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A leader software application to manage F&V Trading business. Meeting August-2014.

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1 A leader software application to manage F&V Trading business. Meeting August-2014

2 a little bit of History….  A software born from the need. Less people more value… One data, one time.  From Dbase III to Delphi (SQL Server)  During last 20 years continuously improving, from experiences of all our customers.

3 .- Produce flow. Operational understanding..- Trading operation (basic).- Trading operation involving stocks (intermediate storage).- Documents flow.- Book-keeping, fiscal, oficial data..- Management (results, finnacial risk, security (levels), data mining (quick view)..- Quality applications.- Packing process..- Other applications (customer orders, Idoc, etc..)

4 Trading company Produce flow: simple trading operation.- Customer.- Supplier.- Expenses (master files, specifications, packing material, eurplt, IFCO, etc…) Stocks managed by Kg, Cf, Co.. Supplier Customer CARGA (Load) Documents to supplier (CMR, instructions, purchase order…) Documents to Customer (Proforma invoices…) Documents to Services (CMR instructions, loading place, etc..)

5 CARGA ( Load ) When loaded (load docs) PARTIDA (Departure) EXPEDICION (Operation) (different customers, different suppliers) State: Pendiente (outstanding) Finalizada (completed) Fra. Compra Producto (Sales accounts. Price calc.) (partial settlements) Fra. Venta (Invoice to customer) PAGOS (Payments) (payments in advance) COBROS (Collections) (collections in advance) Expenses (services) Fra. Compra Servicios Fletes, Gastos (Invoices of services) FIRST… Fra. COMPRA (Supplier invoice)

6 EXPEDICION (Operation) 2 Produce flow: Intermediate storage Trading company CARGA ( Load ) When loading docs. NO CUSTOMER PARTIDA (Departure) Expenses (services) Stock EXPEDICION (Operation) 1 EXPEDICION (Operation) 3…

7 Documents flow CARGA ( Load ) PARTIDA (Departure) EXPEDICION (Operation) Expenses (services).- PO to Supplier.- Loading instructions to transport.- CMR instructions.- Proforma invoices… Fra. Compra (Sales accounts) SUPPLIER INVOICE PAGOS (Payments).- Orders to Banks manually-automatic (Data transfer. SEPA) Fra. Venta (INV. TO CUSTOMER) (credit notes, additional invoices, expenses invoices…). Customer sales account. COBROS (Collections) BANK COMUNICATION.- Departure notice to customer (load detail).- Transport …

8 Book-keeping, Oficial Data. Data transfer to most common book-keeping programs (CONTAPLUS, SAGE 100, SAP..) CARGA ( Load ) Expenses (services) PARTIDA (Departure) EXPEDICION (Operation) SUPPLIER INVOICE INVOICE TO CUSTOMER PAGOS (Payments) COBROS (Collections) PROVISION for OPEN OPERATIONS at closing date (reports):.- Supplier invoices not received.- Produce not invoiced (in transit, delivered, stock)

9 Management.- Results; Per operation (Departure-Expedition), per supplier, customer, comercial manager, etc...- Finnancial risks: Asigned per customer. (credit insurance limit + company limit) When over passed, block or advise..- Security: Different levels (commercial, finnacial, management). for sensitive data, register of entries (operator) and fields modified.- More than one company, more than one office, more than one manager, more than one exercise. Application in the cloud, available form anywere..- One data, one time: Documents issued by mail (PDF) in stakeholder laguage. Documents received scanned and asigned to system..- Posibility to data transfer to EDI (To customers)..- Data mining: More than 800 reports… conected to Cllick view for dinamic on line data analysis.

10 Quality CARGA ( Load ) PARTIDA (Departure) EXPEDICION (Operation) QC report.- Product data (juice, shape, sugar, acid…).- Inspection (check list).- Pictures…. Claims to be considered for results and setlement calculations to supplier. Claim from customer QC report

11 Packing process RECEPTION (Raw material) C (carton boxes, packed..) A (in bins, to be processed) Labelled PALLETS – STOCK (Raw Material) (Pallet, boxes, kgs) SUPPLIER INVOICE PACKING PROCESS (Volcador) Expenses (labour, electricity…) PALLETS – STOCK ( final product) Stock PARTIDA (Departure) EXPEDICION (Operation) 2 EXPEDICION (Operation) 1 EXPEDICION (Operation) 3

12 Packing process… easy… CARGA ( Load Raw Material ) Stock EXPEDICION (Operation) 2 PARTIDA (Departure) Lineas MADRE (Mother lines) PARTIDA (Departure) Lineas HIJA (Daugther lines) Stock Expenses (Storage, handling, picking..) EXPEDICION (Operation) 1 EXPEDICION (Operation) 3 Fra. Compra Producto (Sales accounts. )

13 Other applications:.- Data input from customers (EDI).- Offers to customers..- Idoc: Documents management..- In the cloud, share docs with supplier … … …

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