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PUFI BOF (Procedures Update for IETF) Chair: Pete Resnick Franklin 1/2 Audio channel 1.

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1 PUFI BOF (Procedures Update for IETF) Chair: Pete Resnick Franklin 1/2 Audio channel 1

2 Agenda Documents –draft-carpenter-rfc2026-changes –draft-ietf-newtrk-docid –draft-klensin-stds-review-panel –draft-otis-newtrk-rfc-set –draft-bradner-ietf-stds-trk –draft-bradner-ietf-proc-ideas –draft-alvestrand-icar-xarea –draft-dawkins-newtrk-wgs –draft-klensin-nomcom-term –draft-ietf-newtrk-promotion –draft-iesg-alvestrand-twolevel –draft-dawkins-pstmt-twostage –draft-klensin-recall-rev –draft-ietf-newtrk-repurposing-isd –draft-klensin-overload –draft-huston-ietf-pact

3 Agenda Document handling changes Other changes IESG/WG procedural changes Nomcom/recall changes Ordered by simplicity of change as determined by Pete Brian’s doc appears first because some of the changes are simple

4 Ground rules Try to gauge consensus on two metrics –“Pain” incurred by making the change –“Motivation” to change the current state These are independent variables IESG/IAB are equal participants in this discussion. However… –Russ may call consensus. However… –If there is consensus that Russ/IESG doesn’t get to call consensus…

5 Document Handling (1) Abolish "STD 1" RFCs [draft-carpenter- rfc2026-changes]. Remove reference to RFC 1 [draft-carpenter- rfc2026-changes] Call out normative dependency rules. [draft- carpenter-rfc2026-changes] Specify seperating normative and informative references, and pointing out down-reference procedures [draft-carpenter-rfc2026-changes]

6 Document Handling (2) Update the reference to the RFC formatting rules [draft-carpenter-rfc2026-changes] Add reference to RFC Editor errata [draft- carpenter-rfc2026-changes] Document the I-D archive. [draft-carpenter- rfc2026-changes] Don't expire drafts under any kind of IESG consideration. [draft-carpenter-rfc2026- changes]

7 Document Handling (3) Call out that a Technical Specification might be an API, a data format, or a registry. [draft- carpenter-rfc2026-changes] Remove explicit separation of Techical Specification and Applicability Statement [draft-carpenter-rfc2026-changes] Apply "requirements levels" to all specs and BCPs [draft-carpenter-rfc2026-changes] Allow a document to contain it's own process variance statement [draft-carpenter-rfc2026- changes]

8 Document Handling (4) Point out that Informational and Experimental RFCs are sometimes protocols and often get reviewed by the IESG [draft-carpenter-rfc2026-changes] Document separation between individual submissions and RFC Editor independent submissions, IAB, and IRTF documents. [draft- carpenter-rfc2026-changes] Remove idea of a requirements document as conformance specification. [draft-carpenter-rfc2026- changes] Clarify that more recent standards obsolete older ones regardless of their respective stages on the standards track [draft-carpenter-rfc2026-changes]

9 Document Handling (5) Remove implementation warnings about PS documents [draft-carpenter-rfc2026-changes] IESG assigns Historic status [draft-carpenter-rfc2026- changes] Remove IESG "stuck at level" document review requirement and make it the community's responsibility to request such review [draft-carpenter- rfc2026-changes] Require AD sponsorship of non-WG Informational or Experimental except for RFC Editor submissions [draft-carpenter-rfc2026-changes]

10 Document Handling (6) Loosen the DS advancement rules to give discretion to IESG [draft-carpenter-rfc2026-changes] Fast-track some old but widely deployed documents to full standard [draft-ietf-newtrk-promotion] Say that BCPs must be IETF reviewed and IESG approved [draft-carpenter-rfc2026-changes] Say that advancing through the standards track requires either a WG or an AD sponsorship [draft- carpenter-rfc2026-changes]

11 Document Handling (7) Rename Proposed Standard as "Preliminary Standard" [draft-carpenter-rfc2026-changes] Rename Draft Standard as "Deployable Standard" [draft-carpenter-rfc2026-changes] Standards-track identifiers (instead of only for full standard) [draft-ietf-newtrk-docid, draft- carpenter-rfc2026-changes] Drop Draft Standard level [draft-dawkins- pstmt-twostage]

12 Document Handling (8) RFC Sets, i.e., updateable documents that point to a set of RFCs. [draft-otis-newtrk-rfc- set] Add a "Working Group Snapshot" label to drafts to identify WG milestones [draft- dawkins-newtrk-wgs] Create an Internet Standards Documentation series [draft-ietf-newtrk-repurposing-isd] Switch standards track to "Stable Snapshot", "Proposed Standard", "Internet Standard" [draft-bradner-ietf-stds-trk]

13 Other changes Remove things now in by RFC 4844 and 4846 [draft-carpenter-rfc2026-changes] Remove the reference to the ISOC newsletter [draft-carpenter-rfc2026-changes] Strike discussion of what the Internet is in 2026 [draft-carpenter-rfc2026-changes] Clarify interaction between IETF and other SDOs [draft-carpenter-rfc2026-changes]

14 IESG/WG Procedural Changes (1) Allow spam to be deleted from WG archives [draft- carpenter-rfc2026-changes] Allow WGs to have the secretariat keep the e-mail archive [draft-carpenter-rfc2026-changes] Allow any decsion by IESG, chairs, or other appointed roles, to be appealable [draft-carpenter- rfc2026-changes] Mandatory independent technical review before IESG review [draft-bradner-ietf-proc-ideas] WG chairs and document editors participate in IESG deliberation [draft-bradner-ietf-proc-ideas] AD designated reviewer which can substitute for AD review [draft-bradner-ietf-proc-ideas]

15 IESG/WG Procedural Changes (2) Cross area review teams review documents before IESG (and have force of IESG decisions) [draft-alvestrand-icar- xarea] Require 3 ADs to agree to return a document to WG [draft-bradner-ietf-proc-ideas] Require 2/3 of ADs to re-return a document after WG review [draft-bradner-ietf-proc-ideas] Assign IAB task of technical review of documents (instead of IESG) [draft-bradner-ietf-proc-ideas] Separate Internet Standards Review Panel (ISRP) from the IESG [draft-klensin-stds-review-panel] Increase the size of the IESG and divide/disperse tasks of document review and WG management [draft-iesg- alvestrand-twolevel]

16 IESG/WG Procedural Changes (3) Restructure IETF into Ops, Sec, and Gen, with IAB review [draft-bradner-ietf-proc-ideas] Limit number of WGs per area [draft-klensin- overload] More explict analysis required of WG charters [draft- huston-ietf-pact] Short timeouts are put in place for IESG document discussions [draft-huston-ietf-pact] The IESG would do (modified) proportional voting on all documents [draft-huston-ietf-pact] WG drafts have time limits for publication [draft- huston-ietf-pact]

17 Nomcom/Recall Changes Two-phase nomcom; first decide on which incumbents return, then choose from new folks [draft-klensin-nomcom- term] Allow IAB and IESG members to be recall petitioners [draft-klensin-recall- rev]

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