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Welcome to English Multimedia Class For 9 th grade students of MtsN 2 Surabaya.

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3 Welcome to English Multimedia Class For 9 th grade students of MtsN 2 Surabaya

4 Standar Kompetensi Lulusan SKL UNAS 2009/2010 Memahami makna dalam wacana tertulis pendek baik teks fungsional maupun esai sederhana berbentuk descriptif ( descriptive, procedure, maupun report) dan naratif (narrative dan recount) dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari. Materi yang dibahas:peringatan,kartu ucapan, undangan, pesan pendek, pengumuman, iklan,, surat dan teks berbentuk: descriptive, procedure, report, narrative dan recount dengan mengidentifikasi: gagasan utama, informasi rinci, makna kata dan rujukan kata.

5 Functional Text What do you know about : ※N※N※N※Notice/ caution ※G※G※G※Greeting card ※S※S※S※Short message ※i※i※i※invitation ※A※A※A※Announcement ※A※A※A※Advertisement ※l※l※l※letter

6 Before we discuss about some kinds of functional text, do you know what is the definition of functional text?

7 Functional text is ……… a text used for specific purpose

8 notice written or printed news or information for the public For example: Keep out the reach of the children Keep silent Drive thru Fasten your seatbelt

9 Kinds of functional text 1.Procedure Do you still remember it ?

10 1. Procedure Purpose: to describe how something is done through some steps. Generic Parts: * aim/purpose * materials/ingredients * steps Language Features: present tense imperative Example: - how to make fried rice


12 How to make fried rice Ingredients: a plate of rice 1 egg 2 spoonful of oil garlic, onion, tomato sauce Chilli sauce lettuce. Steps - Pour the oil on the frying pan, wait a minute then grind the spicy and take on it. - add rice, chilli sauce and tomato sauce, mix them - Serve the fried rice with boiled egg and lettuce.

13 2. Announcement A text used to inform the readers about recent events.

14 Example: Audience, I'm Cut Tari with breaking news for you. Simpang Lima is flooded and the vehicles is congested every street. Please avoid the area to save your journey. Good evening, thank you.

15 Falcon companies We would like to announce the expansion and relocation of our offices from suite 352 to suite 225. All other contact information remains the same. Falcon Development and Construction Company 1600 North Dallas Parkway, Suite 225 Dallas, TX 75248

16 3. Advertisement A text used to persuade people to do something. Kinds of advertisement: *Job Vacancy *Brochure

17 Vacancy A fast progressing foreign company is looking for a female typist for its branch office in Jakarta. Applicants should fulfill the following requirements: 1. Good command of English 2. Minimum typing speed: 50 words/minute 3. Education : Diploma 4. Age : 22-27 years old Letters with complete resume and references should be sent to no.2235 DDM

18 Brochure/pamphlet A text used to give details of a service.


20 4. Memo  A short message used to inform someone about something or ask someone to do something Generic Part: Opening segment Purpose Closing segment

21 Dear Velmy, Please, don`t forget to return my English book. I really need it. Bring it to the school tomorrow! Yanuar


23 This is the end of the lesson, don `t f orget to study at home ! Be good students, ok See you next time Wish you success on UNAS Mrs. Agustin Sampurnawati

24 Say, I love English

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