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Chapter Two A Living Planet.

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1 Chapter Two A Living Planet

2 Section One: The Earth Inside & Out
The Solar System consists of 8 planets the sun other celestial bodies Continental Drift Theory Alfred Wegner said the continents slowly drifted apart through millions of years Pangaea: supercontinent

3 The Earth’s Interior Core Inner Outer Mantle Crust

4 On and Above the Earth Lithosphere Hydrosphere Atmosphere Biosphere

5 Section Two: Bodies of Water & Landforms
Oceans & Seas One interconnected body of water Covers about 70% of the Earth’s surface Regulates temperatures Divided into… Atlantic Arctic Pacific Indian *Southern

6 Bodies of Water Ocean motion Hydrologic Cycle Currents Waves – wind
Tides – gravitational pull Hydrologic Cycle Draw and label the diagram

7 Landforms on pages 34-35

8 Section Three: Internal Forces Shaping the Earth
Tectonic Plates – enormous pieces of the Earth’s lithosphere

9 Plate Movement Movement Types Boundary Types (faults) Spreading
Sub-duction Collision Sliding (shearing) Boundary Types (faults) Divergent Convergent Transform

10 Earthquakes From transform boundaries (sliding)
Faults – Fractures in the crust Epicenter- point above the focus Seismograph – measures the size of waves produced Create Tsunamis when the epicenter is on the ocean floor

11 Volcanoes From divergent or convergent boundaries
Magma – below the surface Lava – above the surface Ring of Fire: thousands of active volcanoes that surround the Pacific plate

12 Section Four: External Forces
Weathering Mechanical – physical breakdown Chemical – new substance formed (rust) Erosion – from weathering Water Wind Loess – wind blown silt and clay sediment Gravity Glacial – glaciers are formed by compacted snow layers

13 Soil Forming Factors Parent material – original rock Relief - elevation Organisms – loosen the soil Climate Time to produce Weathering and Erosion help form soil Organic material (humus) helps productivity (fertilizes)

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