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Advanced Processing for FM Stations with High Aspirations & Modest Budgets!

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1 Advanced Processing for FM Stations with High Aspirations & Modest Budgets!

2 Orban’s OPTIMOD-FM 2200 has become renowned in the broadcast industry for delivering that big Optimod sound at a slimmed-down price. The new OPTIMOD-FM 2300 builds on the 2200’s sound, adding stereo enhancement, more powerful equalization, anti-aliased clipping, composite limiting, and full remote control facilities. AES/EBU digital input and output is now standard, as is clock-based automation. Switching between “Two-Band Normal” and “Two-Band Purist” processing is now gap-free. OPTIMOD-FM

3 With the 2300, your signature sound is just a preset away. An easy, one-knob Less/More adjustment allows you to customize any factory preset, trading cleanliness against processing artifacts according to the requirements of your market and competitive environment. Full Control gives you the versatility to customize your audio further. 3 OPTIMOD-FM 2300

4 This versatility makes the 2300 work well with any format. The 2300’s optimized technology ensures unusually high average modulation and coverage for a given level of subjective quality. 4 OPTIMOD-FM 2300

5 The compact 1u form factor makes the 2300 at home in any rack, and its solid, competitive sound makes it an ideal choice for medium and small market stations, non-commercial and educational stations, and any other broadcasters whose aspirations exceed their budgets. 5 OPTIMOD-FM 2300

6 The 2300 is also the ideal choice for network broadcasters who process with Orban’s flagship OPTIMOD-FM 8400 at the network origination point and who need a processor at every transmitter to eliminate STL overshoots or to process local insertions. 6 OPTIMOD-FM 2300

7 The 2300’s superb stereo encoder and composite limiter help deliver a transmitted signal that’s always immaculately clean and perfectly peak limited, with full protection of sub-carriers and RDS/RBDS regardless of the amount of composite limiting. 7 OPTIMOD-FM 2300

8 The built-in ITU 412 multiplex power controller means that the 2300’s output meets even the most stringent European government regulations. In addition, strict 16 kHz band limiting ensures that the peak-limited left and right outputs can pass through 32 kHz uncompressed digital STLs without added overshoot — there is no need to use STLs having 44.1 or 48 kHz sample-rates. 8 OPTIMOD-FM 2300

9 Like its predecessor, the 2300 is remote controllable via eight programmable GPI ports. However, unlike its processor, the 2300 is equipped for remote control via RS232 serial or Ethernet ports, and comes with a full-featured remote control application that runs on Windows 2000 or XP. 9 OPTIMOD-FM 2300

10 The 2300 has an internal, DSP-based stereo encoder (with a patented “half-cosine interpolation” composite limiter operating at 512 kHz sample-rate) to generate the pilot tone stereo baseband signal and control its peak level. 10 OPTIMOD-FM 2300

11 The 2300 has a defeatable, patented multiplex power limiter that controls the multiplex power to ITU-R BS412 standards. Because this limiter closes a feedback loop around the audio processing, it allows the user to adjust the processor’s subjective setup controls freely without violating BS412 limits, regardless of program material. 11 OPTIMOD-FM 2300

12 A versatile real-time clock allows automation of various events (including recalling presets) at pre-programmed times. 12 OPTIMOD-FM 2300

13 Base sample-rate is 64 kHz in this mode. A high-accuracy ITU BS412 MPX Power Controller is available. 13 OPTIMOD-FM 2300 New Version 2 software now lets you use the 2300 as an ultra-high-quality stand-alone stereo encoder.

