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Balance – Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Center

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1 Balance – Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Center
All is Calm Holiday Season Stress Relief with Essential Oils Marty Harger Balance – Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Center

2 What is an Essential Oil?
Natural aromatic compounds in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. Essential oils are created by nature in many aromatic plants – herbs, flowers and trees. Thought of as the life force of the plant, they are present in various parts such as leaves, seeds, flowers and bark. Essential oils give the plant its particular signature scent. Plants produce essential oils not only to attract bees for pollination, but also to repel insects, and help protect the plant from disease. Complex, and often misunderstood, these safe, effective and powerful essential plant oils offer a wide range of therapeutic possibilities for the human experience, especially when used everyday. Completely natural product for healing Naturally-derived from plants flowers, bark, roots, seeds, leaves, stems, resin or fruit Powerful remedies for ailments Simple and complex – many benefits for use “Defensive wellness” Facilitates the healing process Preventative approach Essence is steam distilled, expressed or alcohol-solvent

3 Nature’s “Living Essence”

4 Brief History of Essential Oils
Used for 1,000+ yrs : Egypt, China, Greece, India, Mesopotamia Rediscovered in early 1900’s in France Widely used today in Europe, Australia and Asia Significant growth in U.S. Documented use for 1,000’s of years Egypt, China, Greece, India, Mesopotamia Rediscovered in early 1900’s in France Research emerged in late 1970’s Widely used today in Europe, Australia and Asia Significant growth in U.S. interest as Americans now looking for natural vs pharmaceutical approach for many common ailments

5 Powerful, Medicinal Properties of EOs Have Been Used for 1,000’s of Years!
Analgesic Antibiotic Antibacterial Antidepressant Antifungal Anti-Inflammatory Antioxidant Antiparasitic Antiseptic Antispasmodic Antiviral Astringent Decongestant Digestive Disinfectant Diuretic Expectorant Immune System Strengthener Sedative/Relaxant Stimulant

6 Essential Oil Production
Synthetic Perfume / Industrial Therapeutic Health Benefit Food GRAS Standard © 2008 DōTerra Intl, LLC Confidential and proprietary information. Unauthorized duplication strictly prohibited.

7 Highest Quality Essential Oils in the World
Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade™ PURE—100% natural, no artificial ingredients, fragrances, or fillers SAFE—Certified to be free of pesticides and other chemical residues POTENT—Standardized active compounds Highest Quality Essential Oils in the World

8 There IS a Difference in Essential Oil Quality!
The doTERRA Difference: Testing Commitment - Gas Chromatography PLUS Mass Spectrometry Quality of Sourcing: Soil, Growing, Harvesting, Testing, Bottling, Shipping & Distribution Scientific Advisory Panel: Led by Dr. David K Hill University research of oils

9 3 Simple Models for Use

10 Purify a room or change emotion
Aromatic Diffusion Purify a room or change emotion Diffuser Drop in hands Drop on tissue Spray on a surface or nearby Just open/smell from bottle

11 Topical Application Apply directly to skin or in a carrier oil

12 Internal Use In a capsule, under the tongue, in water or honey

13 Using Oils To Relax & Calm
Primary approach = Diffuse and Apply 8 Individual oils and 5 blends Note when inhaled…what aroma draws you in? Quality is KEY to therapeutic effect Less is more with dōTERRA essential oils: 2-3 drops every 2-3 hours is better than 10 drops

14 FRANKINCENSE Used for spiritual focus for thousands of years
Good for meditation Calming to overcome stress and depression Stimulating and elevating to the mind Relaxes muscles & respiratory system Top oil being researched in US & Europe for anti-cancer properties Repairs dry, sensitive & mature skin acne, wrinkles, cuts, scarring analgesic, antidepressant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, diuretic and sedative Source: Oman

15 LAVENDER Most versatile of all known essential oils
Calming, relaxing, mood elevating, and balancing Stress relief – depression, headaches, migraines Soothes sensitive skin – acne, burns, bites, psoriasis Fights infection – cold & flu, throat, skin, wounds Reduces inflammation asthma, earaches, headaches, indigestion, insect bites, migraines, muscle pain, sore throat, stomach ache analgesic, antibiotic, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, diuretic, and sedative Source: Northern France, Bulgaria

