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Hung Kai Lung Cyrus s06780523 Wong Ka Yan Sonia s06828493 Chiu Yuen Chun Spring s06830523 Chan Pui Yu Amen s07601063.

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1 Hung Kai Lung Cyrus s06780523 Wong Ka Yan Sonia s06828493 Chiu Yuen Chun Spring s06830523 Chan Pui Yu Amen s07601063


3 introduction background survey result review Discussion recommendation Conclusion

4 Classic monster in foreign country King Kong Godzilla Alien Predator Marshmallow Man


6 1. Definition of monster 2. Monster movie history 3. Hong Kong movie industry

7 Definitions “…any of a large number of legendary creatures which often appear in mythology, legend, or horrible fiction.” (From Wikipedia) “….an imaginary creature or animal that is very large, ugly and frightening.” (Oxford Dictionary)

8 Our research focus on monster in movie which: Any creature so ugly or monstrous as to frighten people Any animal or thing huge in size Exclude: ghost, cartoons

9 “… centre around the struggle between human beings and one or more monsters.” (From Wikipedia) Pre-World War II: age of silent movies: monsters tended to be human-sized Post World War II: giant monsters causally linked to the development of nuclear weapons. E.g. Godzilla from Japan, Gorgo from Britain of giant monsters attacking cities.

10 Recent situation (Nov) Marketing situation Star oriented?

11 A man who was superman Mamma mia Quantum of Solance (007) The women High Noon (teenage) City of ember Smart people Saw V The magic hour High school musical 3 Tropic Thunder Wushu (kung fu) Ticket Sweet Rain Body of lies Happiness Detroit metal city


13 Stephen Chow comedy Jackie Chan Kung fu and dramatic Cheung Yee Kin Triad member


15 Lack of monster movies in the film industry in Hong Kong and the reasons behind: Market taste? Budget? Culture?

16 Primary data Questionnaire Secondary data News Magazines Internet Box office Government


18 Favorite Type of Movies

19 Factor Affecting the Choice of Movies

20 Preference to Local or Imported Movies



23 Do you think there is a Hong Kong’s symbolic monster?

24 1. Literature and Myth 2. Difference in Environment 3. Market consideration: a) High production cost b) Domination in the market c) Lack of support by Hong Kong audiences d) Lack of opportunity under CEPA 4. Inability to raise fund












36 From the report proposed by : Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers 8 to 10 million (HKD) will be classified as medium scale of investment For other countries like US The average cost of monster movie is 500 million (HKD) The cost of CG effect in King Kong movie is around 800 million (HKD) The production cost of King Kong is 1600 million (HKD) Sources: The internet movie database & report proposed by Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers in 2003


38 Name of monster movieNo. of US production Companies Total no. of production companies Proportion of US companies King Kong2450% Mummy77100% The Incredible Hulk33100% Resident Evil: Extinction1425% Jurassic Park III22100% AVPR: Aliens vs Predator -Requiem 44100% Alien: Resurrection22100% The famous monster movies are produced by US companies US companies spend huge budget to produce high quality monster movies


40 Will you support imported monster movie ? Will you support imported monster movie which is screened in Hong Kong?

41 Will you support locally made monster movies?


43 2004, CEPA2006, CEPA 1.Removed the import quota of Hong Kong movie 2.Loosen the regulation of coproduction movie between China and Hong Kong companies 1.Loosen the regulation of distribution of movie in China



46 Kung Fu MovieChinese historical style Kung Fu Dunk ( 功夫灌籃 )Red Cliff ( 赤壁 ) $ 0.31 billion Lust Caution ( 色戒 ) $0.13 billion Kung Fu Panda ( 功夫熊貓 ) Curse of the Golden Flower ( 滿城盡帶黃金甲 ) Protégé ( 門徒 ) $ 0.062 billion The Forbidden Kingdom ( 功夫之王 ) The Banquet ( 夜宴 ) $0.125 billion Confession of Pain ( 傷 城 ) $0.061 billion Invisible Target ( 男兒本色 )Muk Gong ( 墨攻 ) $ 0.06 billion CJ7 ( 長江七號 ) $0.2 billion The Warlords ( 投名狀 ) $ 0.2 billion Painted Skin ( 畫皮 ) $0.2 billion

47 Hong Kong companies focus on how to catch golden chance The success of coproduction movies between China and Hong Kong The monster movie is not an important project for Hong Kong companies


49 1. High Cost Deters Private Investors 2. Lack of effective government support Film Development Fund (FDF) finance small- to-medium budget film production Complicated application procedure Restriction Commercial consideration ”

50 Monster Market consideration Technology support Literature & Myth Difference in Environment Monster movie Funding

51 1) Develop HK’s own monster 2) Test in Short Films - short films: becoming more popular - lower costs - potential to develop into full-length feature film 3) Create monster films that meet the taste of audience - survey: human-based, wings - other factors that attract audience

52 Comments HK’s “ideal monster”

53 With characteristics we found from survey………..

54 24% huge size 15% sharp tenths 18% claw


56 24% wings 18% strange extremity

57 -ET -Shake May target family or female audience


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