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Preparing for a Presentation Iulia Leilua May 2008.

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1 Preparing for a Presentation Iulia Leilua May 2008

2 Preparing for a Presentation Have plenty of rest the night before. Get there early. Walk around the stage and test the microphone. Do you feel comfortable at the lecturn or wherever you’ll be standing?

3 Preparing for a Presentation Does the technology work? Microphone, audio, visual equipment. What will you do if the equipment fails? Set your notes up in the order you’ll need them. Do you know your notes well enough to talk without a powerpoint?

4 Preparing for a Presentation Check out your audience when they arrive. Where are the influencers or decision makers sitting? Where are the women/men/youth/elders sitting? Which part of the room do you want to focus on? Do facial exercises – loosen up your face muscles so that you are more articulate and relaxed.

5 Preparing for a Presentation Do voice exercises – get rid of that ‘frog’ or clogged voice; get your vocal chords warmed up. Do breathing exercises – take deep breaths, pace your breathing. Do body exercises – loosen up the muscles especially in your neck, shoulders and arms.

6 Body Exercises lift your shoulders and rotate your head clench your hands, relax them and repeat shake your arms shake your hands and relax your fingers put some eye drops in your eyes, especially if you wear contact lenses, as they may get dry

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