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2 Teaching Assistant e-mail: Office hours: (SSB 121) course page: see current syllabus

3 LABORATORY CHECK IN  You must have a U Card with a balance of at least $25 in your account before you are allowed to check into the lab.  This will cover your purchase of goggles and hopefully any breakage that occurs during the semester.  You will not be allowed to work in lab unless you are registered for the course and have checked into lab.

4 LABORATORY CHECK OUT  You will check out of lab at end of semester during your lab section.  Check out includes cleaning and accounting for the equipment in your drawer when you checked in.  You must pay for any missing or broken equipment and turn in key.  Failure to check out results in $55 charge which includes $20 for key.

5 SYLLABUS (Students follow along in their own syllabus.) LABORATORY MATERIALS: LABORATORY MATERIALS:  Macroscale and Microscale Organic Experiments 5 th Edition by Williamson/ Minard/ Masters  Safety Goggles  Bound Laboratory Book

6 LAB RULES  Safety, Safety, Safety  Goggles must be worn at all times after pre-lab and before post-lab work. Only when at your desk, can goggles be removed.  KEEP A CLEAN AND ORDERLY LAB. Points will be deducted from you and your partner’s lab grade if your hood is not left clean and picked up.  NO LAB MAKE-UP

7 LAB NOTEBOOK Notebook must: Notebook must:  Use a pen (NO PENCIL)  Draw a single line through a mistake. Do not scribble or use whiteout  Keep the notebook in column format.  Write on one side of the page  Make sure the procedure is completed before the lab starts. (this will be checked)

8 The Lab Report Must Contain: (follow lab syllabus)  I. The separate title page that contains : title, date and names of you and your partner.  II. Introduction with brief description of the chemical background.  Reaction scheme MUST include the reaction mechanism.  III. Experimental part with ACTUAL procedure and observations.  IV. Results, including the yield, spectral data and its interpretation.  V. Discussion section with critical analysis of experimental results  1. It is the most important part of your report that shows your understanding of the concept and ability to think critically  2. You should be able explain obtained results, i.e. answer the question “WHY it happened”.  3. For example, you can explain why the yield was either high or low, the source of impurities, possible structures of by-products, etc.  4. The identification of the Unknown compound (in some labs).  VI. References from your textbook: Williamson, Macroscale & Microscale OrganicExperiments, pp. (fill in the page numbers used in the book!) or any other sources (publications)

9 The Lab Report Grading Policy:  Each group provides 1 (one) lab report for each experiment.  Group members work in collaboration on their report and receive same grade for the report.  One group member (the Author) prepares lab report and before submission to TA provides it to the partner (the Editor) for review.  The Editor can either approve the report for submission to TA for grading or return it to the Author with a feedback about necessary improvements.  In case of returned report the Author should make changes according to the Editor and send it AGAIN to the Editor for additional review before final submission to TA.  For next experiment group members switch their roles: the Author becomes an Editor and vise versa.  This policy designed to practice the scientific collaboration, where the lab group is a model of real research team.

10 NEXT A) Check into lab B) Check-In –1. Find a partner and get drawer # from TA –2. Go to stockroom and obtain drawer key. –3. Open drawer and make sure you have everything. If not, get it from the stockroom. If you don’t have it at the end of the semester you will be charged for it. –4. When you have everything, keep the key and return the check-in slip to the stockroom.


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