, Hongkong France Telecom,Cegetel, Telkomsel, Indosat, Indonesia Maxis, Malaysia Telecoms in Saudi Arabia, China, Pakistan, Jemen, Germany, Hungary, Italy,Rossia,Rumania...

10 10 Telogic CZ s.r.o. U Zvonařky 2636/1C 120 00 Praha 2 Tel./fax +420 222 560 221 Internet : Email : MINcom GmbH Lise-Meitner Straße 1 D-85662 Hohenbrunn Phone:+49 (0) 700 64626611 or:+49 8102 8969-0 Fax:+49 (0) 700 02455835 Internet: Contacts n

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