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Transportation in the 21 st Century Mary Culler Director Government Affairs Transportation Panel– March 9, 2012.

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1 Transportation in the 21 st Century Mary Culler Director Government Affairs Transportation Panel– March 9, 2012

2 1 Sustainability at Ford Environmental CO 2 Energy Security Economic Profitability Cash Flow Social Human Rights Working Conditions Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future. Sustainable ProductProcess ManufacturingManufacturing DealersDealers

3 2 Marketing/ Communications Plan Process to Manage Sustainability for Our Products

4 3 20072011 2020 2030 Near Term Begin migration to advanced technology Mid Term Full implementation of known technology Long Term Continue leverage of Hybrid technologies and deployment of alternative energy sources Near Term Mid Term Long Term Ford’s Path to Sustainability Advanced Gasoline Engines Weight Reduction Electrified Vehicles Fuel Cells Hydrogen Powered Engines Natural Gas Hybrids CAFE Requirements 54.5 MPG 27.6 MPG

5 Technologies Support Affordable Fuel Economy for All Auto Start-Stop Active Transmission Warm-Up Active Grille Shutters Deceleration Fuel Shut-Off Alternative Friction Materials Electric Power Assisted Steering Underbody Aeroshields Battery Management System Systematic / Aggressive Implementation of High Value Technologies Across Vehicle Line-up for Improved Fuel Economy 4

6 Ecoboost Strategy Is Key CO 2 Emissions Direct Injection Performance = Fuel Economy (10-20%) Turbocharging Engine Downsizing + + The EcoBoost technology system was developed in order to provide a high volume, affordable solution for our customers. 5

7 Unprecedented Powertrain Investment 3.7-L V-6 iVCT 6.2-L V-8 6F55 Select-Shift Automatic 3.5-L EcoBoost V-6 2.5-L I-4 Atkinson HEV 2.5-L I-4 iVCT 3.0-L V-6 Flex Fuel 6F35 Mid Automatic 2.0L EcoBoost I4 6

8 12V battery designed for long lasting service with no additional maintenance Voltage quality module assures vehicle accessories function normally when engine is off 12V enhanced starter motor provides quick, quiet and seamless engine starts once driver removes foot from brake pedal Fuel economy gains of as much as 10 percent in city driving Vehicle emits zero emissions when stopped Vehicle remains warm or cool even when engine is off System is smooth, quiet and seamless No additional maintenance is required Top five benefits of Auto Start-Stop: Powertrain Technologies: Auto Start-Stop Coming to North American cars, crossovers, and utilities starting in 2012, the Auto Start-Stop system has been designed to work with conventional gasoline- powered vehicles with automatic and manual transmissions. 7

9 Active Grill Shutters Installed in both Grill and Bumper opening Installed in Grill opening only How it works: Reduce drag coefficient by closing the opening in front of the radiator with electrically controlled vents under certain conditions. How it improves fuel consumption: Improved coefficient of drag (Cd) Reduces work done overcoming aerodynamic losses at speeds > 30 mph. Shutters may open on braking decelerations to cool without penalty if there is a cooling need. Faster engine warm-up Improves fuel economy as well as heater/defrost performance Reduces parasitic losses from cold fluids during engine warm-up Reduces other parasitic loads used to warm engine coolant (higher idle speeds and shift delays). 8

10 Aggressive Decel Fuel Shutoff How it works: Shut-off fuel during deceleration events and realize F.E. benefit Maintain engine speed with torque management and engine/trans strategies and converter management Catalyst O 2 regeneration strategy applied to manage NOx emission when fuel is turned on. How it improves fuel consumption: Reduces Fuel Consumption during Decel events. 9

11 10 Leveraging Global Platforms HEV PHEV BEV Gas Engine Diesel Engine Plug & Play into High Volume Platforms with Global Reach Bio- fuel

12 The Payoff: 4 WITH 40 OR MORE MPG 11

13 POWER THE CHOICE OF Ford’s Strategy Is To Electrify Global Platforms With All 5 Electric Solutions – To Drive Choice Of Top Hats, Scale And Affordability New C-Platform Electrified Vehicles

14 13 Electrification Strategy Transit Connect BEV Focus Electric BEV C-Max Energi Plug-In Hybrid 2010 2011 2012 2013 Fusion Hybrid/Plug-In Hybrid


16 15 Ford’s Mobile Apps

17 The Payoff: Ford Flex Fuel Vehicles U.S. ethanol production increased 8-fold over the past decade, and accounts for approximately 10% of gasoline sold in the U.S.; it is projected to nearly double over the next decade. Ford Flex Fuel Vehicles include: −Escape −Fusion −F-150 −Expedition −E-Series −Lincoln Navigator −Super Duty −New models to be added in 2012 Ford offers a wide range of Flex-Fuel products which satisfy consumer needs while utilizing a full range of ethanol- containing fuels (incl. E85) available in the U.S. 16

18 17 The Payoff: Ford Offers CNG/LPG-Ready Engines and Support to After-market Upfitters Super Duty (F-450/F-550) Stripped Chassis – Motor Home (F53) Stripped Chassis – Commercial (F59) Stripped Chassis – Commercial (E-Series) E-Series Van/Bus E-Series Cutaway Transit Connect

19 18 The Payoff: Ford Offers B20-Capable Diesel Engines Medium Truck (F-650/F-750) Super Duty (F-450/550) Super Duty (F-250/350)

20 19 Soy Foam Seating Use of 5% soy foam Standard on Escape, Escape Hybrid, Mustang, F-150, Navigator, Expedition Sustainable Fabric Produced from 100% post Industrial recycled materials Material includes plastic intended for pop bottles and un-dyed polyester fibers Sustainable Materials

21 20 Opportunities for Recycled Materials Laundry & Milk Bottles into: -Windshield washer bottles -Climate Control Air Ducts Tires into: -aero deflectors -under hood covers Battery casings into: -splash shields -rocker moldings Post Industrial recycled bumpers 100% Recycled carpets & fabrics Recycled Polyurethane foam components

22 21 Ford Vehicles ~85% Recyclable

23 22 Going Green: Michigan Assembly Plant World’s first factory to build gas-powered, battery electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles 500-kilowatt solar panel system – the largest array in Michigan. On-site electric trucks, saving an estimated 86,000 gallons of gas a year.

24 23 A Ford Perspective/Approach Ford’s Sustainability Report More about Climate Change

25 Summary The Ford plan is based on product and operational excellence and requires people working together as lean, global enterprise. Balancing market and regulatory drivers for improved fuel efficiency and lowering CO 2 while also meeting more restrictive standards for criteria emissions is one of our greatest challenges. Technology innovation is used as differentiator. Feature content and technologies that improve comfort and convenience, safety and fuel efficiency will continue to be increasingly important in all markets. Sustainable technology must be affordable for millions of customers Ford has established, and continues to develop, a comprehensive portfolio of technologies to improve efficiency and reduce weight. EcoBoost is being migrated widely in lieu of larger conventional engines, offering increased fuel economy at comparable or improved performance. Ford will offer a complete array of hybrid and electric vehicle choices that over time will contribute on a volume basis. 24


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