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Regulation of enzyme activity. Enzymodiagnostic. Enzymopathy

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1 Regulation of enzyme activity. Enzymodiagnostic. Enzymopathy
Regulation of enzyme activity. Enzymodiagnostic. Enzymopathy. Enzymotherapy. 1

2 An important first step in restoring health and well-being by helping to remedy digestive problems. Food (plant) enzymes and pancreatic (animal) enzymes are used in complementary ways to improve digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. Treatment includes enzyme supplements, coupled with healthy diet that features whole foods. Plant-derived enzymes and pancreatic enzymes can be used independently or in combination.

3 A chart of the numerous digestive enzymes of the body and their functions.
Amylasedigests starchesBromelaina proteolytic, anti-inflammatory food enzyme from pineapple. Aids digestion of fatsCatalaseworks with SOD to reduce free radical productionCellulasedigests cellulose, the fibrous component of most vegtable matter Chymotrypsinhelps convert chyme Diastasea pontent vegtable starch digestantLactasedigests lactose, or milk sugar, (almost 65% of humans are deficient).Lipasedigests fats.Mycozymea single-celled plant enzyme for digestion of starches.Pancreatina broad spectrum, proteolytic digestive aid, derived from secretions of animal pancreas; important in degenerative disease research. Papin and chymopapainproteolytic food enzymes from unripe papaya; a veegatable pepsin for digesion of proteins. These enzymes help loosen nercotic and encrusted waste material from the intestinal walls.Pepsina proteolytic enzyme that breaks down proteins into peptides. Can digest 3500 times its weight in proteins.Proteasedigests proteinsRenninhelps digest cow's milk products.Trypsina proteoytic enzyme 

4 enzymopathy Any of various disturbances of enzyme function, such as the genetic deficiency of a specific enzyme.



7 Celiakia

Alcaptonuria – inherited disorder of the tyrosine metabolism caused by the absence of homogentisate oxidase.

9 As a result, a substance called homogentisic acid builds up in the skin and other body tissues. The acid leaves the body through the urine. The urine turns brownish-black when it mixes with air. Alkaptonuria is inherited, which means it is passed down from parents to their children. To get this disease, each of your parents must pass you a copy of the faulty HGD gene.


11 Symptoms Urine in an infant's diaper may darken and can turn almost black after several hours. However, many persons with this condition may not know they have it until mid-adulthood (around age 40), when joint and other problems occur. Symptoms may include: Arthritis (especially of the spine) that gets worse over time Darkening of the ear Dark spots on the white of the eye (sclera) and cornea

12 homogentisic acid is accumulated and excreted in the urine
turns a black color upon exposure to air In children: urine in diaper may darken In adults: darkening of the ear dark spots on the on the sclera and cornea arthritis

13 Maple syrup urine disease - the disorder of the oxidative decarboxylation of -ketoacids derived from valine, isoleucine, and leucine caused by the missing or defect of branched-chain dehydrogenase. The levels of branched-chain amino acids and corresponding -ketoacids are markedly elevated in both blood and urine. The urine has the odor of maple syrup The early symptoms: lethargy ketoacidosis unrecognized disease leads to seizures, coma, and death mental and physical retardation

14 Phenylketonuria is caused by an absence or deficiency of phenylalanine hydroxylase or of its tetrahydrobiopterin cofactor. Phenylalanine accumulates in all body fluids and converts to phenylpyruvate. Defect in myelination of nerves The brain weight is below normal. Mental and physical retardations. The life expectancy is drastically shortened. Diagnostic criteria: phenylalanine level in the blood FeCl3 test DNA probes (prenatal)

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