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How to launch winning healthy food products Introducing the Four Factors Neal Cavalier-Smith Managing Director.

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1 How to launch winning healthy food products Introducing the Four Factors Neal Cavalier-Smith Managing Director

2 How to launch winning healthy food products BRANDS Introducing the Four Factors

3 A simple story... From functional superfoods Four factors for Superfood brand success Who needs the product? What do they understand about the ingredient? How do they relate to the benefit? How will they trust the brand? How you can make it happen for your brands! A case study Innovating branding & communication for success

4 What is the Healthy Marketing Team? Consumer data and insights From HealthFocus comes all the data and research upon which we base our insights and knowledge – it´s about real consumers and their attitudes to health. Head office in Florida. European office in Sweden. Brand strategy and design From Design Bridge come a select ’Healthy Marketing’ team to bring the insights to life; including expert brand strategists and multi-award winning creatives picked from 160 people in London, Amsterdam and Singapore. The Healthy Marketing Team was created to answer our customers’ need for an integrated approach to get better targeted products faster to market.

5 HFI the first main-shopper survey in 32 markets : regular surveys yield trended data Years conducted Argentina 2000 2003 2005 Germany 2000 2003 2005 2008 Mexico 2000 2003 2005 2008 Spain 2003 2005 2008 Australia 2000 2003 2005 2008 Greece 2003 Netherlands 2000 2003 2005 2008 Sweden 2003 2006 Brazil 2000 2003 2005 2008 India 2000 2003 2005 2008 Norway 2003 2006 Thailand 2003 Canada 2005 2008 Indonesia 2003 2008 Philippines 2003 2008 Turkey 2003 China 2000 2003 2005 2008 Italy 2003 2005 2008 Poland 2003 2005 2008 Ukraine 2003 Denmark 2003 2006 Ireland 2007 Portugal 2003 United Kingdom 2000 2003 2005 2008 Finland 2003 2006 Japan 2003 2008 Russia 2003 2008 USA 8 waves since 1990 France 2000 2003 2005 2008 Malaysia 2003 Saudi Arabia 2003 2008 Venezuela 2003 Country, region or trend reports & bespoke data available from

6 How to get from Consumer Data to Brand Success real shopper preferences & attitudes segmented trends and. insights strategic direction creative briefs concepts & tactics research- ready brands & execution brand acceleration

7 Over the years Design Bridge have worked for pretty much all the A-brand owners and countless healthy propositions… The perfect partner to bring your healthy brand or concept to life on-shelf

8 A simple story… kjhdfa …from INGREDIENT to emotional BRANDing

9 Who is this? I’ll reveal all later...

10 The really super superfoods are the ones which catch the awareness curve at just the right moment and use branding to own their niche. Our analysis of succesful (and less succesful) launches has shown that there is not a single critical factor for success, but rather, a number of factors need to be in balance. Although the science starts the ingredient moving, it is the branding which makes the difference between surfing-the wave and getting washed away... Super aisle by aisle, the supermarket goes from functional, to emotional we superfood technologists need to learn to find our place on the curve, and how the consumer is ready to see our benefits.

11 It’s about the space your brand occupies in the mind of the consumer... does she: Need the product? Accept the ingredient? Understand the benefit? Trust the brand? These are the four key success factors for healthy brand positioning

12 The science is THERE... But the trick is to build the benefit of the science into your concept, in a way the consumer understands, and that is hard to copy. We’ve built an integrated model for the positioning of brands with health benefits, it’s called the FourFactors™ model… Position your brand with the FourFactors TM

13 Position your brand for success Introducing the FourFactors TM for brand success: 1. Who needs the product (target group) 2. Accept the Ingredient 3. Understand the Benefit 4. Trust the Brand Wennström´s FourFactors TM is a trademark of WICD

14 Factor 1. Need the product Who? When? Why? The first factor focuses on the lifestyle needs of the consumer and perception and relevance of the product as food in his/her life. Up& Go, Liquid breakfast, handheld, to be consumed on the go.

15 Factor 2. Accept the ingredient Who knows what? What do they know? The second factor is based on consumer knowledge and awareness of the chosen ingredient.

16 Factor 3. Understand the benefit How do they understand the benefit? Is it relevant to their lifestyle? Its breakfast stupid! The health benefits of the ingredients are easy to understand. The total benefit of the product is a healthy breakfast in a hurry.

17 Factor 4. Trust the brand The fourth factor is the key factor. Is the brand a credible provider of the benefit? Up&Go, a brand from Sanitarium, the Australian market leader in healthy breakfast products.

