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Presentation Tips Copyright © 1999 Patrick McDermott College of Alameda

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1 Presentation Tips Copyright © 1999 Patrick McDermott College of Alameda

2 Know Know your Audience Know Yourself Know your Purpose –Inform or Teach? Expository (present information) Narrative (explain a process or sequence) Descriptive (describe) –Inspire/Motivate –Persuade (convince with logic and evidence ) ALL business presentations should persuade –At minimum: I’m good, I should get a raise! Inspirational vs. Instructional

3 Principles Assert Copyright © Year Name Variety is the Spice of Life Clarity vs. Precision –“A little inaccuracy sometimes saves tons of explanation”—Saki Match Formality to the Situation –Sales should be slick –Layoff Notice should not be

4 How to Make Music “Mozart is said to have conceived ideas and immediately known how every note would fall in a symphony. Beethoven, on the other hand, would write a theme and then sit down at the piano and play different variations until he had one he liked just right.”

5 Outline or Bricolage? 1.Stephen J. Gould’s Outline [Mozart] 2.Sherry Turkle’s Bricolage [Beethoven] –Harder to estimate: Chaos  Sudden Emergence –cf. Refactoring Cary Pepper’s Russian Inn: People & Place Random re-arrangement –It might not matter as much as you think –CEOs, Mountain climbers, Tarantino & Juries The bricole was a medieval machine for throwing stones [Bricks]

6 How Much Preparation Ben Franklin (1706-1790)  5 Minutes  All Day The key to avoiding Nervousness: Be Prepared

7 When to Get There  Show up early, something good is bound to happen.  —Edward Tufte

8 The Eyes Have It Find some Friendly Faces –Center –Left Front (or back) –Right Back (or front) Go for it! As you loosen up, find more faces

9 Never, Ever Never Ever Say : I Know You can’t Read This

10 Don’t Admit Nothin’ If you make a presentation error, simply correct it. Don’t accentuate the negative –“I forgot to tell you” –“I already told you” –“I’m really nervous” – etc. They don’t know what you were going to say –They won’t know you forgot –If it wasn’t important, forget it! –I always forget something… That’s my Story –& I’m Sticking to it!

11 Crisp Phrases Crows the Count 7; Typist type 5-7 ahead G.A. Miller’s famous “7 plus or minus 2” hypothesis 6 by 6: No more than 6 Bullets of 6 Words Excessively lengthy and pedantic bullet points are known to correlate negatively with valid comprehensional objectives. In other words...

12 K.I.S.S. Newton’s Telecom Dictionary It’s not Just for Phoning!

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