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Based on a book by Lori Randall

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1 Based on a book by Lori Randall
What Shoe Are You? Based on a book by Lori Randall

2 The Four Temperaments & Personality Tests
This division of personalities into 4 types has existed since Biblical times. Examples include: Ezekiel (590BC): Ox – Man – Lion – Eagle Plato (340BC): Artistic – Sensible – Intuitive - Reasoning Carl Jung: Introverted – Sensing – Thinking – Judging David Kiersey: Guardian – Idealists – Rationals - Artisans True Colors: Gold – Green – Blue – Orange Merrill – Reid: Analytic – Amiable - Driver – Expressive No perspective is ever completely accurate and reliable. The more perspectives we have, then the more clearly we see and understand ourselves and others.

3 Why it’s Important to Understand Your Temperament (and Others):
Build stronger relationships by identifying strengths and weaknesses in themselves and others. Connect with each Temperament quickly and efficiently while reducing the possibility of misunderstanding and angry encounters that cause members to fade away.  Understand that not everyone thinks or acts just like them. Once they learn how to adapt to and interact with the different personalities of their customers and those within the organization production will soar. 

4 Why it’s Important to Understand Your Temperament (and Others):
Discover how to reduce tension, virtually eliminate issues, concerns and objections by learning what motivates each of the temperaments  Build camaraderie in a team that literally marches to the beat of four different drummers.

5 What Shoe are You? By Lori Randall
Lori Randall, former Mrs. Oklahoma 2002 and Mrs. Christian World 2005 Currently lives in Meeker, OK Has taught this seminar to a variety of groups

6 Let’s Find Out! What Shoe are You? Clown Shoe Business Shoe House Shoe
Combat Boot Let’s Find Out!

7 THE CLOWN SHOE Basic desire: to have fun
Greatest need: attention/approval Clothing clues: flashy Body language: large arm movements, hugs Likes: fame, compliments, meeting new people Dislikes: no recognition, no audience, organization Encourage by: being their audience

8 THE BUSINESS SHOE Basic desire: perfection
Greatest need: order/sensitivity Clothing clues: tailored, understated Body language: poised, graceful Likes: organization, using their talents Dislikes: loose ends, ill-prepared people Encourage by: complimenting them and trying to bring order to chaos

9 THE COMBAT BOOT Basic desire: control Greatest need: achievement
Clothing clues: power suits in power colors Body language: pointing, purposeful walking Likes: power, proving they’re right Dislikes: saying they’re wrong, small talk Encourage by: give them control and let them lead

10 THE HOUSE SHOE Basic desire: peace Greatest need: respect, self-worth
Clothing clues: comfort above fashion Body language: leaning, relaxed, slow Likes: routine, rest & relaxation, blending in Dislikes: pressure to perform, rigid schedules Encourage by: giving them a peaceful atmosphere. Let them know you value their opinion.

11 What do you need to be happy?
What makes you feel successful? What kinds of things scare or worry you? How do you feel about rules?

12 Getting Along with the Clown Shoe
Remember that they need to say things out loud. Don’t expect them to be on time. Laugh and play with them. Be their audience. Loosen your organizational standards. Remember that they are not strong finishers. Give them approval.

Remember they are introverts. Become more detailed and tidy. Don’t spring things on them. Give them plenty of notice and a specific due date. They live in a continual state of perceived failure (because they like to be perfect) so give them the praise they deserve. No harsh kidding. It hurts their feelings because they are trying to be perfect.

14 Getting Along with the Combat Boot
They are extroverts and will speak their thoughts aloud. Pick your battles carefully. They like to argue and they need to win. Get to the point and don’t take offense when they say “is this story going somewhere?” Get moving or get out of their way. Don’t be overly sensitive to their words or actions. Ask them advice. Show appreciation for their leadership skills.

Remember they are introverts. They are pretty shy. They may not have a lot of self-motivation, so could often use a gentle push. Prepare to give them a little extra time. Phrases like “get a move on” seldom help the process. Find someone else to argue with. They don’t want to get involved. Don’t push them to take a public stance. Loosen your tidiness standards.

16 Life is a tranquil journey.
The Clown Shoe The Business Shoe Life is a work of perfection. Life is a circus. The House Shoe THE COMBAT BOOT THE COMBAT BOOT Life is a tranquil journey. Life is a mighty conquest.

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