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Greek and Latin Roots JEOPARDY

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1 Greek and Latin Roots JEOPARDY

2 Directions Get into TWO TEAMS Sit in a semi circle Buzzer Rules
There is a buzzer on the iPad in front of you—BE GENTLE. (Don’t break our iPads—we have to turn them back in!) If you know the answer, hit the buzzer. If you get it wrong, your team LOSES points!

3 JEOPARDY! Unit 4 FIB Unit 4 MC Unit 5 FIB Unit 5 MC Unit 6 FIB
100 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 500

4 Unit Four FIB—100 The _____________ you have drawn from the suspect’s story is supported by new evidence we have just received. Deviate Deference Impervious Inference Obviate Answer: INFERENCE Back to Queue

5 Unit Four FIB—200 The __________ prize employee was discovered loading his bag with computer equipment from the supply closet. Proliferate Impervious Defer Viaduct Purported Answer: PURPOTED Back to Queue

6 Unit Four FIB—300 When I ________ with the other members of the team, I found we all had different ideas about what to do. Proffered Conferred Deviate Comportment Obviate Answer: CONFERRED Back to Queue

7 Unit Four FIB—400 Dr. Jones’ ____________ in the operating room is never less than completely dignified. Proffered Conferred Deviate Comportment Obviate Answer: COMPORTMENT Back to Queue

8 Unit Four FIB—500 The Latin roots ferre and portare/portaum both mean “to _______, to _________” Push; Drive Throw; Cast Carry; Bring Answer: CARRY; BRING Back to Queue

9 Unit Four MC—100 Bill’s employer said that Bill’s _________ was not appropriate for the situation and that he didn’t show__________ to his superiors. Inference; Viaduct Comportment; Deference Viaduct; Comportment Inference; Impervious Answer: B Back to Queue

10 Unit Four MC—200 The __________ benefits of the diet disappear the minute you _________ from a strict eating plan. Impervious; Confer Purported; Deviate Proliferate; Obviate Impervious; Defer Answer: B Back to Queue

11 Unit Four MC—300 Sam could not __________ his project any longer, nor could he _________ a confrontation with his teacher. Defer; Obviate Deviate; Proffer Proliferate; Defer Confer; Proffer Answer: A Back to Queue

12 Unit Four MC—400 The scientist drew a(n) ________ from their data about how fast the species of water foul could _______. Viaduct; Proliferate Inference; Proliferate Compartment; Defer Deference; Obviate Answer: B Back to Queue

13 Unit Four MC—500 The Latin root via means “_________, ________”.
Send; Move Cut; Kill Cut; Sting Road; Way Answer: D Back to Queue

14 Unit Five FIB—100 The city council does not _______ making any changes to the existing law. Introspective Envisage Sycophant Answer: ENVISAGE Back to Queue

15 Unit Five FIB—200 The exhibit takes us on a _______ journey through all the films made by the director in the past thirty years. Retrospective Diaphanous Epiphany Visage Phenomenon Answer: RETROSPECTIVE Back to Queue

16 Unit Five FIB—300 King William’s ___________ was peaceful in death, but also bore the lines of many years of worry Retrospective Diaphanous Epiphany Visage Phenomenon Answer: VISAGE Back to Queue

17 Unit Five FIB—400 Suddenly, Rachel was struck by a(n) ______ about why we lost the game. Apparition Diaphanous Aspects Perspicacious Epiphany Answer: EPIPHANY Back to Queue

18 Unit Five FIB—500 The Latin roots _________ and ________ both mean “to appear” Phanein; Videre/Visum Parere/Partium; Phanien Specere/Spectum; Phanien Answer: Parere/Partium; Phanien Back to Queue

19 Unit Five MC—100 In his half-awake state, the young boy wondered if the ghostly_________ in the _________ robe was real. Phenomenon; Introspective Introspective; Aspect Apparition; Diaphanous Perspicacious; Phenomenon Answer: C Back to Queue

20 Unit Five MC—200 The geologist, working late into the night, suddenly had a(n) _______ about a(n) ______ that he had never before understood. Apparition; Epiphany Phenomenon; Visage Epiphany; Visage Epiphany; Phenomenon Answer: D Back to Queue

21 Unit Five MC—300 Even an in-depth_________ of the architect’s designs could not examine every _________ of her work. Visage; Apparition Retrospective; Aspect Phenomenon; Aspect Epiphany; Visage Answer: B Back to Queue

22 Unit Five MC—400 Even in his wildest dreams, shy and ________ Darryl could not ___________ his future as a Hollywood megastar. Diaphanous; Envisage Epiphany; Visage Phenomenon; Aspect Introspective; Envisage Answer: D Back to Queue

23 Unit Five MC—500 The Greek root phanein means “__________”
“to be visible” “to look” “to show” “to see” Answer: C Back to Queue

24 Unit Six FIB—100 Although he was many times smaller than his opponent, the little dog faced the bear with __________ toughness. Resolute Inherent Diligent Incoherent Recollect Answer: RESOLUTE Back to Queue

25 Unit Six FIB—200 Andrew often wondered if the desire to fight was _________ in his character, since he always seemed to be arguing with someone. Resolute Inherent Diligent Incoherent Recollect Answer: INHERENT Back to Queue

26 Unit Six FIB—300 Some legal documents would be more clear if the __________ language were made concise. Diffuse Insoluble Incoherent Inherent Sacrilege Answer: DIFFUSE Back to Queue

27 Unit Six FIB—400 While one of the twins was quiet and thoughtful, the other was ___________ and energetic. Profuse Insoluble Adherent Effusive Dissolute Answer: EFFUSIVE Back to Queue

28 Unit Six FIB—500 The Latin root haerere/haesum means “____________, _____________” “to loosen, to solve” “to attach, be fixed” “to select, to choose” Answer: “to attach, be fixed” Back to Queue

29 Unit Six MC—100 Though the math problem at first seemed __________ to Candace, she was _________ in working at it and eventually figured it out. Eligible; Incoherent Dissolute; Diligent Profuse; Resolute Insoluble; Diligent Answer: D Back to Queue

30 Unit Six MC—200 The first essay I ever wrote in high school was so ________ as to be _________ in places. Diffuse; Incoherent Diligent; Diffuse Profuse; Resolute Inherent; Diligent Answer: A Back to Queue

31 Unit Six MC—400 Cheerfulness and enthusiasm seemed to be ________ in Beverly’s nature; she was _________ even when people were more reserved. Diligent; Effusive Dissolute; Inherent Inherent; Effusive Eligible; Profuse Answer: C Back to Queue

32 Unit Six MC—300 The detective said that the crime in the church, which may be considered a(n) ______, presented a difficult but not _______ case. Adherent; Insoluble Adherent; Diffuse Sacrilege; Effusive Sacrilege; Insoluble Answer: D Back to Queue

33 Unit Six MC—500 The Latin root lego/lectum means “___________, ___________, _________” “to attach, be fixed” “to pour out” “to make, do” “to select, to choose, to gather” Answer: D Back to Queue

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