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ST. MARTINTAG John Boyak. Wenn ist es  Elften November.

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1 ST. MARTINTAG John Boyak

2 Wenn ist es  Elften November

3 Was zu tun  Many children build their own lanterns. In the evening on St. Martin's Day there are lantern processions. people gather around a large bonfire to sing songs dedicated to St. Martin, eat sweet pastries and drink mulled wine.

4 History  popular story is about a flock of geese who betrayed Martin's hiding place as he was trying to hide from the people of Tours when they wanted to make him a bishop.

5 History Part ll  Martin and His Cloak  “One snowy winter evening, Martin and the other soldiers were returning on horseback to Amiens. At the city gate sat a beggar, so cold in his ragged clothing that he could not even ask for help. Martin did not have any money or food to give him, so he took his Martinstag Unit Study sword and cut in half his heavy red soldier’s cloak. That night Martin dreamed of Jesus Christ. In the dream, Christ thanked him for giving Him his cloak. This dream convinced Martin to become a Christian and be baptized.” (


7 Essen  Many Germans celebrate St. Martin's Day with a festive meal where roasted goose or *Martinsgans*  backen Weckmänner. These yeast breads in the shape of a man often appear at Martinstag celebrations  * a sweet bread roll shaped into a gingerbread man form *

8 Songs!  Laterne Laterne Laterne, Laterne, Sonne, Mond und Sterne. Brenne auf, mein Licht, brenne auf, mein Licht, aber nur meine liebe Laterne nicht. Laterne, Laterne, Sonne, Mond und Sterne. Sperrt ihn ein den Wind, sperrt ihn ein den Wind, er soll warten bis wir zu Hause Sind.

9 Did you know?  It is not a public holiday, businesses stay open.

10 Remember don’t trust the goose

11 Lead the Goose to St. Martin!!

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