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Software/Equipment Package

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1 Software/Equipment Package
Physical Therapy Software/Equipment Package

2 Pedal Exerciser Creates resistance using a nylon band, combined with gears, which tightens around a cylinder when you rotate the pedals. Use as a floor pedal exerciser for legs or place on a table for arm exercises. Strengthens leg, knee, and arm muscles while putting little stress on joints. Isokinetics Inc.™ Deluxe Pedal Exerciser

3 Isokinetics Inc.™ Deluxe Pedal Exerciser
Cost: $74.99 Found at: b

4 Nintendo Wii Motion- controlled, active play video game console.
Fun and interactive way to improve musculoskeletal strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and coordination.

5 Found at:
Nintendo Wii Cost: $149.99 Found at:

6 Therapeutic Ultrasound
Applies high-frequency sound waves to the tissues through a sound head by rubbing it in a circular pattern on the skin of the surface being treated. Uses sound waves that causes microscopic vibrations to loosen scarred and tangled muscle, tendon, and ligament fibers. Reduces deep and painful inflammation, joint restriction, and swelling. MPO US Pro 2000™ Ultrasound Unit

7 MPO US Pro 2000™ Ultrasound Unit
Cost: $599.99 Found at:

8 Exercise Bands Latex bands available in color-coded progressive levels of resistance. Guides resistance exercises using both positive and negative forces on the muscles. Improves strength, range of motion, and cooperation of muscle groups. Thera-Band® Exercise Bands

9 Thera-Band® Exercise Bands
Cost: $13.99 per roll (8 different levels of rolls) Found at:

10 Mavenlive A physical therapy rehabilitation exercise software for creating customized exercise programs. Features: automated assessments, automated exercise prescriptions, automated correspondence, and automated documentation. Easy and affordable way to computerize your clinic.

11 Mavenlive Cost: $2o monthly fee + $1 per patient fee
Found at:

12 Cost! = $981.89 Pedal Exerciser: $74.99 + Nintendo Wii: $149.99
Ultrasound Unit: $599.99 Thera-Band Exercise Bands (8) : $111.92 1 month of Mavenlive (25 clients): $45 = $981.89

13 The End!

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