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Surplus Summit Presented by: Abel Villarreal Corpus Christi ISD.

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1 Surplus Summit Presented by: Abel Villarreal Corpus Christi ISD

2 Have You Been REJECTED Lately?? ture=related

3 3 Major Tasks The Good, Bad, and the Ugly – Determine between Good, Worn-out, and Damaged Enter your end of Oct. Enrollments Declare and Update Surplus

4 District Entitlement Districts are entitled to textbooks based on student enrollment Textbook allocation is between 101% - 110% depending on proclamation & funding 1 st year TEA allows 110% for surplus After 1 st year of textbook adoption Districts are entitled to keep 120% for student growth Anything over 120% will be declared surplus

5 TEA has step by step instructions One Way Declare surplus Ship surplus Receive surplus Reject surplus Update surplus Preferred Way Declare surplus Inspect surplus Update surplus Report Worn-outs Ship surplus Receive surplus Reject surplus

6 Entering End of October Enrollments & Declaring Surplus Run reports Student Database (Pentamation/ EschoolPlus) Run course or grade level enrollments Master Schedule EMAT uses PEIMS # – ******** Caution ******** – Semester courses – Useable vs. damaged – Worn-outs

7 Defective Textbooks TEX-013 Publisher defects TEX- 013 1 st two years of adoption Shipment error Missing pages Covers falling from spine Upside down pages Glued pages Contact Publisher

8 Worn-Outs Normal wear and tear after 2 nd year of adoption The cover of the textbook has come away from the pages of the book. End papers have pulled away from cover. The cover is worn to the point of exposing the cardboard cover. Reinforcing material is worn or pulled away from cover and from contents along spine. The stitching is loose or broken allowing sections of textbook to separate and loosen.

9 Worn-Outs Partial or complete separation of the binding; it may have become loose or torn at the hinges. The spine of the textbook has come away from the pages of the book or the spine of the textbook is broken. Entire page or section of the book is absent.

10 Worn-Out Start of binding becoming unglued

11 Worn-Out Binding partially separating

12 Worn-Out Binding almost completely unglued

13 Worn-Out Binding completely unglued

14 Worn-Out Binding completely undone and no longer attached to pages

15 Worn-Out Pages becoming unglued

16 Worn-out Textbook Textbook cover or contents are wrinkled due to having been wet or have mildew. The textbook is badly soiled or mutilated. Pages are torn or disfigured by drawings, writing, or highlighting. Page edges are cut or badly ink-marked.

17 Worn-out Textbook Writing in textbook

18 Worn-out Textbook Torn page(s)

19 Worn-out Textbook Cover of textbook bent /creased

20 Worn-out Textbook Water damage / mildew

21 Damaged Textbook Irreparable damage cause by student Student pays for textbook Two Options: District replaces w/ used textbook vendor District pays TEA for damaged textbook – TEX 009

22 End of October Enrollments Log on to EMAT

23 End of October Enrollments CLICK on the Apple EMAT link

24 End of October Enrollments Click on EMAT Enrollment

25 End of October Enrollments Enter student pop. for each grade and subject for the last day in Oct. / Click Save Work

26 End of October Enrollments EMAT updates the Oct. Ending Count to match Current Count

27 End of October Enrollments Save Work after every grade level or subject. After entering populations Click on Summary

28 End of October Enrollments Caution once you click on submit you will not be able to change populations

29 Submit Oct. Enrollments

30 Completed Oct. Enrollments

31 Declaring Surplus EMAT will automatically calculate surplus *****Under the Update Surplus ***** – District will either approve surplus and agree to ship to other districts for each grade level or course – or – District will have to update surplus and indicate why surplus will remain in district

32 Problems with Declaring Surplus No warehouse Surplus is located on campuses No idea of the condition of textbook Textbooks in bookroom are substandard District rejects surplus requisition Receiving district reject surplus textbooks Added cost to district Delay of textbook for students

33 Solution for Declaring Surplus Request surplus textbooks back Inspect textbooks Update Surplus Declare worn-out textbooks Reject Surplus = Update Surplus Send Good Quality Textbooks – TEA Bid Package Non-Consumable or CD

34 Declaring/ Updating Surplus


36 Declaring/ Updating Surplus Full-Credit Courses Declaring/ Updating Surplus

37 Update Prior Years Surplus

38 Declaring/ Updating Surplus ½ Credit Semester Courses

39 Submit Surplus

40 Surplus Reporting Complete

41 Surplus Order Via Email

42 Declare Worn-outs Deadline Dec. 14 Good, Bad, and Ugly TEA requested money to replace worn-outs Worn-outs may be removed from inventory or replaced Need assistance call TEA – to reset worn-out report “Create New”

43 Reporting Worn-out

44 Reporting Worn-outs

45 Websites 73 73 – STEP by STEP Instructions – Instructions for End of Oct. Enrollments & Declaring Surplus in EMAT – Instructions for Dealing with Surplus Update, Ship, and Reports – Instructions for Reporting Worn-outs

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