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North Wind and Sun. 1.What kind of weather do you like?

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1 North Wind and Sun

2 1.What kind of weather do you like?

3 2. What is the function of Sun?

4 3. What is the function of Wind?

5 North Wind and Sun were arguing about who was more powerful. North Wind said that he was more powerful, because he could blow very hard. But Sun said that he was most powerful because his heat rays were so strong. They decided to have a contest to see who could pull the clothes off a pedestrian first. The winner would be declared the most powerful.

6 North Wind started first. He saw a pedestrian walking by and started to blow. He blew with great strength, but the harder he blew, the tighter the pedestrian pulled at his coat for warmth. North Wind saw that he couldn’t succeed, so he invited Sun to try.

7 Sun began to smile, and when he smiled, his rays glowed very warmly. As he smiled, the pedestrian began to loosen his coat. The harder he smiled, the hotter it became, and the more the pedestrian loosened his coat.

8 Sun continued to shine until the pedestrian not only took off his coat but his sweater, socks, and shoes as well. He even pulled up his pants, and waded in the stream nearby. Sun smiled happily, and North Wind agreed that Sun is truly the most powerful. Moral: Persuasion is better than force.

9 1. argue [ ] vi. To express an opposite opinion; exchange angry words We argued over the matter for hours.

10 2. powerful [ ] adj. Of or having great power He had broad shoulders and powerful arms.

11 3. blow [ ] vi. To move air A breeze blew over the garden.

12 4. heat [ ] n. The quality of being hot; warmth The heat from the sun felt good on our cold skin.

13 5. contest [ ] n. An occasion in which people compete against each other for a prize He took part in the composition contest and won a prize.

14 6. pedestrian [ ] adj. A person walking in the street or on the sidewalk Do you see the pedestrian crossing the street?

15 7. declare [ ] vt. To announce something; make something known clearly The new Congress declared a state of war against Germany.

16 8. strength [ ] n. The quality of being strong He hasn't got enough strength to remove that stone.

17 9. tight [ ] adj. Fastened or drawn together firmly The shoes are too tight for me.

18 10. loosen [ ] vt. To become or make loose or looser Can you loosen the lid of this jar?

19 11. continue [ ] vi. To go on or move further How far does the road continue?

20 12. stream [ ] n. A small river or large brook I like to go fishing in that stream.

21 13. persuasion [ ] n. Trying to convince somebody to believe something The salesman’s power of persuasion made me buy this TV.

22 14. force [ ] n. A physical strength or power The force of gravity is strong.

23 1. Persuasion is better than force.

24 2. More than enough is too much.

25 3. He who laughs last laughs best.

26 4. Kindness affects more than severity.

27 1. __ South Wind and Sun disputed as to which was the most powerful.

28 2. __ Sun first tried his power and blew with all his might.

29 3. __ The contest was not fair.

30 4. __ The pedestrian didn’t take off his clothes at all.

31 5. __ Sun was the winner.

32 1. What is the story about?

33 2. Who is Wind’s enemy?

34 3. Who did Wind and Sun try to influence?

35 4. Which one was the winner?

36 5. What is the moral of the story?

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