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Cell Cycle

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1 Cell Cycle

2 Interphase 90% of cell life in this stage grows DNA replicates (exact copy) prepares to divide o%20101%20lectures/mitosis/whitefish_mitosis_interphase_X_400_small.jpg

3 Mitosis This stage has four stages within itself. These stages are: Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase

4 Prophase nuclear membrane and nucleolus disappear spindle fibers (ropes) appear see duplicated chromosomes

5 Metaphase Duplicative chromosomes Sister chromatids on either sides

6 Anaphase sister chromatids separate move to opposite sides

7 Telophase nuclear membrane and nucleolus reappear chromosomes loosen up and become chromatin _animal_cell__whitefish_blastula_.jpg

8 Cytokensis division of cytoplasm always moving to the next stage

9 Cell Cycle Summary Interphase DNA makes an exact copy of itself and prepares to divide. Mitosis Prophase Nuclear membrane & nucleolus disappear and spindle fibers appear. Metaphase Duplicative chromosomes with sister chromatids on either sides. Anaphase Sister chromatids separate and move to opposite ends. Telophase Nuclear membrane and nucleolus reappear and chromosomes loosen up and become chromatin. Cytokensis Division of cytoplasm.

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