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Polarhide Roof Coating,Roof Retrofits And Solar Energy.

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1 Polarhide Roof Coating,Roof Retrofits And Solar Energy.
Ending Roof Leaks, Roof Thermal Shock, And Runoff Of Roof Pollutants - Permanently -.

2 Temp Of A Black Roof Surface After 30 minutes of September Heat In Texas Data Gathered in The Afternoon On A Still And Sunny Day.

3 Temp Of A Polarhide Roof Surface After 30 minutes of September Heat In Texas. Data Gathered At The Same Time as Previous Slide.

4 Facts about Heat And Roof Leaks.
Roofs carry 46% (avg) of a building’s heat burden. In sunbelt states, roofs will hit 200 degrees, 100 times a year. At 200 degrees, a 400 ft long metal roof will stretch 2 inches in a phenomenon known as Roof Thermal Shock. Thermal Shock turns sealant to dust, causes fasteners to loosen, panels to lift, vent flashing to separate, ridges to fracture and roof supporting infrastructure to weaken. A rubber compound roof membrane experiences molecular structural breakdown and flashing separation at 200 degrees. Solar heat contains UV, a surprisingly aggressive roof surface corrosive. Standing Water behaves as a magnifying lens and focuses the sun’s energy on the roof surface. Solar energy combined with acid rain and this heat focus leads to accelerated destruction of the underlying roof surface.

5 Solar Heat Is the Culprit.
The primary cause of roof leaks and the principle cause of shortened roof life is Solar Heat. Block Solar Heat and you block not only wasted cooling dollars but you end the primary cause of roof leaks while significantly stretching your roofs lifespan.

6 Coating A Roof Coating A Roof Will:
Encapsulate the roof, trapping all pollutants for the life of the coating. Reduce maximum roof temp at degrees to degrees. Reducing utility bills 20-50%. End Roof Thermal Shock - the major source of roof leaks. Extends the life of the roof by as many years as there is a warranty for the coating. Reduces AC maintenance and AC unit replacement due to less stress on cooling systems.

7 Selecting A Comprehensive Roof Coating
Most reflective roof coatings are latex, acrylic, or elastomeric. The problem with them is that their natural degradation rate is one mil (one thousandth of an inch) per year and they are usually applied about 8 mils dry. These waterbased coatings lose more than 50% of their Reflectivity in about 3 years because of pollutants adhering to the coating. These coatings are very limited in the roof types they adhere to. Usually they are limited to metal and cap sheet. Useless in standing water. This is why a standing water warranty is so rarely offered. Polarhide degrades at a rate of 1 mil every ten years and goes on 12 mils dry. Even if Polarhide lost all of its Reflectivity (which it will not) its capacity for insulating will still fully block heat at any Polarhide coated surface indefinitely.

8 - Polarhide: An Introduction -
Polarhide is an impervious surface coating designed for cost effective, heavy duty, industrial use. Polarhide is used to seal and cool all roof types, all walls, exterior ductwork, furnace and oven walls, pipelines (exterior and interior), oil field equipment on land or sea and any surface that needs long term protection against the elements. Polarhide significantly enhances your facility environmental (EH&S) progams. Recent installations include Goodrich Aerostructures, United States Aluminum, Tyson Foods, LSG Skychefs, Jamak Fabrication, Inc and others.

9 El Paso, Texas - Community College Roof One Year After Polarhide Installation

10 How Roof Heat Costs You. In sunbelt states, significant heat gets through your roof and insulation and into your building. Your cooling systems cool this unwanted heat. Roof heat built up during the day radiates into your building throughout the night further burdening the AC systems. AC systems stay in stress due to constant cooling. Roof heat is a major and preventable hit to your profits.

11 Ten Ways Roof Heat Costs You.
Cost of electricity in extended AC ”on” time. Cost of maintenance on stressed AC’s. Cost of premature replacement of AC systems. Cost of roof maintenance e.g. waterproofing. Cost of premature replacement of roof surface. Cost of premature replacement of roof. Cost of labor for unnecessary maintenance. Cost to take Roof workers off other projects. Cost of manager’s time on avoidable roof issues. Cost of multiple shifts due to night cooling costs.

