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Honors & Advanced Placement Informational Session 2015.

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1 Honors & Advanced Placement Informational Session 2015

2  Honors (Pre-AP) Courses prepare students for AP level courses.  AP courses are college-level courses taken in high school  AP exams are taken to potentially earn college credit ◦ score range is 1-5 ◦ 4 or 5 = credit at most colleges / universities ◦ 3 = some colleges / universities award credit for specified areas

3  Challenging course work ◦ Upper level and college equivalent work  Increased work load ◦ Work ethic is as important as intelligence ◦ It’s normal for students to struggle initially ◦ Students will work harder to earn an A or B

4  AP students are more likely to be successful in college ◦ Students who complete AP courses and exams are more likely to complete a college degree on time  Only one in four students who enter college complete a bachelor’s degree in four years (IPEDS database, 2008) ◦ “One of the best standard predictors of academic success at Harvard is performance on Advanced Placement Examinations.”  —William Fitzsimmons, Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid, Harvard University

5  Saves Time and Money ◦ Earn college credit while still in high school ◦ Increase Scholarship Opportunities  Specific scholarships for Honors and AP students  31% of colleges and universities consider a student’s AP experience when making decisions about which students will receive scholarships.*  Having the AP Exam score can make the difference when it comes down to awarding precious scholarship dollars. —Edwina Harris Hamby, former Dean of Admission, Fisk University



8 Honors English I Honors English II AP Language (AP English III) AP Literature (AP English IV) AP English IV (w/Research Emphasis) English 101/102* * English 101/102 is not a weighted course, but can be taken for Dual Credit.

9 Honors BiologyHonors ChemistryAP Physics 1+2AP ChemistryAP Biology AP Environmental Science Anatomy* AP Physics C: Mechanics * Anatomy is not a weighted course, but can be taken for Dual Credit. Honors & AP Courses at CVHS: Science

10 AP World Studies AP US History AP Government AP Economics AP Psychology (elective)

11 Honors Geometry Honors Algebra II AP Calculus A-B AP Calculus B-C AP Statistics

12 Art & Design I Art & Design II (Drawing or Painting) AP Studio Art Drawing or Painting AP Studio Art Drawing or Painting

13 Digital Photo IDigital Photo II Photo III OR AP w/ app & approval AP Studio Art: 2D Design/Photography

14 Clay I/II OR Art & Design I Clay III/IV OR Art & Design II AP Studio Art: 3D Design AP Studio Art: 3D Design

15  Class geared for students in band, orchestra or choir (or any others that have a musical background)

16  Student Name


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