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3.042 Team Chess Project Update 3/13/07 - IT WORKED.

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1 3.042 Team Chess Project Update 3/13/07 - IT WORKED

2 Board Machined Machined in two phases, over two days Fine tip used to tighten corners Design altered to include boarder

3 Safety Gear Photographic method improved to emphasize our adherence to institute safety standards Should help prevent unfortunate accidents and law suits Cool, heal-protective outfits fit all sizes

4 Melting Ingots Ingots cut into smaller, more manageable pieces Melted using induction furnace Melted in separate crucible for easier pouring

5 Bronze Composition 57.49 % copper 38.82 % zinc Trace amounts of; Tin Lead Iron Nickel Aluminum Manganese Silicon

6 Phase Diagram Resting between the alpha and beta phase of the metal, at roughly 40% Zn composition Melting point for this alloy should sit just above 900 C

7 Ready to Pour

8 Casting the Pieces Investment mold heat-treated overnight in furnace Investment mold packed with sand to fill cracks and holes Hot metal poured and allowed to cool until no longer glowing

9 Removal Placed the cooled mold into water to aid in cooling and cracking of investment Struck investment with a small and large hammer Shook pawn tree to loosen debris

10 Our First Pawn Piece came out relatively smooth for a raw casting Detached from tree and set to polish overnight Good job team!

11 New Pawn Trees Meant to minimize usage of investment Should help improve mold quality Improved safety

12 Checkmate

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