16 MYRRH Calming & soothing – reduces stressors
Soothing, inspires peace & tranquility Good for meditation Pain relief – stimulates immune system & blood circulation, reduces swelling (arthritis, teeth, mouth, stomach, skin, menstruation) Powerful skin preservative Cuts & bruises - helps regenerate tissue Reduces boils, skin ulcers, bedsores Remedy for infections –tooth decay, gum disease, venereal diseases, athlete’s foot, ulcers analgesic, antibacterial, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, decongestant, stimulant & tonic Source: Ethiopia/Yemen/Somalia

17 ROMAN CHAMOMILE Balances emotions - calming and relaxing oil
Combats depression, anxiety Reduces irritability and minimizes nervousness in adults and children Helps with insomnia, restless leg syndrome Purifies and stimulates the mind Cleanses blood and liver Great for sensitive skin, infants and children -calms crying babies, soothes stomachs Blends well with other oils! Anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, antispasmodic , calming and relaxing Source:

18 SANDALWOOD Raises the spirits! - enhances mood
Aphrodisiac for problems caused by stress & anxiety Sedating – prevents tension headaches & relieves insomnia, used in meditation Cold & flu – bronchitis, sore throats, laryngitis, coughs Fights infections – acne, UTIs (mix with cranberry juice) Skin tonic – eliminates acne, balancing, hydrating, soothing to dry & aging skin antibacterial, antidepressant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, aphrodisiac, disinfectant, diuretic, sedative & stimulant Source: India

19 VETIVER Reconnects mind & body - grounding/calming,
Deeply relaxing for nervous exhaustion, stress, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety and insomnia Helps balance menopausal hormones Strengthens loose skin – good for mature skin Immuno-stimulant when defenses are down Repels moths (cotton ball with oil in closet) antiseptic, antispasmodic, sedative, tonic Source: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka

20 WHITE FIR “Christmas Tree” scent evokes holiday memories
Stimulates mind while relaxing body Emotional grounding, anchoring, empowerment Muscle & joint pain reliever - increases circulation, diminishes inflammation & pain Excellent cleanser – disinfects surfaces, kills airborne pathogens, fights infections Strengthens pulmonary immune system - reduces asthma & coughing, clears phlegm, good for sinus problems antibiotic, antiseptic, antioxidant, astringent and diuretic Source: U.S., Austria, Finland, Hungary, Russia

21 YLANG YLANG Raises the spirits!
Enhances mood, reduces anxiety, helps release anger, calming Aphrodisiac ! Fragrance – feminine, sensual in small quantities Helps reduce high blood pressure and heart palpitations, reduces fight-or-flight response Treats shock and depression Skin tonic – good for oily skin, highly fragrant antidepressant, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, and sedative Source: tropics of Asia

22 STRESS RELIEF Balance Balance electrical energies in the body
Aids Anxiety, ADHD, Hyperactivity, Nervousness Topical or aromatic application Spruce, Rosewood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy Citrus Bliss Uplifting and fresh scent Relieves stress – great for SAD Topical or aromatic application Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine, Clementine, Vanilla

23 SHIFT THE MOOD Elevation Uplifting and mood elevating
Aids in overcoming depression, hopelessness, lack of energy, stress Topical application Lavandin, Tangerine, Elemi, Lemon Myrtle, Melissa, Ylang Ylang, Osmanthus, Sandalwood Serenity Peaceful and calming Helps with anxiety, stress, sleep Topical application Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Sandalwood, Sweet Marjoram, Ylang Ylang

24 AromaTouch™ Hand Technique
by Dr. David K. Hill, DC

25 AromaTouch™ Hand Technique
Primary Objectives Introduce oils Reduce stress Stimulate body systems Benefits of this technique Stimulates blood flow Creates a parasympathetic reaction Increases oxygen Distributes the oils to the tissue AromaTouch Hand Technique - 4/ JyR

26 Selecting the Right Oil
Before starting, ask the person how they are feeling? Are they ill, do they have a headache, or allergies?, Do they have an upset stomach or pain somewhere? Are they stressed or agitated? If not then ask what their favorite oil is. Listen, and select a dōTERRA Essential Oil suited their condition. If no concerns, use their favorite oil or AromaTouch™ There is no wrong oil! Between the technique and the oil…any oil selected will benefit the person in some way.