18 FourFactors Communication

19 What if you don’t balance all four factors? Many propositions are led by one factor only, but except for brand, unless they are able to tie-up supply of the particular superfood, they expose themselves too readily to market entrants leveraging the same factor. Let’s look at some examples…

20 Single factor propositions 1. Who needs the product (target group) 2. Accept the Ingredient 3. Understand the Benefit 4. Trust the Brand

21 Single factor propositions 1. Who needs the product (target group) 2. Accept the Ingredient 3. Understand the Benefit 4. Trust the Brand

22 Single factor propositions 1. Who needs the product (target group) 2. Accept the Ingredient 3. Understand the Benefit 4. Trust the Brand

23 Single factor propositions 1. Who needs the product (target group) 2. Accept the Ingredient 3. Understand the Benefit 4. Trust the Brand In superfoods, it’s the brand which captures the time the ingredient hits public consiousness your science is going to be like your competitors’ but a balanced FourFactors brand can give a distinctive, defensible benefit-led position. Is this the only smoothie brand?

24 The secret… Is to start with the consumer,. The FourFactors, combined with market analysis and consumer data force you to build a strong balanced brand, coming from the consumer angle, rather than the producer, the scientist, the supermarket or whatever... …a ten minute tutorial!

25 How to build a superbrand Four steps – FourFactors!

26 So how does this work in practice? We use a simple form for the model and it can start in any of the four factors… Brand, Benefit, Ingredient, Need In the case of a superfood, we are starting with the ingredient… “What are the trends and who knows what?” Let’s look at a real case-study from this year… “Rosehips”

27 Ingredient? DSM Nutritional Products, an ingredient company with no end- consumer products came to us with the rights to market a rose-hip with proven benefits for Arthritis sufferers – 82% effective – but as you know, having the clinical data means nothing if the market is not ready for you… so we checked… Rosehip = 447,000 hits in Google – roughly double that of Acai or Goji and only 10% behind Pomegranate People know it as a source of vitamin C and antioxidants, and in Scandinavia as a jam or soup – Rosehips are ready to become a superfood, but not known for the benefits we need!

28 Who needs the product? Who, when why? Since we can’t talk to them as sufferers of arthritis and pain, the key to this proposition is to make a brand which balances the benefits they seek with their understanding of the ingredient. Analysis of Health Focus data showed joint-sufferers to be a demographically diverse group (although predominantly older and with “grandchildren”) so instead of demographics we selected a motivational segment “managers”...

29 managersdisciplesinvestorshealersstrugglersunmotivateds health involvedunmotivated HealthFocus motivational segments

30 Managers 43% in UK Make healthy choices for daily health benefits. Are proactive. Focus on feeling good and looking good. Have a strong sense of control over their health. Will not compromise taste or convenience for health benefits. Managers tend to be: Younger – under age 50. Have some college or more education. Married, with children, exercise regularly. HealthFocus ® Segment:

31 Manager language… what it does for me today kjhdfa …a benefit-led FUNCTIONAL FOOD (Unilever)

32 Benefits? Physical The clinical studies clearly show reduction in pain… but we can’t talk about pain on a food or supplement – its too close to ‘disease’ – flexibility though we can discuss. Intellectual The anti-inflammatory properties are well understood but again hard to talk about… and talking about ‘natural’ was a safety factor, but did not add to a consumer’s sense of efficacy Emotional Health focus consumer data and focus groups showed managers look for everyday health benefits like being able to get up normally and get on with everyday activities:.

33 How can they Trust the Brand? Identity and history The brand is new to them so we need an identity they can immediately link to flexibility – and will stick in their mind Brand promise A new dawn where they wake up and their joints don’t limit their everyday activity Brand image From Health Focus Data we understood the importance of Natural Speedy Effective Proven.

34 So this is how we built a FourFactors brand… i-flex video

35 All boxes ticked… A brand which ticks all the boxes will be more powerful than one which just comes from a single factor. You can start the model from any factor, and there are some brands who never get further than that – but low awareness of any superfood is a challenge, and just as it reaches critical mass you tend to find many brands hitting the market with the same science, so getting all FourFactors into play at once can help you build a distinctive and defensible brand Insert i-flex image

36 Four factors in balance... Need the Product Mum needs kids to eat dairy Accept the Ingredient 100% natural -Its fruit, not flavouring! Understand the Benefit Mum -fruit is healthy +tick-list Kids, Dinosaurs are yummy (and games inside pack) Trust the Brand Little stars feel naturally healthy and I trust Muller to bring me yoghurt Payoff: 2nd production line in months...for mother and child

37 Four factors in balance... Need the Product Everyone needs daily fruit and veg Accept the Ingredient Fruit and veg, everyone needs! Understand the Benefit 50% of your daily needs Trust the Brand Vie – life!...for mother and child

38 The FourFactors Who Needs the Product Who, When, Why? Accept the Ingredient What do they know? Trend? Understand the Benefit Physical, Intellectual, Emotional Trust the Brand Brand Identity, Brand Promise, Brand Image

39 And finally – who was the teaser ad?

40 Not Benecol, but Quaker –who are leveraging the healthy superfoods trend to put new life into a brand even they used to market as ‘old-fashioned’! Leveraging all four factors Need – One in two Benefit – NEW – “Nature’s way to lower cholesterol” Ingredient – On-trend superfood : Oats Brand – Trust Quaker for wholesomeness Heart health message has shrunk but become specific

41 Just for fun – ”supergrain” positioning ad...

42 Thank you... Better targeted products, faster to market.

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