12 Polarhide Compared. Polarhide Latex, Acrylic or Elastomeric
ASTM Test Battery Passed 26 different ASTM tests Wet Applied Thickness: 16 mil (1 coat) 6 to 8 mil (needs 2-3 coats) Dry Applied Thickness: 12 mil (1 coat) to 6 mil (needs 2-3 coats) Hail stopping power 2.5” Hail 140MPH Zero Insulation Outperforms Asbestos Zero Durability mil surface lost every 10 years mil surface lost each year. Warranty 20 years years Ponding water? Permanently resistant No resistance. Insulation (4” or R 20) Beats asbestos insulation by 30% None. Coat a wet surface? Yes (even under salt water) No Barrier to water penetration? Yes No Adheres to all roof surfaces? Yes - EPDM and BUR included No - Usually Metal, Capsheet Flexibility (400%) 4 times its length with perfect return. Not applicable Sustained Flexibility 400% For the life of the product Not Applicable Flexibility Retention Sub zero conditions (-92F) Not Applicable Stops Thermal Shock Yes - Uses Reflectivity + Insulation Yes - Reflectivity only. Seamless Re-Roofing Sys? Yes No Primer needed over rust? No Yes “Class A” Fire Rated? Yes (ASTM E108) NA UV resistance? High High AC Oil+ Residue Resist. 100% None.

13 Polarhide Reviewed. Polarhide degrades at the rate of one mil in ten years while other roof coatings (latex, elastomeric, acrylic) lose one mil each year. Polarhide is impervious to heat. Polarhide is impervious to water. Polarhide is chemically inert by design. Polarhide stretches 400% without permanent distortion. Polarhide withstands heavy roof traffic. Polarhide has been in service for nearly 40 years. Polarhide blocked 2.5 in hail at 140 MPH in an independent study.

14 Outcome From Polarhide Features
Polarhide outperforms Asbestos as a heat barrier. Polarhide blocks 46% of the total building heat burden. A 20 Yr warranty against standing water is included with Polarhide’s standard 20 year warranty. Polarhide’s prevents Microorganism growth on its surface. Polarhide has tenfold the durability of latex, acrylic or elastomeric roof coatings. Polarhide retains its 400% flexibility in subzero conditions.

15 Benefits Of Polarhide AC’d buildings will see AC KWh usage drop 15-45%. Metal buildings will have interior temperatures within 5 degrees of ambient temperature. Roof surface runoff is permanently encapsulated. Thermal Shock, the main source of roof leaks and general roof decline, is ended. Roof life is extended for decades. Polarhide is warranted for 20 years. Roof replacement costs postponed for decades.

16 Ten Acres of Roof Coated with Polarhide
Coated in Winter on Gulf Coast Of Alabama.

17 Graph Shows A Thermal Map Of The Roof Surface Of A 15 Year Old Warehouse Building Before Coating with Polarhide. Temperatures were taken at 1:15 PM April 15th 2005 Ambient temperature outside the roof was approximately 76 F. Point (0,0) is the NW corner of the warehouse roof.

18 Graph Shows A Thermal Map Of The Roof Surface Of The Same 15 Year Old Warehouse Building After Coating with Polarhide. Temperatures were taken at 4:10PM. Ambient temperature 81 F. (0,0) corresponds to the NW corner of the Old Whse roof.

19 Interior Temperature Comparison (Underside Of Roof ) Before And After Coating with Polarhide
Uncoated Roof Polarhide Coated Roof Data Recorded April 2005 North Texas

20 Review Polarhide is a seamless membrane suitable for coating or retrofitting all roof types. Polarhide has excellent Reflectivity, Insulation, Adherence, Wear Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Climate Resistance and Flexibility. Polarhide is easily applied by spraying, brushing or rolling. Polarhide has been installed on millions of sq ft throughout the US since the early sixties. Polarhide has an unbeatable price performance.

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