14 Phase-linear 15, 16 and 17 kHz lowpass filtering is available. Filter can be bypassed. An input overshoot limiter can remove overshoots caused by lossy codecs (like MP2) used in studio-to-transmitter links. A dual-mode, ultra-low-overshoot “Half- Cosine Interpolation” or hard composite limiter is available This is the same algorithm used in Optimod-FM OPTIMOD-FM 2300

15 Rotary encoder, dedicated keys, joystick Rotary encoder, soft keys, dedicated keys User Interface YYNYY Meters visible at all times Large color LCDSmall monochrome LCD, LED meters Large monochrome LCD Small monochrome LCD, LED meters Display Unplug wiring harnesses; loosen external connectors; remove boards from standoffs Plug and unplug boards from front of chassis Unplug wiring harnesses; loosen external connectors; remove boards from standoffs Board replacement Large boards mounted on standoffs inside chassis Card cage with plug-in boards Large boards mounted on standoffs inside chassis Construction 3u2u4u1u Rack space required V Feature OPTIMOD-FM 2200, 2300V2, 8200, 8300V2, and 8400 Comparison 15

16 V Feature YYYYY User presets backed up in non-volatile storage Essentially unlimited 32Essentially unlimited 8 Number of user presets Number of user presets Basic, intermediate, advanced Basic and intermediate from front panel, advanced available only from PC Remote app Basic, Full (equivalent to “intermediate”) Basic, intermediate, advanced, all available from front panel Basic, Full (equivalent to “intermediate”) Levels of preset customization Levels of preset customization YYNYN Speech/music detector automatically optimizes processing for input material +2.5 dB 0 dB-0.5 dB-1 dB Loudness capability for given artifact level (re 8200) 16 OPTIMOD-FM 2200, 2300V2, 8200, 8300V2, and 8400 Comparison

17 V V Feature YYNNN Sum-and- difference processing available on AGC YYNNN Dual-Mono AGC Dual-Mono AGC YYNYY Program- adaptive HF Enhancer 3-band N (fixed mid EQ only) 3-bandN Parametric EQ 6, 12, 18 dB/octave 12, 18 dB/octave6, 12, 18 dB/octave 12, 18 dB/octave Bass Shelving EQ 222 and “Max” style 222-style onlyN N Stereo Enhancer Stereo Enhancer YYNYN Window gating on AGC YYYYN 2-band AGC 17 OPTIMOD-FM 2200, 2300V2, 8200, 8300V2, and 8400 Comparison

18 V Feature YYNYN Anti-aliased clippers and overshoot compensator YYNYN Bass clipper shape control (Hard mode) Soft, medium, hard Hard Bass clipper modes YYNNN Program- adaptive clipping distortion controller YNNNN Compressor Look-ahead processing 2, 5 22 Number of bands in multiband compressor YNNNN Dual Mono Multiband Compressor 18 OPTIMOD-FM 2200, 2300V2, 8200, 8300V2, and 8400 Comparison

19 V V Feature YYYYN Automation by time of day Internet download Replace plug-in module Internet download Replace ROM Software upgrade TCP/IP ProprietaryTCP/IPContact closure only Remote protocol Remote protocol YYYYN PC Remote software GPI, serial, Ethernet optional GPI, serial, Ethernet GPI, serialGPI, serial, Ethernet GPI Remote control Analog, AES/EBU Analog, optional AES/EBU Audio I/O 15, 20, 23 ms depending on preset 5, 15, 23 ms depending on preset 2.7 ms5 ms2.7 ms Latency YYNYN Patented non- clipping composite limiter DSP AnalogDSP Stereo coder YYNYN ITU412 controller 19 OPTIMOD-FM 2200, 2300V2, 8200, 8300V2, and 8400 Comparison

20 Feature YNNNN Easy interface to automation systems via ASCII API through serial port 211 [+1 inactive]10 Active serial ports With HD option, two independent digital outputs plus extra analog output pair Digital output switchable between FM and HD- processed audio NNN HD radio/netcast support 20 OPTIMOD-FM 2200, 2300V2, 8200, 8300V2, and 8400 Comparison

21 If you’re concerned about latency because you need to feed live talent headphones off air, you’ll be pleased to know that the 2300’s processing has only about 5 ms delay, which will keep talent happy. 21 OPTIMOD-FM 2300

22 Thank you for your attention! auto repeat

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