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Egon Schiele Henri Matisse.

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1 Egon Schiele Henri Matisse

2 Blind Contour Drawing: Study and draw the form of the face in one continuous line without looking at your paper. This allows you turn off the left brain that tells you how “terrible” your drawing is and allows your right brain to “see” more intimately and encourage our hand to discover the true shape of things. By doing so, you are forced to draw what you actually see instead of what you think you see.

3 Continuous Line Drawing : Study the face, in the same manner as blind contour, but you are now allowed to look back and forth from subject to the paper. You must draw a single line without interruption. Keep your drawing tool in contact with the paper at all times (or put it back exactly at the point from which it was removed if your arm needs a break). The idea here is that you want to trace the form of the face constantly with your eyes and hand, not skipping over difficult or "boring" parts, but moving along every part of the face, seeing the ins and outs of the form.


5 D&P HW #4: Mixed Media Continuous Line Self-Portrait in expression using at least 2 different materials. Focus will be on accuracy, line quality, composition and inventive use of materials. LOOSEN UP and have fun with this!! Sketches/Idea: week of April 15th (altered book) Due Date/Final Critique: May 1st Size: 16x20 or larger




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