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Welcome To The Grassland Region

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1 Welcome To The Grassland Region
By Jaiya And Prisha

2 Landforms I’ve noticed that the land in the Grassland region is usually flat although there are a few hilly areas. The Badlands is an area in the southeastern part of the Grassland region.

3 Bodies Of Water The main rivers in the Grassland region are Red Deer, Milk River, Oldman, Bow, and Elbow Rivers. Started at the Milk River and headed towards the writing-on- Stone Provincial Park.

4 Climate Most areas of the Grassland region have low rainfall.
Much Alberta has had drought conditions at various times because there was less rainfall then usual.

5 Climate Charles Hatfield, from the United States, claimed that he could make it rain using a secret mixture of chemicals

6 Natural Resources In 2004, there were about 53,000 farms in Alberta
Famers use machines to loosen and turn the soil this is called tilling.

7 Natural Resources Canola is used to make food oil, margarine, coffee whiteners, sunscreens, and more. Some farmer use river water to spray there crops.

8 Natural Resources Oil and gas resources are very important to Alberta’s wealth.

9 Vegetation Nearly 80 per cent of Alberta’s grasslands have been the region. Rough fescue grass is one type of grass found in the region.

10 Animal Life Before the Grassland region was settled by farmers and ranchers huge herds of buffalo gazed there. A few small herds of pronghorn antelope remain in the Grassland region.

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