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Farm Sister Linen And Buffalo Station Bath Minerals.

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2 Farm Sister Linen And Buffalo Station Bath Minerals

3 Linen cloth recovered from Qumran Cave 1 near the Dead Sea. Historically, linen had many uses:  Clothing  Table coverings  Bed coverings  Mummification & burial shrouds

4 Today linen still has many uses:  Towels  Napkins  Tablecloths, placemats & runners  Bags  Aprons  Bed linen  Upholstery  Clothing

5 From flax to linen, the process involved:  Hand cutting;  Winnowing the seeds from the plants;  Retting or soaking the stalks to loosen the fibers;  Scutching or separating the stalks; and  Heckling or removing the short fibers After all that, the long, soft fibers of the flax plant could then be spun and woven into linen.

6 Today, flax is harvested and processed by machinery, but each step in the process is the same as it has always been. Flax is grown throughout Europe, Canada and the United States. Flax is an important crop for:  Food for people and animals  Fabric  Paper

7 Benefits of linen:  Absorbs 4 times its weight in water  Dries quickly therefore mold and mildew can’t grow  Insulating  UV protection; the tighter the weave, the better it protects  Strong (2-3 times stronger than cotton), yet lightweight  Natural exfoliating texture  Anti-static  Resists stains  Moth resistant  Resists pilling

8 Farm Sister Linen, A Cut Above  Linen is washed 3 times to preshrink  Linen is cut with the grain, eliminating warping  Mitered corners  Quality thread  Buttonhole at corner of towels  Each item is inspected before shipping  No loose threads  Accurate measurements Every donor to Farm Sister Linens will receive a sample of our Buffalo Station Bath Minerals in addition to the linen rewards.

9 Buffalo Station Bath Minerals In the late 18 th century, the Buffalo Station area of Nelson County, Virginia became well-known for its mineral-rich water. A hotel was built so that people in need of its restorative properties could relax among the Blue Ridge foothills while they regained their vigor. As medicine advanced and society found other means to good health, the hotel fell out of favor and the Buffalo Station community became merely a memory. Today, only a few families live in the area and even fewer remember those glory days. But the water still flows…

10 The small, but thriving community of Buffalo Station approximately 100 years ago.

11 Buffalo Station today. The arrows show the location of the locks of the old James River and Kanawha Canal. Google Earth photo James River James River State Park

12 Circa 1915

13 Today, only CSX freight trains travel these rails.

14 The James River-Kanawha Canal at Buffalo Station Then…

15 The James River-Kanawha Canal at Buffalo Station …and now

16 From the 1916 Brochure ALLEN'S CREEK, AMHERST CO., VA., May 1, 1893. MB. T. J. AGEE, DEAR SIR-l have used the water of the Buffalo Ridge Springs in my practice for 35 years, and found it an admirable tonic in all eases where the system had been reduced by previous disease or unhealthy surroundings, and especially adapted to those derangements peculiar to delicate females. The place is free from malaria, and the surroundings pleasant and healthy. Yours truly, JOHN C. MUNDY, M. D. LYNCHBURG, VA., April 10, 1896. This is to certify my wife was completely broken down in health, and after trying many remedies with little or no good, she was induced to use the Buffalo Ridge Springs Water of Nelson County, Va., by the use of which she received the greatest of benefit and was soon restored to health. She received a very great benefit from a single case, and I cheerfully recommend it to all who are run down in health. C. W. MOSBY. History shows that the mineral water was bottled and sold and that many had favorable results from its use. We make no such claims as to the medicinal or restorative qualities of the water used in our Buffalo Station Bath Minerals. Below are historical testimonials that drew visitors to Buffalo Station.

17 Thank you for your support! Press Esc to end slide show While many things have changed, some remain the same.

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