27 Relax the Hand - Back Relax Wrist – Using your thumbs gently stretch the back of the hand/wrist several times to loosen tension. Start in the center of the wrist and stretch outward using firm but gentle pressure. Dorsal Stretch – Continue down the hand and stretch the entire hand by cupping the hand with both of yours – tucking your fingers into the palm then running your thumbs outwards across the back of the hand from center to the outer edges; continue until you reach the edges of the fingers. 1 2 3 4

28 Relax the Hand - Palm Palmar Stretching – Starting at the wrist stretch the entire hand open by placing your fingers on the back of the hand and then running your thumbs outwards across the palm of the hand from center to the outer edges; continue until you reach the edges of the fingers. Usually 4 or 5 stretches will cover the full hand. Perform the series of stretches times as you feel the person needs to relax the hand. 4 3 2 1

29 Massage the Hand Sections
The hand is divided into 3 sections: Section 1 is off to the side and the heal from the thumb Section 2 is the heal and mid section below the pinky Section 3 is from the center of the palm, out to the sides of the hand and up to all the edges of the fingers Using gentle but firm pressure massage each section starting with 1 then 2 then 3 to loosen the hand and increase the blood flow. 1 2 3

30 Applying the Oil The relaxed hand is now ready to receive the oil.
Place drops of Essential Oil into the palm. Spread oil from the palm outward to the fingers. You don’t need to rub it in just gently distribute the oil over the palm and fingers of the hand. Oil should soak in quickly and start to circulate through out the person’s system.

31 Working Energy Meridians of the Hand
With the hand divided into the five energy meridians start with meridian 1 and work from the central wrist point outward to the very end of the thumb. The process used is called a ‘thumb crawl’ and is done by placing each thumb – left then right then left Over each other to ‘crawl from the wrist out to the end of each finger. When you get past the hand and onto each finger, use your fingers to support the persons finger applying pressure on both the upper and under portion of each finger thus stimulating both sides. Do the full hand then start again as needed. Perform this 1 – 2 – 3 times is necessary to balance the persons energy. 3 4 2 5 1

32 Final Stretches Inter-phalangeal Stretch Finger Pulls
With the your thumb on once side and your finger on the other side of the hand, place your thumb and forefinger in-between the pinky and ring-finger of the person. Reach in past the knuckle point of the hand as far down to the wrist as you can reach. You will feel the soft tissue between the bones of the hand. You know when to stop when you reach the connective bones near the wrist. Appling gentle but firm pressure squeeze your thumb and finger together and pull outward towards the fingers. Repeat this step in-between each of the fingers of the hand as shown. Finger Pulls Gentle pull each finger from the base to the tip as you rub it between your thumb an forefinger.

33 Finishing the Process Check back with the person and see if they recognize any changes. It can be one of the items they noted as a problem before starting the technique or something completely different. Ask them to be mindful of anything they feel over the next few hours or even days and share that with you. You should also note anything you observe – changes to coloring or mood. Watch for body language as it may say more than their words.

34 B-r-r-e-e-a-a-a-t-h-e
Enjoy the oils and the moments of calm! AromaTouch™ Hand Technique

35 "This movement is irreversible
"This movement is irreversible.  It will continue to unfold and change medicine throughout the world.  But the task has only just begun.  It is now necessary for all of us to organize together for the common good and future of the planet." Dr. Daniel Penoel, MD 35

36 How to Purchase? Wholesale Membership Customer
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39 Rewarding Compensation Plan

40 Choose a Kit That’s Right For YOU
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45 3 Easy Steps To Get Started
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46 Thank you for joining us! Have a wonderful and calm holiday season!

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