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Athletic Injuries ATC 222 Thorax and Abdomen Chapter 21.

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2 Athletic Injuries ATC 222 Thorax and Abdomen Chapter 21

3 Abdominal Injuries Muscle contusions –not common –internal trauma? Strains –very disabling Hernia –protrusion of abdominal viscera –congenital Vs. acquired –types inguinal (males) femoral (female) –Signs and Symptoms pain, protrusion pain with coughing history of a “strain”

4 Abdominal Injuries “Stitch in the Side” –Possible Causes ischemia constipation/gas overeating weak abdominal muscles spasm of diaphragm (poor conditioning level) –Treatment stretch arm overhead flexion of trunk study possible causes

5 Abdominal Injuries Appendicitis –ages 15-24 –bacterial infection –S/S cramping/pain at McBurney’s Point nausea/vomiting low grade fever “Blow to Solar Plexus” –“wind knocked out” –temporary paralysis of diaphragm –S/S respiratory distress and paranoia –Treatment calm athlete, loosen belt, flex knees prevent hyperventilation, Consider int. trauma

6 Abdominal Injuries Spleen Laceration –most commonly injured organ from blunt trauma –High risk with which illness? –S/S direct blow shock abdominal rigidity nausea/vomiting positive Kehr’s sign –Spleen splinting and delayed hemorrhage

7 Abdominal Injuries Liver Contusion/Laceration –High risk due to what disease? –S/S shock pain URQ referred pain posterior right shoulder Kidney Contusion/Laceration –S/S shock nausea/vomiting back rigidity hematuria

8 Abdominal Injuries Hollow Organs –low risk –meals 3-4 hrs. before activity –use restroom before activity

9 Scrotal Contusion –S/S self-explanatory –Treatment flex knees, drop 3-4”, jump –decrease cremasteric spasm

10 Thoracic Cavity Ribs –attach to thoracic vert. and sternum –protection, respiration –types Costal Cartilage –joins ribs to sternum –joins false ribs to true ribs

11 Rib Injuries Contusion Vs. Fracture Vs. Costochondral Separation –S/S location of pain pain with respiration crepitus? deformity? positive compression test –Possible internal trauma –Treatment contusion fracture costochondral separation

12 Goodbye

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