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Using the Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Torch Alisa Colli AgEd 410 Fall 1999.

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1 Using the Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Torch Alisa Colli AgEd 410 Fall 1999

2 Setting Working Pressure 1. Loosen pressure adjusting screws on the regulators

3 Setting Working Pressure 2. Open the oxygen cylinder slowly and completely.

4 Setting Working Pressure 3. Open the acetylene cylinder valve ONLY 1/2 turn. In the case of an can quickly cut off the gas supply if the valve is only open 1/2 turn.

5 Setting Working Pressure 4. Set working pressures according to tip size. Acetylene should never be used over 15 psi because it is unstable at high pressures.

6 Lighting the Torch 1. Open the acetylene valve 1/2 turn and light the torch tip.

7 Setting a Neutral Flame 1. Add acetylene until the smoke stops. Smoke indicates lack of acetylene. Smoke also plugs the tip of the torch.

8 Setting a Neutral Flame 2. If the flame has jumped away from the tip of the torch, reduce the acetylene. This indicates too much acetylene. The gap between the tip and the flame indicates there is too much acetylene.

9 Setting a Neutral Flame 3. The flame should look like this.

10 Setting a Neutral Flame 4. Open the oxygen valve slowly until the feather is gone. Tip of feather

11 Setting a Neutral Flame 5. Once you get the feather down, you will see the little cones inside. You want them to look like this... as clear as possible. Clear cone within the flame. Torch

12 Setting a Neutral Flame 6. Now depress the cutting-oxygen lever and check if the cones are still clear. If they are, you have set your torch at a neutral flame and are ready to cut.

13 Cutting Equipment Shutdown 1. Turn the acetylene valve off first.

14 Cutting Equipment Shutdown 2. Now turn the oxygen valve off.

15 Cutting Equipment Shutdown 3. Now close both valves on the cylinders.

16 Cutting Equipment Shutdown 4. Open the acetylene valve to bleed the acetylene gauges, hose, and torch. Then close it.

17 Cutting Equipment Shutdown 5. Do the same with the oxygen valve.

18 Cutting Equipment Shutdown 6. Loosen the regulator adjustment screws.


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