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Project due by October 7th PERSONAL WORKOUT PROGRAM.

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1 Project due by October 7th PERSONAL WORKOUT PROGRAM

2  Should be a five to seven day plan (can include rest days)  Remember the exercise pyramid MUST INCLUDE Moderate Activities/30 min a day Aerobic activities 3-5 days/wk Anaerobic 2- 3 days/wk Flexibility 2 + days/wk Sedentary

3  Warm up routine  2-3 activities that target the specific body part that you want to improve  Stretching activities to loosen up the muscles and tendons MUST INCLUDE

4  The Workout  The main workout should be geared toward achieving your goals  If you are just wanting to lose weight or have a more lean body composition you should do more cardio work  If you are wanting to gain muscle you should be leaning more towards anaerobic exercises  Weight lifting, push-ups, etc.  Should have at minimum 3 different exercises for Aerobic activities (cardio)  Should have at minimum 5 different exercises for anaerobic activities ( weight lifting) MUST INCLUDE

5  The cool down  Must have 2-3 activities to cool down  Must have some stretching activities as well  Remember the cool down will limit the muscle soreness and help prepare the body for a better recovery for the next day’s work. MUST INCLUDE

6  Everyday can not be exactly the same  You should have a variety of exercises that you would want to do  Most work out plans alternate between days for example  Monday –Cardio  Tuesday- weights  Wed.- Cardio  Thurs.- weights  Friday- Cardio PERSONAL WORKOUT PROGRAM CONT:

7  You may use the internet to research different types of exercises/activities to complete your program. PERSONAL WORKOUT PROGRAM CONT:

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